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About Client

A venture-backed technology company operating in East Africa and India. They build and deploy dense networks of cloud-connected KIOSK through local corner stores, which serve as consumer’s access points for goods and services delivered in partnership with the major suppliers.

The venture is currently solving the problem of cooking fuel in underdeveloped and developing nations by leveraging a technology-driven distribution network of renewable fuels and stoves. Since cooking fuel is a necessity, the company aims to cater to at least 70% population of any underdeveloped nation.



Prior to implementing ERP, the client used different software for different functions and faced integration challenges. Since the venture is primarily engaged in the B2C segment along with a B2B network, the volume of transactions is extremely high. Once the enterprise expands, the transaction volume will increase by 2-3 million every month. This will lead to the following challenges with any traditional ERP or business software.

Account Transation

To process so many accounting transactions, the client will eventually end up hiring 500-1000 accountants to work on a traditional accounting system. And even then, the team will not be able to cope with the increasing amount of work. This will render the entire business model completely unprofitable.

Client’s distribution network consists of small stores with an extremely low storage capacity of around 5 stoves. Hence regular re-stocking trips are performed, leading to high logistics cost. Since the client is dealing in the low-income segment of the market, it cannot afford to have a high operational cost associated with the product.

Koko Network

Because of large inter-departmental teams, it becomes a challenge to collate and share information using different software.



Prolitus helped the client implement the following Odoo ERP modules: CRM, Sales, Helpdesk, Purchase, Distribution & Logistics, MRP & more.


Prolitus started with the implementation of standard modules as much as possible with a goal of reducing initial investment.


By analyzing their operations, Prolitus made sure that customization improved the efficiency of all operations along with an increased ROI.


Prolitus has helped the client with the correct ERP Implementation and enhancement of their existing business processes to make them cost and time effective.

Accounting Transactions Automated



Since 99.99% of the accounting transactions are now automated, there is no need for hiring a large team for redundant tasks. The primary job of accountants now is to validate the payments and other transactions like inter-bank transfer etc.


Since complex inspections & audits for CRM are now carried out using mobile apps integrated with the ERP, there is no further need for maintaining separate Google sheets for inspection and auditing data. This saves around 2-3 hours a day for every field and back-office agent working on the CRM.

Mobile apps Integrated with the ERP

Reduced Operational Cost for Logistics.


System auto order creation, route planning, and cost optimization have completely automated the job performed by the distribution managers across the globe. The planning engine accounts for all the permutations & combinations, to come up with the most optimized route for delivery, which is not humanly possible. This has reduced the per product operational cost for logistics.


The seamless integration of databases for Indian and African operations saves a lot of manual data-entry time.

Mobile apps Integrated with the ERP

Single Solution save Data Replication


All operations of the company are catered by a single solution; saving a lot of data replication effort along with the need to maintain multiple software.


As a result of Prolitus’s implementation of Odoo, the client optimized its operational processes making them more time and cost efficient.

Prolitus Justified their capabilities in two areas :

  • Functional Consulting Methodology It focused on business process improvement. Prolitus demonstrated how the use cases of their consultants had improved enterprise efficiencies of other organizations through technology.
  • Development Skills: Prolitus showcased its technical superiority by demonstrating some of its unique modules in the ERP space along with the coding standards followed by the organization.

Prolitus provides a wide range of technology solutions to leading enterprise companies. If you would like to work with us to implement ERP software for your business, emails us on [email protected]

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