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Launch your ICO - Initial Coin Offering

As a leading adopter of Blockchain Technology, Prolitus has become a channel for future ICOs that wish to sustain in the ICO ecosystem. Our team of experts provide businesses with consultation and solutions that can help them support their own ICOs, while integrating Blockchain into their business practices.

ICO Engagement Models

Complete ICO Management

This includes all the services and solutions covered under Technology, Legal and ICO Marketing as given below:

Core ICO Offerings

Our Technology Expertise

We draw on the extensive knowledge and experience in the cryptocurrency domain of our developers to provide our clients with necessary support in every aspect of Crypto market technology. So, whether it is about incorporation of Blockchain Technology, Token Creation, Smart Contract Structuring, Integration of Wallet or Tokenized Platform, we do it all.

TSP (Token Sale Platform)

  • Quick ICO Launch
    (in a day)

  • Ready and
    Automated TSP

  • ICO Website

  • Token Smart
    Contract Implementation

  • Contribution
    Process Flow

  • Payments in
    Crypto and Fiat

  • 25 Tier Promo

SMART CONTRACTS (Reliable Solution for Your Token Development)

  • ERC 20 Compliant

  • Token Issuance
    Smart Contract

  • Escrow Smart

  • Smart Contract
    Audit Services/Code
    Security Audit

  • Other ICO
    Smart Contracts

ICO Marketing Expertise

Team of marketing experts at Prolitus assist in positioning Blockchain platforms to promote their increased implementation through targeted branding efforts, media planning, content creation and distribution, along with a fully integrated marketing model. We help you reach your targeted niche, Crypto Market, by providing you with data driven strategy, as well as execution. We offer the following marketing services to promote your ICO:

  • ICO PR and

  • Multi-Channel
    Bounty Programs

  • Organic and paid Social
    Media Placement along with exposure on platforms like Reddit, Telegram, Steemit, Merkel, Medium, Bitcointalk, and many more. More

  • ICO Listings

  • Crypto Events

  • ICO Digital Marketing

  • Community Outreach
    and Engagement

  • Reputation
    Management through
    relevant SEO tools

Specific Services

You can select from the given list of services and solutions that you would like to engage for.

ICO Website:
For Token sales, an ICO requires a visually appealing website that can communicate your message to ICO contributors. Expert web developers at Prolitus have the dexterity to develop a website with compelling Design, Graphic Assets, Dates, Team, Product Overview and more.

Whitepaper Consulting:
Whitepapers are the fundamentals of every Crypto and ICO project, as they present the utility, as well as the validity of the platforms. Our team of experts draft significant and all-inclusive Whitepapers that explain the platforms comprehensively.

ICO Smart Contract:
At Prolitus, we provide Smart Contract Development Services. We help our clients launch their ICO projects by developing highly secure Smart Contracts as per their customized requirements.

Legal and Compliance:
We are a licensed Escrow service provider for ICOs. We provide comprehensive legal services to meet the specified goals of our Clients.

ICO Marketing:
From Bounty Management and Contributor Outreach to PR Advertising and Community Building, our marketing experts can help you devise marketing strategies for Initial Coin Offerings. These tactics can provide expert business support at different stages of ICO implementation.

Bounty Management:
We reward the community through our effective Bounty Management campaigns of protocol analysis and marketing.

Contributor Outreach:
We ensure active outreach to the most relevant contributors within our network with exposure on platforms like LinkedIn, Bitcointalk, and many more.

PR and Crypto Advertising:
We ensure maximum exposure to your business by connecting with network partners from mainstream to Crypto media.

Why from Prolitus?

At Prolitus, we offer end-to-end solutions for clients looking to raise funds in Digital Capital Market and for creating new business models through Token launch or ICO. Today, clients seek the best in terms of industry insights, experience and network from their partners. Prolitus offers a complete suite of strategic advisory services that can help clients maximize the value to their stakeholders. From Smart Contract Development, Legal and Compliance Advisory, creating Whitepapers to Marketing and Branding of Tokens, we do it all.


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