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Greeting Investor

We are an ICO Marketing company and our constant endeavor is to keep ourselves regularly updated with ‘What’s hot’ in the ICO ecosystem. We have a team of researchers who are always on the lookout for great ICOs and the reason that makes them ‘Great!’

We can provide you the best and informative data regarding the best ICOs you can invest in. We segregate the best ICOs on the basis of the team, concept and the execution plan behind the project, before advising you to invest in the following ICO.

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We shortlist ICOs based on their:

Team Strength

Conducting research on the team members behind the ICO is one of the vital points to keep in mind before you think of investing for which you can check team member profiles on Linkedin, Google etc.

Thread on

Bitcoin being one of the biggest discussion forums on Bitcoin and Crypto related issues is one of the determining factors while spotting a qualified ICO.

Community and Media Support

It is essential to have a wide open supporting community like a Public Slack for all investors. Other sources such as Twitter, Reddit or Facebook can also be relevant while reviewing the project.

Clarity of token distribution

A reliable project will link its token distribution to the roadmap as every phase or milestone of the project requires some amount of funding.

Whitepaper Analysis

An investor must thoroughly read the whitepaper as it comprises of all the necessary information related to the ICO they are planning to invest in.

Quality of their code

A piece of well made code determines the attitude of the developer. The quality a developer can be assessed by analyzing some of their code.

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