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Odoo ERP Development for Business Enhancement

Odoo is an open-source ERP software that provides an affordable solution with extremely practical features that addresses most of the operational requirements. It has an organized development methodology that offers customized solutions to meet business requirements.

odoo for business enhancement

Benefits of Open Source ERP

  • Low Cost: Due to the budget constraints, large organizations are now looking for a cost-effective software resolution that is perfect for their business. Since the industry continues to get even more specialized and sophisticated, a custom software permits IT, professionals and managers, to control operating expenditures by avoiding pricey purchases of features & functionalities that are irrelevant to their business model.
  • Customization: Open source applications offer customization possibilities to the business. Moreover, customizing software saves money as well as time as you can begin with a basic stage and then built a complete suit over it.
  • Independent but Linked: Open source software provides an organization the capability to retain the third-party application for the specific operational functions like shipping, but still proficient to connect faultlessly with the other stand-alone software platforms to complete system visibility and connectivity.
  • Agile Methodology: Organizations who implement the agile methodology have an advantage using open source program as it can simply be adapted or changed to match the present step in the project development. In addition, open-source can be equally agile as the methodology.
  • Easy Change Management: Doing changes for the process of enforcement is effortlessly handled by the open-source software. This is because the application can be modified at any time and therefore permits for higher ability to implement alterations that pop up in the way without creating hurdles in overall business operations.
  • Security is Improved: Bugs and issues are recognized quicker and rectified faster with the open-source software due to multiple contact points. Extra people with access implies more eyes watching the developments, making sure that the system operates unbroken.
  • Flexibility: The biggest asset of using Odoo Solutions for business is that it can be connected to any of the application according to the use.
  • IT Sourcing Options: By open-source implementations, organizations can select whether to have an outsourced IT team or have its own individual IT team. Apart from this, it provides a company with the full capability to sustain control over the detailed aspects of IT.
  • Sustainability and Stability: As the matter of fact, precise implementation of open source ERP help to give sustainability, greater throughput, and stability in the affected programs thereby delivering better outcomes with lower costs.
  • More Efficient Processes: Open source commonly needs a closer look at existing business operations; therefore, after the implementation, the business work more efficiently as before. Hence, now the company not only does have a greater regulation and visibility across all the facets but since each of them was looked at in detail, they turn to be more well-organized as well.

There are various ERP solutions in the market. However, Odoo is one of the affordable open source ERP, especially for small businesses. Prolitus develops customized Odoo Solutions for business for various industries. Their team of developers and consultants deeply understands the client’s business problem and suggest solutions accordingly. To know more about their services, drop an email at [email protected].

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