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How Prolitus can Help Companies with Blockchain Development

Blockchain Technology is much more than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. It has several advantages in terms of transparency, safety, and decentralization. Prolitus offers several Blockchain development solutions, including Enterprise Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and more. 

Prolitus can help you with different Blockchain technologies. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the domain. So, we can help you with the Blockchain technology applications mentioned below.

Blockchain-based Carbon Credit Platform Development

A carbon credit is a tradeable permit or certificate that gives an individual or company the right to emit 1 ton of CO2 or an equivalent of another greenhouse gas. Unfortunately, credits are sold in bulk to large corporations, which is a disadvantage to smaller groups or individuals. As a result, the latter struggle to make an environmental impact. However, Blockchain technology can help them in doing their bit. So, we can help you with the Blockchain technology applications mentioned below

 Prolitus’s experts can help you with your blockchain-based carbon credit platform development. We have a flexible approach and mission-driven solutions and accelerated deployment.

The transparency of blockchain technology is highly beneficial for trading carbon credits by small players.  

Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain is capable of profound transformation as industries can benefit from it by accelerating transactions, tracking funds, and storing information in a distributed ledger. Prolitus can help you with a 360-degree view of the Blockchain and use its full potential.

Prolitus can support you at every step, starting from design thinking to project evaluation. In addition, we can help you quickly implement enterprise Blockchain solutions and provide top-notch delivery service. 

Prolitus has sound tech expertise, a technology-driven approach, and end-to-end process management that will help you accelerate deployment. 

Blockchain Protocol Development Services

With decentralization at its core, Blockchain is helping startups in achieving speed, transparency, and efficiency. Key decision-makers are betting heavily on Blockchain to optimize their operations and reduce costs. 

Prolitus offers blockchain protocol development to help you navigate toward Blockchain with ease. In addition, we have carefully crafted solutions and domain knowledge to help you easily scale your business. 

But why should you go for Blockchain? When it comes to transactions, Blockchain records them on a ledger. In Blockchain, every node must have an identical copy of the database. In addition, a consensus Algorithm ensures that users and machines coordinate a distributed setting. 

Defi or Decentralized Finance has witnessed spectacular growth in the last few years. As a result, it can address several issues in the Finance industry. 

Prolitus offers mission-driven solutions for protocol development in the DeFi space. 

Smart Contracts Development 

Smart Contracts are yet another application of Blockchain technology. These contracts get executed automatically when certain conditions are met. Due to the trust, automation, and transparency offered by Smart Contracts, many global companies will adopt the technology in 2023. 

Blockchain protects the insurer from fraudulent claims and optimizes risk assessment. As a result, more than 80% of insurance companies are keen on adopting Blockchain. Another reason for this shift is that they need to store, verify and process vast amounts of customer data. 

An absence of automated solutions can lead to inaccurate claim handling and manipulation. It can also be bad for customer relations. 

Blockchain technology can easily link claims data and all other valuable data sets cryptographically. It is then stored in a ledger and copied to all other ledgers with utmost transparency. 

Smart-Contract MLM Software Development

Are you aware that there are similarities between Blockchain and multi-level marketing? They are both P2P models, and their combination can pave the way to a robust ecosystem. 

In MLM models, enterprises incentivize network users to promote products in their own networks and increase their chain. This provides an excellent opportunity for users and enterprises to earn and grow financially.

Although, Ponzi schemes have tarnished the reputation of the MLM industry. However, Blockchain-based smart contract MLM software development services can address these challenges and develop reliable networks. 

Prolitus has helped millions of users garner profits through MLM. If you want to tap into the billion-dollar MLM industry, we can help you with Ethereum, TRON, and Bitcoin MLM software. 

Smart Contract Auditing Service

Blockchain Technology and its applications continue to evolve, and so does the potential for loopholes in smart contracts. In addition, these contracts are written on code and executed on a Blockchain, making them susceptible to attacks. 

Security audits are needed to review the code for loopholes and test for functionality. The aim is to fix any loophole before a hacker can identify it. This significantly reduces the risk. 

Security audits for smart contracts can identify these risks and enhance the security of their data.

Prolitus can help you with Decentralized Apps, DAPP, or NFT smart contract audits with innovative audit techniques and in-depth analysis from our subject matter specialists. This guarantees that your project is high on security and performance.

P2P Lending Platform

Due to the arrival of new technologies, unconventional lending models, and changes in consumer behavior, P2P lending platform development services have evolved. 

Prolitus can help you in reaching out to more than 3 billion unbanked people with its unique solutions. The company offers both custom platform development and white-label services. As a result, we can make you a famous brand with top-notch marketing campaigns, faster deployment, and enriched features.

Crypto enthusiasts worldwide are making neat profits using P2P lending software. Unfortunately, many are denied loans due to poor credit ratings, but P2P lending platforms can be used to overcome this inaccessibility. 

Prolitus solutions can help startups or enterprises to fulfill their sessions by having their own P2P crypto lending platform

Binance Smart Chain Development Services

BSC or Binance Smart Chain runs parallel to the Binance Chain. Binance Smart Chain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) and smart contracts. It provides a robust framework for Defi systems.

This technology has seen exponential growth in the last few years. The reason is the ultra-fast trading experience it provides. Prolitus can help you with your Binance Smart Chain product development. 

Binance Smart Chain offers the fastest Blockchain transactions and lowest fee structures. This makes it ideal for building Dapps.

Our experts have extensive Binance Smart Chain development knowledge, including a smart chain wallet, token, or Defi App

Polkadot Blockchain Development Services

Prolitus believes in the prowess of Blockchain and utilizes a cross-chain network environment to achieve high transactions without fail. We have several developmental experts across the Polkadot blockchain network. As a result, Prolitus can help you easily transfer information and make robust applications. You can also transfer data between private and public blockchains seamlessly.

You may ask, why is the Polkadot blockchain development service becoming so popular?

As Defi is growing exponentially, Polkadot will be the key differentiator in the Blockchain networks, making way for smooth communication. 

Prolitus has performed over 100 blockchain implementations, and Polkadot was something that needed to be experimented with. Polkadot’s improvised transaction rates and smart contracting features will soon make it among the top 3 Blockchain networks in the world. 

Solana Blockchain Development Services

The world is recognizing the capabilities of Solana, and Prolitus can help you with faster transactions, leverage the power of custom DApps, and accelerate the validator’s participation. Furthermore, if you want to develop a full suite of Solana-based apps, Prolitus can help you with a full cycle of services and even help with community building.

Why is Solana becoming so popular? The answer is that it lets you track events ordering and allows high throughput and efficiency on the system.

Solana does not have any strict requirements to become a validator. Therefore, you can improve your chances of making good profits from the network without entry barriers.

On top of that, Blockchain has and uses more scalable smart contracts than Ethereum. To sum up, Solana is a great solution for faster processing and Dapp development. So, get in touch with our experts to explore this technology.

Prolitus can also help you with blockchain-based NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, exchange, and Tokenization development

Why choose Prolitus over others?

Prolitus is an ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company. We strive for excellence and create technologically sound solutions with all the critical features to solve clients’ business problems. 

Prolitus believes in Customer Commitment, quality of work, integrity, and Social responsibility.

For more details, get in touch with us at [email protected]. We have an office in Dubai and a Delivery Center located in Noida, India. In addition, you can directly write to us for project requirements at [email protected].

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