Hyperledger Smart Contracts Development

Hyperledger is a Blockchain fabric that allows for compliance with regulations. It supports varied requirements that arise when competing business work together in the same network.


The central elements of Hyperledger are Smart Contracts (chaincode), digital assets, record repositories, a decentralized consensus-based network and cryptographic security.

Smart Contracts are implemented by “chaincode” in Hyperledger. Chaincode can be written in any mainstream programming language and provides the capability to define smart contract templating language. It also provides the capability to restrict the functionality of the execution environment.

Some of the features of Hyperledger Smart Contracts:


Offer the control and management of authorization for Hyperledger Participation.


Provides the management of assurance and authorized disclosure of association of identities and roles to Hyperledger Participants.


Capability to provide authorized entities with the means to link transactions of Individual users, or group of users according to affiliations or roles and to access the activity of a particular user of the system or the operatios of the system itself.

Why Choose Prolitus for Hyperledger Smart Contracts Development?

Unlike traditional blockchain model (Bitcoin), Hyperledger takes a different approach, by managing the admission of participants at its core. Hyperledger is a permissioned, shared ledger. It is an umbrella of Blockchain networks, that doesn’t require each other for their core functionality, but require an addressing system to allows transactions on one ledger to discover and utilize required transactions or Smart Contracts (chaincode) on other ledgers.

Prolitus has a team of competent Hyperledger Smart Contracts developers which has ample experience in writing codes of Smart Contract for various businesses.

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