Binance Smart Chain Development Services

We make decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts that let you take advantage of scalable transactions and build better ecosystems.

We Give Wings To Your dApp Dreams.

Is your dApp dream not seeing daylight due to a lack of technical expertise and direction? We at Prolitus have the perfect blend of tech expertise, a team of dedicated developers, and a deep passion for all things blockchain. We harness blockchains like Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC, and EOS to build customized apps that fulfill your business needs and make that solid market impact.

If you wonder how these apps can function without central servers, allow us to enlighten you. Well, these apps work around P2P networks. Besides, this makes them immune to failure and much more safe and reliable than traditional applications.

Moreover, you get to eliminate intermediaries, gain transparency, enjoy more security and even redefine processes.

All these factors have led to the great popularity of Ethereum dApps, Binance dApp, and the EOS dApp.All this can sound overwhelming. Luckily, you can set aside your worries as you have Prolitus- the best dApp development services platform by your side. Our blockchain engineers and subject matter experts leave no stone unturned to streamline your dApp development journey. With top-notch quality, a coherent roadmap and world-class solutions at your disposal, you can be sure of getting nothing but the best!

Some of our dApp development services include smart contracts development, dApp consulting, dApp upgrade services, and exchange development.

Wait no longer! Connect with our experts today to kickstart your dream project!

Characteristics of A dApp Development Services Platform

Easy Automation

dApps are built around smart contracts that let you automate several processes. Reduced transaction costs and frictionless peer-to-peer transactions.

Enhanced Transparency

dApp data is managed on a public ledger that records everything and leaves no scope for tampering. No one manipulates your data, and it stays safe for years to come.

More Privacy

Blockchain recognizes users using validated cryptography, and users don’t need to create accounts. Greater privacy and ease of access are some things dApps swear by.

User Governance

dApps follow the community-first approach, and no one can dominate the platform.

Superlative Fault-tolerance

Since dApps are decentralized, they don’t have a single point of failure. Besides, they are 10x more stable and safe than conventional applications.

Incentivization Mechanisms

dApps offer many incentivization mechanisms to reward users and validators of the blockchain.

The Future of dApp Development Space

Truth be told, dApps are so fascinating that their technology is yet to be realized to its full potential. Besides, the market is projected to cross $21,070.2 million by the end of 2025. With the sheer money-making potential of the market, you can be sure of mind-boggling innovation that will give your business an edge never witnessed before! Some things you can expect in the future include:

The growing number of dApp releases will foster blockchain adoption.

dApps will find their roles in daily lives and reduce living costs.

Improvements and interface design will witness a sea of change and make way for a better user experience.

More crypto investors will consider making dApps and use their robust functionality for boosting business.

Our Offerings

MVP Consulting

We guarantee 5x returns on investments and deliver products that strike the right chord with audiences and provide a lifetime experience.

dApp Designing Services

We create self-explanatory interfaces and easy to use for both experienced and new users.

dApp Development

With years of expertise, flawless functionality, and diverse skillsets, we transform your dApp into a world-class product.

dApp Maintenance

We provide the best post-delivery services to ensure that you scale as per your needs and focus on core business issues.

Developing White Papers

Our technical strategists and writers work with you to create white papers that give out the perfect business messaging and is good for both users and investors.

dApp Marketing

We help you rise above the noise with our strategic marketing campaigns. We understand your target audience first and then do all it takes to help you gain a solid edge over competitors.

Why Choose Prolitus As Your dApp Development Partner?

Attention to Detail

We deal exclusively in blockchain, and we do it with all our focus and heart.

We Unleash The Techie In You

Our team of experts create the best blend of your ideas and what works in the market to develop products that stand the test of time and tide.

Accelerated Development

We make products per your target audience and follow a detailed roadmap to ensure quality and expedite delivery.

Unmatched Support

We don’t shake our hands post the product launch. Our extensive post-delivery services keep our clients hooked to us.

Meaningful Results

We make sure you get good ROI on your products and make a solid market impact.


Frequently Asked Questions
The final cost of such solutions will depend on factors like features needed, third-party integrations, and other parameters. So, on average, the cost of developing such a platform starts at $100,000.
Yes, we offer seamless third-party integrations and work with world-class providers to fulfil your business goals.
Digital lending can help you streamline the entire lending process by automating application approval, enhancing credit filing, and expediting fund disbursement. One thing which needs to improve in the lending ecosystem is that it needs to use more technology in all aspects.
It is the process of offering loans, managing them, and disbursing them through digital channels. Lenders use digitized data to make credit decisions and leverage customer engagement.
Yes, with business analytics, you can simplify loan processes, provide benefits to borrowers, reduce paperwork and turnaround time for processing loans. Besides, they can also be used to customize loans and credit instruments that can cater to the specific needs of multiple borrowers.
Fintech companies have created solutions where people can easily lend people money and earn good interest on that. Usually, Fintech startups charge a small fee to build a connection between the borrower and lender. Unlike traditional applications, borrowers need to submit creative applications to why they need a loan.


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