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Why Choose Prolitus for Odoo Consultancy?

Designing an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is a complex task which involves numerous steps. It involves a deep understanding of all business process in the company.

An Odoo consultant needs to understand how exactly the organization works to achieve its goals. No matter you are SME or a large organization, ERP implementation involves processing of tons of information.

With a deep understanding of Odoo modules and extensive experience of working with different clients of various industries, Prolitus Odoo Consultants simplify this task for you.


Here is How Prolitus Provides Odoo Consulting:

Analysis of Business Process

To start with, we analyze your business completely to gain a clear picture of what is require to automate processes.

Recommendation for Improving Processes

We recommend some critical points which can improve your business process and enhance productivity.

Quality Analysis

After the initial phase, it is the endeavor of our quality engineers to sure that quality is maintained throughout the consultation process.

Implementation Approach

We collaborate completely with client’s team to take input on the processes which should be prioritized during implementation and plan the whole implementation process.


Odoo based ERP Solution Implementation

Why Choose Prolitus for Odoo Implementation?

The intent of any business for implementing ERP is to transform its business processes. With right implementation, a business enhances productivity, speed up processes and save cost.

Prolitus has the right kind of talent which can handle end-to-end Odoo ERP implementation with ease.


For ensuring successful and effective Odoo implementation, we follow these steps:

Problem Analysis

For effective implementation, it should be clear that what is the current situation of the organization and what it wants to achieve from ERP implementation. We analyze the pain areas of your organization and then pinpoint them with the right solutions.

Agile Methodology

Our team responds to unforeseen hurdles in implementation with robust and scalable solutions. Our methodology is flexible and can be improvised based on the feedback received at each step of implementation.

Project Planning

In this phase, we clearly outline project activities and the end result which we intend to accomplish.

Business Modelling

We assess your business model and improvise the ERP solution to work according to your business model.

Solution Design

Our goal is to give you an ERP solution that can be used by your employees to streamline their day-to-day tasks.

Successful Set-Up

After adhering to each step, we successfully deploy Odoo based ERP solution.

Training & Support

Training & Support for Using & Troubleshooting Odoo based Solutions

Why Choose Prolitus for Odoo Training & Support?

It’s human tendency to resist change. Since their old ways of processing information are going to change, your employees might find it difficult to adapt to the new ERP system. To counter these resistances, Prolitus provide best in class Odoo training, so your employees can perform their routine activities utilizing the ERP solution with ease.

Our training modules are one of the best in the industry. However, there still be some cases where you will be supported troubleshoot and debug errors. This is where our pro-active and responsiveness support services come in.


The different Odoo ERP training which Prolitus provides can be as categorize as follows:

Functional Training

To impart the knowledge to your employees on exactly how Odoo platform works and is targeted to majorly to people involved marketing.

Technical Training

We don’t want you to always call us for help. Technical training is for IT department of your organization and delivers advanced information on Odoo, so your IT department is knowledgeable enough to solve the minor queries of other employees by themselves.

Administration Training

Administration department is the one which needs to keep a check on all the processes. We ensure that the people in your administration can carry out their duties with the breeze, utilizing the Odoo software.

End User Training

Apart from the users mentioned earlier, there would be some end users, i.e. customers/partners that would also require some know how to feel comfortable with the software and are taken care of by providing end user training.

User Guide/Manual

A comprehensive document which covers each and every aspect of Odoo software which can be referred post-training sessions.

Prolitus support package contains a comprehensive list of services, and we are available to assist you in every way possible.

Our support package includes these:

  • Technical support
  • Functional support
  • Configuration support
  • Scheduled Maintenance

We can be reached through:

  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • Ticketing System
  • Email

On-site support is also available as per the need basis.

Customization & Development

Customization and Development of Odoo based Solution

Why Choose Prolitus for Odoo Customization & Development?

Odoo is a comprehensive business suite, and its different modules offer almost all the functionalities which a customer can ask. But still, there can be some functions that you would require to be executed the way you like. Every business has its unique set of problems, and without right customization, you might compromise on Odoo’s functionality.

A team of developers at Prolitus make sure the solution is customized as per the need of your business. The customized Odoo solution developed by Prolitus will surely enhance employee productivity and efficiency.


Prolitus customized Odoo based solution development approach can summarize as follows:

GAP Analysis

We analyze the gaps between the out-of-box functionality offered by Odoo and your expectation from the solutions and then do the customization as per your business needs.

Process Mapping

By creating a complete process map of your business, our developers can quickly identify the problems and tweak Odoo to address them efficiently.

Clean Code

During customization process, we keep in mind the future scenarios. Our code is robust, scalable and clean, designed to handle future requirements.

Cost Effectiveness

We understand that implementing an ERP solution is a big step for an organization and the cost involved is considerable. Thus we strive to deliver the best solution at the right cost; you can get best ROI from the implementation of customized Odoo solution developed by Prolitus.

System Migration

Migration from Existing ERP

Why Choose Prolitus for ERP Migration?

Odoo is open source business suite that offers a variety of modules including ERP. Considering the cost-effectiveness that Odoo offers, you would want to migrate to Odoo.

But the big question? What about the ‘DATA.' Prolitus experts can handle migration from any ERP system to Odoo. We can take good care of your data and make sure that none of it get lost in transition.


These are few practices which we follow to ensure data integrity:

Structured Approach

Instead of doing randomly, we migrate data step by step, keeping in mind your business priorities. We make best efforts that migration is done in minimum downtime possible to minimize the loss to your business.

Analyze the Existing ERP

The first and most important step is to analyze the data and how it is being processed by existing ERP system. After getting a thorough understanding of how existing ERP works move to the next step, data extraction.

Extraction of Data from Existing ERP

We extract data into a different location using 3rd party software. Once done, we ensure that the data is extracted without any errors.

Data Cleaning & Field Mapping

In the process of extraction, some erroneous information might get into the system. For ensuring data integrity, we perform data cleansing process. After data cleansing, we map fields of old data to the data migrated.

Third Party Integration

Integrating Third Party Applications with Odoo

Why Choose Prolitus for Third Party Integration with Odoo?

ERP is a kind of software that needs seamlessly to exchange information with third party application. Thus it is a necessity to integrate third party apps with Odoo based solution effectively.

Prolitus specialize in integrating third party devices such as electronic manufacturing machinery, POS devices, Scanners, Biometric devices, etc. with ERP solution based on Odoo. Our other specialty is to Integrate Odoo software with latest technologies like Blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things).

Our developers have a strong experience in open source ERP integration. We follow these steps while in the integration process:


Object Identification

The object identification is made using internal business model knowledge and tools. We also analyze both system object structures for better understanding.

Flow Validation

In Flow Validation process, we make sure that everything works fine by doing quality tests.

Field Mapping and Testing

During the integration process, we ensure data integrity by mapping data fields and perform scenario-based testing for handling all possible scenarios in the both the software.

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