3D Technology

One of the revolutionary fourth generation technologies that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry is the 3D printing technology. In the automotive sector, this technology has exhibited prolific growth owing to factors like efficient utilization of resources, reduced time and development cost, easy customization and more. At Prolitus, we help you navigate to the next automotive level by reducing prototyping lead time and accelerating the design verification process.

Benefits of 3D Solutions

Quick Turnaround Time for Parts Manufacturing

The traditional way of manufacturing a part includes several steps, which impacts the manufacturability and quality of designs. 3D printing allows designers to make better decisions such as the use of ‘Additive manufacturing’ for producing a part within a very short time span.

Greater Efficiency

The ability to produce a part in single step in additive manufacturing reduces the dependability on several other manufacturing processes. This not just provides the designers with better control over the product but also ensures better process efficiency.

Better Scope for Customization

Besides more design freedom, additive manufacturing using 3d technology allows customization of designs in a cost-efficient way.

Cost Efficiency

As compared to traditional manufacturing, additive manufacturing using 3D technology offers significant cost savings on machine operation, material and labor.

Why Choose Prolitus for 3D Technology?

Highly Qualified Team

At Prolitus, our team of 3D experts have the know-how and technical competence to provide you with appropriate solution and post-sales support.

Software Tools and Help Guides

At Prolitus, we develop software tools to provide our customers with a seamless experience while using 3D printers. We also develop and provide our customers with lots help and support guide for easy usage of the software.

Better Customer Communication

We have built an end-to-end automated process for seamless processing of orders. This ensures seamless communication between the customers and team Prolitus.

3D Printing Technology Solutions


With our prototyping solution, businesses can take out the guesswork from product design by enabling them to get necessary feedback, reiterate and bring better quality products to the market. With technologies like AR/VR integrated in the solution, companies can create models and prototypes that are more realistic and communicative than ever before.


Our 3D printing tooling solution optimizes operational efficiency by providing speed, precision, strength and detail you need to get the job done in an appropriate way.


Our advanced production solutions helps businesses maintain high quality production and efficiency through custom manufacturing tools that can help streamline the production process.


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