Restaurant Delivery Management App

2 Minutes and a Biker

Care for a faster delivery mechanism in your business? Appoint riders in no time for lightning deliveries.

A Customized Dashboard

We bring an efficient logistic management solution for the businesses. Automate your entire process to run and track logistics smoothly.

Monitoring Bikers

Tracking riders on real-time basis to ensure timely deliveries.

Seamless Value for Everyone

online grocery portal prolitus

Bikers Joy

Bikers enjoy enabling/disabling availability, Uninterrupted& easy navigation, editing personal information and tracking payments.

online grocery portal prolitus

Business Owners Need

Business owner’s requests admin and assign order in lesser time.

online grocery portal prolitus

Admin’s Authority

Admin controls the entire operation, manage users, and track bikers to ensure deliveries.

Resulted in a Valuable Product

A superior product that brings enables an effectual logistics management, which ultimately evolves the business, and brings value in form of faster deliveries for customers.

Why Choose Prolitus?

Are you ready to delight your customers with timely deliveries? Be their first choice for ordering food.
To know more, contact us.

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