Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a technology or system that is designed to crunch customer data, help manage business operations, while sustaining sales and marketing activities. CRM serves as a backbone to any business, for its functionality to manage the interactions with the current and future customers. It aids the businesses in serving the customers in a better manner, enhancing retention and enabling streamlined management of sales pipeline. By 2015, the CRM software market reached a figure of $26.3bn as per Gartner, and the demand is growing manifolds with every passing year.

Why Prolitus

At Prolitus, we offer CRM system developed to facilitate businesses in streamlining their operations and grow their customer relations. Our system is designed by industry experts, to address every requirement of businesses. From maintaining customer database to their retention, and business marketing to business intelligence, Prolitus serves each and every requirement.

With the assistance of our CRM Consulting Specialists, several organizations have drawn the maximum benefits out of their respective business through the implementation of our CRM system. Giving a complete control over business operations and marketing functions to the owners, the CRM helps in increasing business efficiency and effectivity.

Benefits of Our Customer Relationship Management System:

Below mentioned are few of the several benefits businesses derive from our CRM system:

  • Data Security: Secured Client Data, with tamper-proof storage technology.
  • Work Efficiency: Streamlining of workflow, cutting down on time consumed and operational costs.
  • Mobility: Data availability on the go, offering access to information wherever required.
  • Error-free Reports: Impeccable and quick report generation, enhancing precise operations.
  • Marketing Efficiency: Optimizing business marketing, maintaining budget and goal achievement.

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