Odoo Suit

Manage Your Employees Better with Centralize HR Information

Overview critical information for each department, restrict visibility of sensitive information to specific HR managers. Receive alerts for different requests made employees such as leaves and more.


Odoo Suit

Hire for Vacant Positions

Promote your job listings by setting up a job board. Keep track of submitted applications and keep a record of every applicant including their skills and profiles with indexed documents. Eliminate the need for outsourcing recruitment and manage everything internally with a professional layout.


Odoo Suit

All your Employee Expenses in One Place

Validate or refuse expenses submitted including office supplies, travel expenses, etc., through a single dashboard, with a single click. Eliminate the need to buy a specialize software to keep expense records.


Odoo Suit

Evaluate your Employees Periodically

Motivate employees and keep the spirit high in your company by doing periodical evaluations of performance. Manage appraisal status and upcoming appraisals in a unified dashboard. You can also take printouts of the answers given by the employee.


Odoo Suit

Manage your Vehicles, Contracts, Costs, Insurances and Assignments

Eliminate the need for any specialized tracking system for vehicles by managing everything through Odoo’s user-friendly administrative system with a few simple clicks.

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