Ethereum Smart Contracts Development

Originally, Ethereum was designed as a Smart Contract Platform. Ethereum Smart Contract runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). In a way, EVM is globally distributed platform where Smart Contracts are executed. Compared to Bitcoin Smart Contract platform, it provides more expressive and comprehensive language for scripting.


Running a Smart Contract on Ethereum can trigger data reads & writes, connection with other Smart Contracts and heavy computations like using cryptographic primitives. Executing these processes requires resources, and there is an operational cost involved. Thus, to execute Ethereum Smart Contract user needs Gas units which need to be paid for in Ether. This mechanism helps in limiting the resources used by each contract.

Some of the Features of Ethereum Smart Contract:

Digital Record

Records the T&C of a contract on a Distributed Ledger shared between all participants.

Connect with Other System

Connects with internal system of a Bank or external factors such as share prices.

Compilance and Reporting

Evaluates pre-defined condition and provides data for compliance and reporting, when exposed to a external trigger.

Autonomous Execution

Gets self-executed upon fulfillment of conditions via external trigger.

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  • We take Portfolio approach when experimenting with Smart Contracts

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