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SAP or Odoo: The Big Question!

During the time Odoo was first introduced in the market, around 2014 – 15, as an Open ERP with multiple modules, SAP was the leading player having the biggest share of ERP market i.e. around 6%. SAP is deployed by the large organization since its implementation and maintenance is quite costly. Due to this fact, it became a notion, that the ERP software is just for big brands. However, after the introduction of Odoo, this notion changed!

Since Odoo is open ERP based on Python, it can be customized and implemented easily and compared to SAP it is very cost-effective. Because of this reason, Odoo quickly gained popularity among SMEs. Odoo’s different modules offer all the functionalities which an SME could ask. With the latest releases of Odoo, new features are being introduced, making it more competitive in the market.

Now, even big organization are considering deploying Odoo because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. SAP is still the market leader, with the most stable software and lesser bugs, offers backward compatibility, but Odoo is evolving rapidly, gaining popularity and has the potential to become the biggest challenger for SAP in the near future.



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