A True Definition of
Robotic Process

Just like human beings, these robots make use of the user interface for gathering data and interacting with applications to perform high-volume, tedious, monotonous and manual tasks. This helps businesses to shift their focus on more strategic and revenue-generating activities.

Industries Served

Tailored Solution for Every Industry Needs

Implementation of RPA brings a saving of around 25-50% in the overall costs along with Informed decision making, Higher adaptability towards changes and more.

Intelligent Automation – RPA can offer 40%-80% reduction on processing time & 80%-90% improvement in operational risk management.

RPA can revolutionize the healthcare industry, saving time, energy, costs, and ultimately improving patient care, which is where it’s true value lies.

According to ISG study, RPA is permitting a 43% reduction in essential resources for order-to-cash procedures, 32% for vendor management and 34% for invoice processing.

RPA in BPO is garnering a lot of attention because of its pivotal role in streamlining and expediting processes and addressing the major challenge that the BPO industry faces today, labor arbitrage.

Retail is ever-evolving with a seismic paradigm shift from the brick-and-mortar model to the E-tailing boom in the past decade.

The growth of telecom market had been a strong performer in the past 20 years but now it has started deteriorating with a drastic decline in revenues.

Benefits of Robotics Process Automation


Since, software robots are programmed to perform specific activities, the chances of making mistakes or errors is reduced considerably.

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RPA bots besides executing the instructions just the way they have been programmed to do also leave an audit trail history for every step.

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Since, processes are completed at unprecedented speed, employees are relieved from unnecessary work pressure.

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Since, manual and repetitive activities are carried out by bots without any human intervention, operational costs are reduced

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Besides running the processes smoothly, a robotic software can be used to gather workflow metrics for analyzing how these data interfaces, processes can be optimised

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When a software robot is configured to automate a process, its configuration can be replicated to influence the capacity

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Our RPA Services

RPA Consulting

  • Process Identification
  • Productivity & FTE Optimization Approach
  • RPA & OCR Tools Identification
  • Automation PoCs

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Automation Design

  • Mapping Manual Processes to Automation
  • Productivity & FTE Optimization Approach
  • RPA & OCR Tools Identification
  • Automation PoCs

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RPA Implementation

  • Mapping Manual Processes to Automation
  • Productivity & FTE Optimization Approach
  • RPA & OCR Tools Identification
  • Automation PoCs

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Automation Support

  • Bot Management
  • Failure, Disaster Recovery and Risk Management
  • Opportunity Discovery and Management
  • Automation PoCs

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Key RPA Platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can sit with your team and identify the processes where Robotic Process Automation can be used to automate workflows, infrastructures, back office and front office process which are labor intensive.

Based on the requirements and process for automation, we will suggest the right tool and platform.

It will reduce the rate of human errors, improve the internal process, save the full time equivalent human hours and significantly reduce the costs.

Yes, we do provide support once bot is deployed.

Use Cases In Banking:

  1. Customer on-boarding, verifying customer details to account and loan inquiry
  2. Automated Accounts Payable and Closure Processes
  3. Enabling KYC And Compliance In Banks

Use Cases In Insurance

  1. Processing Claims
  2. Form Registration Process

Use Cases In Healthcare Industries

  1. Savings on Human Workforce
  2. Healthcare personnel can now tackle the large volume of patients, especially in providing individual care and attention.
  3. Maintaining medical records of patients, entry processing, claim processing, etc

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