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An Open Source Platform to Create Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are self-executing codes that give you the security of Blockchain Technology and empowers you to store your contract terms in digital format securely. Smart Contracts are immutable and get automatically executed when exposed to a trigger event (certain kind of data input).

In a Global economy, businesses need to trade with international partners, out of which some can be unknown to them. As fraudulent activities are on the rise, it is difficult to trust an unknown entity. Nonetheless, it is always better to secure yourself from unforeseen circumstances and be on the safer side. Smart Contracts address these concerns and provide security when dealing with unknown entities, domestic or international.

However developing and designing a Smart Contract via coding from scratch can be a cumbersome task and requires a considerable amount of effort & resources.


Originally, Ethereum was designed as a Smart Contract Platform. Ethereum Smart Contract runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). In a way, EVM is globally distributed platform...


Hyperledger is a Blockchain fabric that allows for compliance with regulations. It supports varied requirements that arise when competing business work together in the same...

How Prolitus Open Source Platform Serves You?

Prolitus Open Source Solution - Sofosmart is a do-it-yourself Smart Contracts Development Platform. You can utilize our platform to create Smart Contracts as per your business requirement, without the need for coding.

Salient Features:

  • Based on Prolitus own Blockchain Framework. Better than Ethereum and Hyperlegder based Smart Contracts.
  • Many custom made templates to choose from for your Smart Contracts.
  • No need to install external tools or software to run Smart Contracts.
  • Save and deploy your Smart Contracts from wherever you are.


Prolitus framework allows for scalability to match the needs of the Smart Contract as necessary.

Available Anywhere

Sofosmart enables you to log in from anywhere and effortlessly pull up your Smart Contract drafts.

Easy Deployement

Execute Smart Contracts in less time without the hassle and complexity of setting up and maintaining the network requirements.

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