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A Complete Guide to Odoo for Education Industry

There is no denying the fact that technology has affected the way we lead our life, apparently for good reasons. Today, technology and computers are two specific aspects of an urban growth that are gradually gaining vitality. Technology has positively influenced the education sector with ground-breaking breakthroughs.

The education sector is much advanced than it used to be a few decades ago. The field has experienced a 360-degree development. Today the classes are run by smart-education software and thanks to ERP solution for the education industry, the operational aptitude of the sector has soared to greater heights.

Odoo for Education Industry

ERP is an abbreviation used for Enterprise Resource System. ERP has long been a primary factor for easy and organized management of various industries. It offers a complete range of solutions to ensure smooth functioning of all branches of the sector. In this way, centralization and facility management is simplified with time.

ERP influenced the educational realm with innovation and simplicity. The aim of implementing ERP solution for education industry is to streamline the process of various functions from scratch to the top. With so many methods, sectors and departments, the education industry is one complex model and thus managing the same on real human capital might not be a sage decision. For this reason, experts suggest implementing ERP with bespoke education industry solutions. With ERP, an educational institute can seek out a variety of benefits.

Benefits of open ERP for education industry

ERP Solution For Education Industry

The list of benefits of Odoo ERP solutions include points for every department of the educational sector. Right from managing admission to felicitating the convocation degrees, ERP plays a vital role in simplifying the complex processes of an educational institution. The education industry enjoy a plethora of benefits through Odoo implementation like:


Quick admission forms compilation with unique details about each student including photos, enrollment ID, emergency contact number and more on a single click of a mouse can save a significant amount of time.

Time Management

ERP solution for education industry makes marking attendance and record keeping very easy and efficient. It incorporates biometric systems integrated with scoring remarks and creating alert messages.

Institutional Calendar

Every educational institute has its calendar for events, holidays, examinations, competitions and more, with Odoo ERP solutions it is easy to maintain the schedule, create instant alerts or set reminders.


Besides assisting in smart learning, ERP solutions also aids in complete classroom management. It supports a quick transfer of notes and homework, while students can upload them quickly, teachers can download and check the files.


From setting the module for the test to generate results, CGPA, various reports (both statistical & visual) and compilation of multi-dimensional stories, an ERP solution for Education Industry allows everything within a few simple clicks.

Financial Management

It is acutely relevant to have efficient financial management at an educational institute. ERP solution provides bespoke financial services, including, admission fee categorization, fee collection system with different levels and dates, effective cash flow management. With ERP, an institute can also generate various reports, manage payroll system, keeping track of ingress and egress of funds and more.

Hostel Management

Educational institutes with hostel facility can also profiteer with Odoo ERP solutions. From room allocation to maintaining a tally of students, ERP allows all functions. It can also prove helpful in managing fee collection log and identify defaulters.

Miscellaneous Activities

Besides these function, ERP solution for the education industry provides some other attributes as well.

Buying the Best ERP Solution For Education Industry

While open ERP for the education industry, it is tough to find the best ERP solution in the already cluttered market. There are many variants and choosing the best one becomes quite intimidating. If you are searching for an answer, here are a few considerations that will help you select the best ERP solution.

Analyse The Pre-Requisites

If you have haphazardly decided to install an ERP solution in your school, college or institute, you must rethink your decision. ERP installation is a critical matter that demands rational analysis. The first matter to analyse is the pre-requisite of software installation. Forming a team of analysers (academic & non-academic staff) is the first step. You must know whether or not you will be able to fulfill the pre-requisite criteria.

Discuss Your Bespoke Requirements

The management requirements differ from one institute to other. While some have a complicated process of administration, other believe in quick and straightforward functioning. While choosing an ERP solution, you must consider whether or not it will be able to deal with your type of business model.

Price of Integration

Indeed this is a must-to-consider factor while buying an ERP solution for the education industry. You cannot run an ERP that is beyond your budget. You must fix a budget and find a suitable open ERP for education industry for your academic institution that does not compromise any expected feature. Moreover, having a pre-set budget will help you narrow down your search as you have to analyse a limited number of options available in your category.

Identify Training Needs

While training for ERP is imperative, some ERP solutions come with a complicated setup that is tough to understand. Choosing such an ERP will not only cost you extra training expenses, but also waste your resources in complex ERP processing.

Once done with these considerations, you will have a reliable Odoo ERP solution to install in your educational facility. You can now ask the selected company to fix the answer and assist in the process.

There would be some steps involved in the process of installation like collecting necessary data, feeding it to the system, training the staff and finally, putting your system to life. However, a professional ERP solution for education industry will offer you all sort of assistance.

With a set of technical attributes, Odoo for education industry can be helpful in efficiently managing a score of management function in an educational establishment. Hope this post gives you complete insight about ERP solutions, there benefits and how to choose the best ERP solution for your educational establishment.

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