Procure to Pay

Procure to Pay

As the name defines, Procure to Pay is a system that supports end-to-end process, starting from the service and goods requisitioning and completing with bills to be paid at Accounts Payable. The Procurement and Accounts Payable need to work as in effective pairing, not in silos, to improve work, time and cost efficiency. The traditional process of Procure to Pay suffers from a number of challenges, limiting its functionality and resulting in major losses for the organizations.

Why Prolitus

The Procure to Pay system developed by Prolitus is a comprehensive solution to address all the challenges of the process, straight from the elimination of human errors to the streamlining of the invoices. The need of this system is to correct the course of workflow, covering every step of procurement. Including superior functionality, the Prolitus Procure to Pay solution is made user-friendly, easing user adoption. This system helps in bringing the inefficiencies of business to light, fixing them and proactively manage operations.

Procure to Pay by Prolitus enables businesses to grow by turning them cost, work and time efficient. Cutting down on errors and dependencies, the system automates the process, facilitating quick procurement of goods and services, in respect to swift payments through Accounts Payable. The P2P system creates a multi-channel of procurement requests, distribution, receival and transfer of funds of the goods/ services received.

Benefits of Our Procure to Pay System:

Below mentioned are few of the several benefits businesses derive from our CRM system:

  • e-Invoicing: Adoption of e-invoicing enabling easy and quick approvals, minimizing errors and pacing up the complete process of procurement.
  • Payments: The Prolitus Procure to Pay serves the purpose of streamlining the payments of bills for the procured goods and services. Additionally, it keeps a check on paid bills to prevent any duplicate payments.
  • Approvals: With Prolitus Procure to Pay, the approvals on bills and payments are quick and error-free. The stakeholders are in control of the in and out flow of funds.
  • Error-Free Operation: Implementing this system turns businesses free from human errors through the complete process, including invoicing, procurement and payments. In addition to it, P2P helps in preventing frauds and risks to the business.
  • Data Safety: The system is designed to register and capture all the B2B transactions electronically, helping in keeping the data records efficiently.

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