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Prolitus - An Official Odoo Partner

A Customer Focused Company, Recognized by Odoo.

Prolitus Technologies has been recognized by the Odoo for the many cost-effective ERP solutions it has delivered in a short span of time. It has been listed as Partner on Odoo’s official website.

This recognition will serve as a testimonial to Prolitus commitment in developing robust, scalable, flexible and business specific solutions. The company has built an exceptional team of 200+ developers and consultants, that are capable of working with clients from different regions and countries.

The goal of the Prolitus is not to just implement Odoo, but to provide a complete business solution. If required, Prolitus can integrate Odoo with third party software and devices, even with the Blockchain Technology.

With the launch of the enterprise version of Odoo and the new modules like PLM, Quality Management, Help Desk, Studio, etc., even the large enterprises are thinking of Implementing Odoo based ERP solution to get better ROIs. Prolitus see an opportunity in this scenario and wants to tap it by providing cost-effective services.

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