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Looking for a way to trade cryptocurrencies free of centralized control and solutions that facilitate peer-to-peer transactions? Get an expert, professional team of blockchain developers on board to develop decentralized exchange solutions that help businesses carry on smooth and hassle-free trade.

Developing Decentralized Exchange Development

Decentralized exchange platforms are a way to trade cryptocurrencies without having any centralized control. They emerged at the forefront when the centralized exchanges could not address some of the real challenges. They eliminate the need for an intermediary like Coinbase or Bitstamp, and institutionalized (centralized) exchanges because they offer truly peer-to-peer transactions, which can only be done on this type of decentralized platform. They use smart contracts that automate processes such as order matching and transactions between users of this decentralized marketplace – all while being transparent enough so you know what’s going on at every step in your purchase process!

Money can be sent online seamlessly without any centralized control. In addition, these DEX services also help in carrying on trade between two different cryptocurrencies thanks to the close regulation by Smart contract triggers. Their peer-to-peer nature and smart contract based triggering system ensure that trades are executed efficiently without any institutional involvement or control over the transaction process from either side. As these platforms operate on smart contracts instead of traditional ones, they’re fast and transparent, helping businesses to trade in the fastest time possible.

Overview of Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance or DeFi is gaining a lot of traction over the last couple of years as it offers people the chance to monetize and trade their assets free of control and more efficiently. DeFi serves as an open finance movement transcending all boundaries as otherwise held by centralized financial authorities. DeFI system is a permissionless, transparent eco system, facilitating flexibility and also interoperable. It runs on smart contracts supported by a blockchain network.

A large number of applications within the DeFi space that facilitate better financial services as compared to a lot of traditional and centralized counterparts. These Dapps include decentralized exchanges, lending platforms, stablecoins, and prediction markets and so on. Yield farming, staking platform, liquidity mining and compostability are some of the few other concepts built around the DeFi.

Centralized Vs Decentralized Exchanges – Benefits of DeFi Exchnage Platform

Centralized exchanges have been leading from the front since the introduction of cryptocurrency, thereby promoting buying and selling of cryptos within a regulatory framework. As the blockchain network was not in use here, so in centralized exchanges one had to trust third-parties to secure and track the transactions. Besides, the exchanges also require verifications of transactions, review of personal as well as corporate information for companies to process the transactions.

Although there are some benefits of having centralized exchanges but the disadvantages far outnumber the advantages. Hence, there arose the need for decentralized exchanges.

There is no third-party integration in DeFi exchanges as all the data regarding the transaction is stored on the blockchain network. Users have more control over their assets in decentralized exchanges as compared to the centralized exchanges. Moreover, it prevents the risk of hackers from stealing the sensitive data or tampering with any information. The fee of using DeFi exchanges is also less as compared to the traditional exchanges. There are smart contracts that automate and process transactions without interference of humans on the DeFi platforms, which is a limitation on the centralized exchanges. The high-grade protection offered to crypto assets through private keys is also the reason for which DeFi is gaining popularity over centralized exchanges.

DeFi exchanges offer high speed and unparalleled security, thus making it a viable option for entrepreneurs with aspirations to achieving grand success in the crypto eco system.

Mainstream DeFi Exchange Platforms


Why Engage Prolitus For Decentralized Exchange Development?

Prolitus is DeFi exchange Development Company that can help you build your decentralized exchanges. Our expertise in technology, rich blockchain knowhow and breadth of experience uniquely equip us for this task. We are committed to building robust architecture with purpose-built delivery pipelines backed by strong ecosystem partners who expedite the deployment process so businesses gain digital success through our work on their behalf!

Top notch solutions to create DeFi exchange platform

Prolitus has a team of experts in the field who can provide you with exclusive decentralized finance exchange development solutions. We have built several successful projects to date and our experience makes us qualified for building scalable, reliable & secure DEX platforms like no other! Our skilled experts can guide you through the complexities of the DeFi exchange platform development services and launch your business to scale new heights in the DeFi space. Fill out this form now if interested so we could chat about how together we might be able help make your business or project more efficient than ever before.


Peer-to-Peer Trading with Smart contract

You can now execute trades on a peer-to-peer decentralized exchange without an intermediary. The smart contract ensures greater transparency and speed, so you don’t have to wait for days or weeks while funds are waiting in escrow!

