DeFi Staking Platform: A Bitcoiner’s Dream Come True

Prolitus provides customized solutions to launch and deliver DeFi staking software as a platform to let users stake their assets and earn rewards. With their world-class DeFi staking platform development solutions, businesses can reap huge profits.

DeFi Staking Platform Development

Blockchain is the future in the world of global financial transactions, but they’re not enough. To accelerate your digital transformation and create a seamless experience for customers, it’s important to find ways in which you can leverage multiple blockchains together – like by using our DeFi Staking Platform Services. Defi technology has revolutionized the financial industry with many businesses adopting it to serve a variety of needs. No wonder that the investments in the DeFi space and solutions has also spiked up over the years. A trend that is creating waves in the DeFi space is crypto staking. DeFi staking is emerging more popular than other mechanisms as yields are higher in this as compared to other conventional forms of investments and mining.

Prolitus provides value-oriented services and mission-driven propositions to design DeFi staking software combining the best in class features and delivering high-grade security.

Overview of DeFi Staking: Paradigm Shift from the conventional borrowing and lending

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a revolutionary innovation with an immense potential to redefine traditional lending and borrowing practices. Staking, or DeFi staking in particular, let users on different blockchains collaborate through consensus-driven networks like Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Qtum etc. It is a way of facilitating financial services or tokens to generate more rewards as incentives for the users. They are allowed to create an incentive system for themselves by contributing their funds into maintaining these platforms while also enjoying complete transparency. It is similar in nature as cryptocurrency mining as it helps users to come to an agreement while it also incentivizes them for their participation.

We at Prolitus are pioneers in staking development and help companies derive optimum benefits of the world-class blockchain technologies that best fits the business requirements.

Popularity of DeFi reaching all-time high

It is due to the innumerable benefits that DeFi has attracted global acceptance and registering increased demand. The rising demand for the adoption of DeFi staking is at an all-time high. A total of $21-$23 billion worth of assets is being put into DeFi platforms! This in itself speaks volumes about the heightened demand for DeFi staking. If you too are looking to tap into the endless possibilities thrown open by this billion-dollar staking market then hire proficient experts to launch your own DeFi staking software. Launch your DeFi staking platform and accelerate your growth.Prolitus can be trusted for distinct DeFi staking platform development as it combines the best tech approach with years of experience in delivering finest solutions on the DeFi lending and borrowing platform. Businesses can make use of our staking platform development and tap into the alternate source to conventional methods for earning passive income through crypto staking.

Accelerate your business with our cutting edge DeFi Staking Platform Development Services to establish yourself as a leading player of the Defi industry.

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DeFi Staking Platforms


The number of crypto exchanges making an entry into the Staking space is increasing because of the higher number of users they host on these platforms. You can make the most of your existing crypto exchange or also build one to offer DeFi-based services!


Crypto wallets are a great way of offering DeFi services to your users and require little maintenance. They make it easy for them, so that they can sit back and stake their assets while you take care of the security!

Staking-as-a-service Platform

Staking is a way for users to earn some extra money by holding their cryptocurrency. Unlike exchanges and wallets, stakers choosing staking-as-a-service software are only responsible for this kind of platform which allows for softer security measures such as backups or encryption keys in case something goes wrong with the hard drive where all our cryptocurrency resides! It helps to prevent hacking or theft and doesn’t affect how much you can trade with your coins since these services also provide access as well!

Ways to Reward Users


Users will receive incentives to validate the blockchain. The incentive for validating the blockchain is directly proportional to assets held by the users. The more assets you have, the easier it will be to get more validation tasks assigned and get greater rewards!

Players can turn into creators

Players can just not only enjoy a thrilling gaming experience but they can also become active creators of content. Hence, the NFTs will make the overall playing experience more interesting, engaging, and immersive

Earn money by playing

The NFT benefit of selling, creating the content of the game, and also trading items of the game opens up endless possibilities for players to earn a good deal of money by playing on the digital platform.

Our Process

Way our DeFi staking platform development company works

Decentralize banking wallet

We collaborate with our clients to get an in-depth knowledge of their requirements and design blockchain framework in line with their needs. This is not just about sharing the benefits of our product with you; we also get to explore how it can help solve some common pain points in an innovative way.

Organize and plan

We are a team of strategists and advisors who will help you navigate the disruption caused by decentralized crypto wallet launches. Our services range from assessing organizational readiness, anticipating business impacts to developing go-to market plans for your company’s success in this new economy!


A well-thought out design is not only effective, but can make a strong business impact. We specialize in architecting crypto wallets and we’ve got you covered with our rich knowledge base, breadth across the organization–we want to engage stakeholders so they’re building solutions ready for deployment!


Our goal is to provide our clients with a crypto wallet solution and updates that they can trust. We make sure the service we deliver on behalf of them has tangible effects in their businesses, even after product deployment!

