Odoo Suit

Organize, Schedule, Plan, Analyze

Odoo lets you easily group tasks with a simple drag-and-drop view. You can easily check your team's planning and plan schedules to meet your deadlines. Keep track of deadlines and progress of individual tasks.


Odoo Suit

Decrease Process Time, Enhance Performance

Utilize smart double entry inventory system to organize your warehouse better. Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations.


Odoo Suit

Automate Purchasing Process

Define procurement rules based on your stock levels, sales orders, manufacturing orders, logistics to improve your purchase and inventory performance. Based on your manufacturing and delivery strategies, choose different replenishment methods.


Odoo Suit

Manufacturing Resource Planning, Maintenance, Quality and PLC, All in One Place!

Odoo lets you fully integrate MRP, Maintenance, Quality and PLC. You can do accurate planning based on real-time manufacturing info captured with workforce control panel. Out-of-the-box Barcode functionality speed up operations and lets you track product at every step of manufacturing.

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