Odoo for Restaurants – Now Manage Your POS Seamlessly

  • Odoo
  • March 10th, 2017

We all know that Odoo is that one platform which has brought together ERP, Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management and Human Resources , and “what not” on a single platform When it comes to POS management, the Odoo developers have really fit...

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Where It All Began: The Idea of Blockchain, Originally Developed for Bitcoin!

When the developer(s), under the name, Satoshi Nakamoto, started working on Blockchain Technology, their idea was to develop a digital payment/currency system that does not rely on a central governing authority like Banks/Governments They wanted this system to be very transparent, making every...

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Google Penalty Recovery – How Prolitus Boosted Organic Traffic for a leading SME Loans Provider

Google has been quick with updates, and with the recent Penguin update, it has clearly stated the intention of penalizing websites using presently known ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques to increase rankings Being penalized by google can absolutely kill your rankings in SERPs and leads to a drastic...

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Instead of going into definitions, let’s just understand a simple process which involves all of the mentioned above And to understand this, first,let’s discuss how a Google Spreadsheet or Bank Transaction Work So when you share a google spreadsheet and want it to be edited by other...

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“LOGISTICS IN REAL-TIME” – How a Mobile App can Aid a Logistics Company?

To answer this question first we have to understand the Logistics Industry around Globe and in India According to a recent study by Novonous, the current worth of Indian Logistic Industry is around $300 billion and it is expected to grow around at a CAGR of 1217 percent by 2020 One of its...

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Is OdooERP an Answer for SMBs Growth?

Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) has evolved as a necessity for efficient management of enterprise data The rising adoption of ERP software, especially with SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses), owes to its ability to streamline business processes, integrated under one...

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Emerging Trend of Cloud ERP

Cloud Applications, offered on SaaS model has been prevalent for quite some time now This can be concluded by the IDG Cloud Computing Survey 2015 which states that 72% of the organizations use one or more application based on cloud computing infrastructure, with 16% planning to go for cloud...

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Is Mobility Important for your Business?

The world’s on mobile, where are you Is mobility important for your business This is no more a question that needs a detailed response The latest report by comScore clearly shows that the mobile usage has surpassed desktops by leaps and bounds     The customers today are on...

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Know How to Increase Conversion Rate by 30% in a few days… No Kidding!

Conversion rates – isn't it the most significant and debated topic when it comes to digital marketing Or, boosting website traffic From time to time, we hit the click button and take chances with our campaigns, to achieve goals and increase sales It’s lucrative right, but honestly most of us...

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