The highly competitive FMCG (The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector is struggling to build loyalty amongst its’ customers by building engagement. Apart from this complex supply chain management, purchase and logistic planning, inventory management, multi-channel sales, pricing, promotions are some of the toughest challenges that continue to plague the industry.

To ensure greater productivity, as well as higher ROI, businesses need to ensure proper management of all the processes. An integrated ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software solution that could confirm the optimal flow of information across all the organizations’ processes is what businesses require to stay ahead of the game. An ERP software designed specifically for the FMCG Sector will ensure smooth data flow through different steps of the production cycle with modules for different business functions such as manufacturing, plant maintenance, supply chain and more.

Apart from this, such a software solution can provide businesses with a common database that allows them to stock and save details of each department in real-time. Furthermore, FMCG companies can achieve business efficiency through reduced errors in relevant stages of production along with a shortened production cycle.

By Integrating ERP software in their business processes, shipping companies can realize the following benefits:

  • They can get a hawks-eye view of their business that includes all the functions and departments.
  • Eliminate chances of errors caused due to human intervention.
  • Get access to a unified database where every transaction is entered, documented, processed, checked and reported.
  • Achieve organization wide reports of all the business functions.
  • Enables stock rotation i.e. FIFO (First in First Out) of stock for efficient inventory management.

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