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Pros of investing in the DeFi staking platform

Staking platform is the best way to invest in cryptocurrency without actually having any bitcoins or ethers because of the numerous advantages it offers:

They use proof-of-stake and proof of work consensus mechanisms to provide utmost security

Facilitates and maintains complete transparency over user transactions details with strong end-to-end encryption features such as DDoS protection HTTP authentication among others

Investors can get huge ROIs

Comes with multi-level security features to prevent hacks

Customers on the DeFi staking platform are rewarded for their tiny investment

Highly scalable and flexible, allowing users to engage in secure and quick transactions

Why Choose us For DeFi Staking Platform ?

Meaningful Outcomes

We make sure to help you derive real and meaningful, tangible returns from your investments. You will notice the difference our work makes in your life and business, every day – because we go above and beyond for you!

Accelerated development

You can have a customized product that is tailored to your target audience and also be assured of smooth development, deployment & marketing through our cohesive roadmap.

Comprehensive support

We understand that growth is not something that you do once. It is an on-going story and hence we are there to support your company through it all! We offer a variety of services to help you grow after the product launch, including post-delivery support.

Proficient Team

Our team of expert blockchain developers would drive value to your business by providing all that your business needs and in fact more. They would come up with the best ideas, finest technical approach and also launch communities and campaigns.

  • User-friendly staking-as-a-service platform to allow even non-technical users to participate
  • Flexible and customizable staking platform solutions
  • No intermediaries or middlemen to eat into the profit share
  • Stakers can validate transactions
  • Number of coins allowed for staking
  • No intermediaries or middlemen to eat into the profit share
  • Institutional-grade security powered by smart contract
  • Reap larger returns with speculative staking
  • Reward for lending your funds to others who need them, as well.

Unhindered Possibilities To Gain Incentives Through our DeFi Staking Development Services

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Prolitus’s DeFi Staking Platform Development Can Work Wonders For Your Business

Prolitus offers comprehensive solutions designed by expert blockchain developers after working in collaboration with subject matter experts. Our solutions are developed with the objective to help bridge any gaps between the visionary goals of your business and the existing reality in the DeFi space. Get in touch with us and get a comprehensive suite of tools to deploy a DeFi staking platform on any blockchain – be it TRON or Ethereum with essential DeFi functionality – all in one place!

Crypto enthusiasts can reap rich rewards and make profits without too many risks, huge investments and also without putting in too much of effort into research thanks to staking. Launching a crypto staking platform or even incorporating new features in the existing crypto exchange platform can lead your business to make billions from their investment. Start your own staking platform with utmost ease and completely hassle-free manner by sharing your business plan with us.We at Prolitus is quite a name to reckon with in the defi staking platform development space. We would provide complete solutions and a wide range of services customized to meet your business needs. Our expert knowledge of this domain would help your business to get 10 times better results. We can set up fast and secure DeFi staking platform development that supports all tokens and cryptocurrencies.A large number of businesses and startups run their crypto exchange business successfully with our help. Hire us to leverage the proficiency of our blockchain experts who design highly secure and scalable crypto exchange platforms with staking options that let clients create a strong impact in the crypto market. We are specialized in developing a staking-as-a-service platform. Connect with us to launch your DeFi staking platform with effective blockchain solutions.

Our DeFi Portfolio

AXIA Global

AXIA offers a blockchain-based digital ecosystem without restrictions and rewards hyper-deflationary currency users. AXIA aims to create a digital currency and a transparent, equitable, productive, and fruitful economic system for all parties involved.


Milkshakeswap Finance is a hard fork of pancakeswap. It's a community-driven project where users can Swap, Trade, and participate in the Flavour pool. It is a pilot project aimed at controlling inflation and offering rewards. In addition, users can earn MILK tokens by referring their family, friends, and relatives.


Frequently Asked Questions
The DeFi staking platform can prove to be a game-changing business model in the crypto space. It provides liquidity in the system for its users. If you are into this cutting-edge form of finance then there's no time like now - start working on launching your own platform and enjoy trading!.
Yes, DeFi staking platforms are designed with high-grade security to prevent hacks and protect the platform from any security threats
Staking is nearly as profitable and risk-free as trading cryptocurrencies. It is a great way to get access and participate in cryptocurrency mining pools. Stakers keep their coins safe by just purchasing them, waiting for them to generate profits (which will depend on how much they vest), then selling off what they've already earned when it's time!
It is a safer and less risky method for crypto enthusiasts to earn passive income by staking their existing cryptos or tokens.
SDafety is the first priority for all DeFi lending platforms. Thanks to the security mechanisms of distributed ledger networks, you will have complete control and authority over your funds.
No, DeFi exchanges do not charge high transaction fees.


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