Automated Market Maker

The automated market maker will execute trades using liquidity pools while substituting buyers and sellers to ensure your decentralized exchange has the best possible price. Ensure liquidity on your decentralized exchange with the automated market maker that automatically executes trades using liquidity pools while substituting buyers and sellers.

High-grade security

We impart a bank-grade security for your DEX to give it that professional edge, while also providing users a safe environment where they can trade without worry of losing their funds or exposing themselves too much online through unsupported attacks such as from phishing sites.

Steps Involved in DeFi exchange Platform

Gather and understand client requirement

We use an in-depth process to thoroughly research and assess your business’s needs, which is crucial for us to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Provide best in class technological support

Our team of experts knows how to keep you ahead in the market and is up-to date on all technological advancements.


The team based on our research draft the proper outline for a decentralized exchange that has all of its features and functions to be seamless.


We develop the most scalable and robust decentralized exchange platform with exceptional functionalities. Built on Blockchain, it is governed by smart contracts that ensure security for all participants in an open market environment


It is important that we test our product thoroughly to make sure it meets all standards. We bring in years of experience and well crafted skills, so there will be no bugs Our company brings a wealth of knowledge about testing blockchain technologies with us from previous projects.

Launch operation

Finally, after the completion of the testing, the platform is deployed on the main network of your client. After the deployment one can start trading!

Support and upgrades

We make sure that after the deployment, our team will constantly monitor and test your platform for any issues. We also perform upgrades to keep it working smoothly. We’ll be checking up on you every so often with testing drives or scheduled maintenance sessions!

Other Reasons to Pick Prolitus For Decentralized Exchange Development

Technical Know-how

We are a one-stop shop for your blockchain needs. Our team has experience in every facet of the industry and will make sure you get what it takes to succeed!

Best Tech Approach

We have a team of experts who can offer you advice on the best way to refine your offering, suggest technologies that might work for it and even help set up communities.

Rapid Development

We offer a customized product to fit your audience. We have an analytics-driven approach that ensures effective and efficient development, as well as rapid deployment of our services for you!

Post launch support

We don’t stop after the launch. We provide extensive post-delivery services for our clients so that they can focus on their growth and success, without worrying about how to get in touch with us or what we offer!

Positive business results

We take a hands-on approach to investing, which means you’ll see value from your investments.

Decentralized Exchange Script: Reduce your development time and accelerate your launch process

Whether you’re building a custom DEX from scratch or need help with your existing one, we can provide an exchange script that will make trading as easy and intuitive for users of any experience level.

We can help you replicate the success of popular decentralized exchanges. With our expertise, we will be able to build a DEX on any blockchain that suits your needs and requirements; whether it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum etc., Binance Smart Chain is also available for use in these projects!

Your journey with us begins as we steer you through the decentralized exchange process with ease.

Our Blockchain Portfolio

AXIA Global

AXIA offers a blockchain-based digital ecosystem without restrictions and rewards hyper-deflationary currency users. AXIA aims to create a digital currency and a transparent, equitable, productive, and fruitful economic system for all parties involved.


Milkshakeswap Finance is a hard fork of pancakeswap. It's a community-driven project where users can Swap, Trade, and participate in the Flavour pool. It is a pilot project aimed at controlling inflation and offering rewards. In addition, users can earn MILK tokens by referring their family, friends, and relatives.


Frequently Asked Questions
Decentralized exchanges are the new way to buy and sell digital assets. They operate without an intermediary organization for clearing transactions, relying instead on self-executing smart contracts that facilitate trading so you don’t have to worry about any third party interference or fraud!
A decentralized exchange (DEX) platform allows for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, helping the cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to connect. It is dissimilar to the centralized exchanges (CEXs) in terms of its non-custodial nature where users in the decentralized platforms remain in control of their private keys when carrying out P2P transactions on a DEX platform
With DeXs, we can peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediaries and enjoy higher security due to smart contracts that are immune from hacks or manipulations. However, there are risks due to liquidity. The requirement for liquidity remains a major constraint for different decentralized exchanges.
The simple answer to this is a resounding yes! Decentralized exchanges have a series of advantages and are undoubtedly the future of the entire exchange ecosystem given that it resolves many problems existing with the traditional centralized exchanges.


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