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The derivatives are the new buzzword in the trading of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, etc. Unlike normal cryptocurrency exchanges where you take delivery of crypto assets, the cryptocurrency derivative exchange allows you to trade in derivative products like Futures, Swaps, etc. which has crypto assets as underlying assets. If you would like to develop your own cryptocurrency derivatives exchange business, it requires a huge domain and technical expertise as there is an increased risk of liquidation, managing trades, the security of assets, etc. Also, it would be very expensive and time-consuming to create a scalable and robust derivative exchange.

We offer ProlitusDX, a white label crypto derivatives exchange platform that has been designed by an expert team of IT Architects, Domain Experts, and Software Engineers. The cryptocurrency derivative exchange software is highly customizable to your needs, yet is highly configurable to go live in as less as 2 weeks. The white-label derivative exchange utility is enterprise-ready, secure and high on performance. The matching engine and liquidation engines have been designed using C++ to achieve high throughput with low latency. With a dedicated team of engineers, the white label Derivative Exchange is continuously updated with new features and fixes.


1.5 Million +



100+ Tokens



5+ Liquidity Providers



2-4 Weeks

Time to Market



Security checks

High Throughput and Low Latency Platform

Our White label Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange software comes with the following attributes:



Our Derivative Exchange solution can scale to millions of users and transactions.



ProlitusDX comes with high configurability using easy to use Admin Panel.



Our Crypto Derivative Exchange software has military grade security with active security monitoring.


High Performance

With C++ based trading and liquidation engine, the Exchange is high on throughput with millisecond-level latency.


Feature Rich

Our cryptocurrency derivative exchange software comes with lot of ready to use modules.


Time to Market

We help you go live in 2 weeks or less with default themes and features

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Software Features

ProlitusDX is Enterprise grade digital currency derivative exchange software with blazing performance, low latency and military grade security for businesses looking for customizable white-labeled Cryptocurrency Derivative Exchange.

Matching engine

High Performing Matching Engine

The matching engine clocks 1+ million Transactions per second with ultra-low latencies


Easy Funds Management

We have integrated wallets and payment gateways to manage both cryptocurrencies and Fiat


Basic and Advanced KYC

Inbuilt KYC module that is institutionally compliant with 3rd party integrated KYC platforms


Analytical Dashboards

Graphically rich Analytical Dashboards and Reports with the option to integrate with Data Analytics platforms


Leveraging and De-Leveraging

Configurable Leveraging option with the auto-deleveraging engine to manage risks


Liquidation Engine

Highly Configurable Liquidation Engine clocking 1+ Million transactions per second for managing liquidation risks


Email, SMS, and 2FA

Integrated Email and SMS gateway, 2 Factor Authentication support


Reporting Module

Transactions, Account Activity, User Activity, AML Alerts, MIS, Revenue, Profits, etc


Multiple Order Types

Support for multiple order types – market order, limit orders, stop-loss orders, etc for Futures and Perpetual Swaps

Admin panel

Admin Panel

User Management, Currency Activation, Trade Pairs Management, Platform Commission Management

High configurable

Highly Configurable

Configurable email templates, notifications, master data, token pairs, etc

Admin dashboard

Liquidity Providers

Ready to go, integrated Liquidity Providers.

Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange Security Features

Our crypto derivative exchange is powered with military-grade security. In addition, we offer security monitoring both for cloud networks as well as a web application.


IP and Blacklist Tracking

We set up automated tracking of incoming traffic and user activities based on IP and other variables to check and stop suspicious activities; Checks against Blacklists.


2 Factor Authentication

We support 2 Factor Authentication including SMS and Google Authenticator. We also check for unusual login attempts and alert the user.

Anti Distributed

Data Encryption

The Data Encryption policy is enforced as per best practices that include AES 256 for data in transit and data at rest.

Server side

HSM based Key Management

We provide HSM based robust key management for Encryption Keys and Private Keys.

HTTP Parameter

Prevent DOS/DDOS Attacks

We configure a Web Application Firewall to prevent DOS/DDOS attacks that consist of unauthorized and malicious traffic in large.


Network Security

Our Cloud and Security Experts setup and configure highly secure and hardened infrastructure including WAF, Server Hardening, Ports Management, and 50+ other security checks.

Steps to Launch Your Crypto Derivatives Exchange

Step 1

  • Gap Analysis
  • Design Mockups

Step 2

  • Sandbox with core features and integrations

Step 3

  • Customize and Setup

Step 4

  • 3rd Party Integrations

Step 5

  • Hosting Readiness
  • Security Assessment

Step 6

  • User Training
  • Go Live

How We Help You to Launch Your Derivative Exchange Software


Liquidity Provider

We have partnered with Liquidity Providers to save you the time of integration and negotiation.


Security Audit

We have an internal security team and we have partnered with 3rd party security companies for security audits


KYC Integration

We have an inbuilt KYC/AML module and we also are integrated with ready to go 3rd party KYC platforms like SumSub, Onfido, etc.


Cloud Hosting

We have a strong team of Cloud specialists for cloud deployment, secure server setup, and monitoring


Crypto Custody Management

We are integrated with leading cryptocurrency custody providers for the secure management of your assets.


Domain Expertise

We have experts in designing Derivative Exchange systems that helps reduce risks, improve user experience and recommend differentiators.

Trusted by over 1000 customers worldwide


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeframe to go live with my derivatives exchange?

We can ready your White-Labelled Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange Business in 2-4 weeks using out-of-box features and ready 3rd party integrations.

The online Cryptocurrency Derivative Exchanges handle financial assets and transactions so they need to be tested thoroughly for security. We have secure coding practices and follow peer code reviews for adhering to guidelines. We also have an internal security team that performs vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for all applications before going live. We also support external security companies for VAPT. After going live, our internal security team also manages network security, security attacks, etc through proactive security monitoring.

We provide ProlitusDX on a license fee basis with additional cost for customization and implementation. For cloud deployment, we have options where you can host and manage the application on your end or you can use our managed hosted service where we host and manage your application. We also provide access to source code for your own use only at an additional cost.

We provide support for hot and cold wallet management to secure your crypto assets. We have also integrated with 3rd party custodians like BitGo for management of your assets in a secure manner.

We have ready integration with 200+ tokens that include all the major Cryptocurrencies. For ERC tokens, we provide a feature in the Administrative Console to add a new token by yourself. We can also add any other Cryptocurrency on demand.

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