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Leverage our trustworthy and well-standardized, feature-rich tokenization platform development services to thrive as an eccentric global enterprise. We provide feature-rich tokenization solutions for blockchain asset digitization and liquidation. With our enterprise-level tokenized services and solutions, we can help your company grow.

Stepping Into The Era of Asset-Backed Tokenization

Asset-backed tokenization lets you convert physical assets into digital tokens and trade them over exchanges. Blockchain can help you manage the transfer of ownership efficiently and eliminate dependence on a centralized finance entity.

Prolitus has been leading this new wave of tokenomics and has worked with big fintech companies, helping them tokenize their assets effortlessly. In addition, our team of experts has a knack for building blockchain products and anything that simplifies users' life.

However, tokenizing assets in a traditional setting takes work. This is because they require enterprise-grade infrastructure, and the makers also have to deal with regulatory uncertainties. Besides, the absence of standards and codes of conduct further complicates the process.

But, with blockchain, you can create an economic environment where all stakeholders hold complete authority over their assets. Thus, putting even underutilized and illiquid assets to good use.

Besides, tokenization can also help institutions automate KYC and investor verification combined with seamless liquidation of assets. These processes are scalable, but they also help eliminate risks.

Prolitus helps you combat all these issues with strategic consulting and top-notch development practices. As a result, we have empowered several businesses to step into newer markets, explore their potential, and collaborate with potential customers.

With an enhanced focus on eliminating cybercrime, our processes are at par with the fast pace of the tokenized economy.

We have built a vast portfolio of asset-backed tokens across the non-fungible, tangible, and non-fungible. By building frictionless experiences over blockchain, we create intuitive experiences for investors that last a lifetime.

Our Asset Tokenized Offerings

Whether physical or digital, it is easy to tokenize any asset using Prolitus' tokenization platform services. We have helped multiple businesses explore new avenues with asset tokenization. Besides, we also provide consulting for all fungible and non-fungible assets. Some of our offerings include:

Real Estate Tokenization

Tokenize real estate assets to let investors access and purchase them across the globe.

Commodity Tokenization

Tokenize your art pieces and 10x your capabilities to scale your business strategy and needs.

Document Tokenization

Unlock the opportunity to tokenize venture capital funds and get access to better fundraising opportunities

Utility Assets Tokenization

Easily convert illiquid assets into tokens, increase their trading margins, and convert them into cash without any loss in value.

Metal Assets Tokenization

Back your tokens with precious metals like gold, silver, and collectible cars to get more investors on board.

Security Tokens

Explore the world of commodities by tokenizing assets of renewable energy.

Benefits of Digital Asset Tokenization

Enjoy High liquidity

Get the opportunity to trade illiquid assets in secondary markets. Blockchains facilitate the transfer of ownership in tandem with compliance rules set by smart contracts.

Faster Transactions

Automation of smart contracts eliminates the need for manual validation. This will expedite the transaction cycle faster while making it more secure. Besides, high throughput rates let you fasten contracts at extremely low fees.

Partial Ownership

Investors can choose to purchase a part of the tokenized asset. Tokenization makes the asset suitable for trading purposes and empowers them to enter the market. Thus, paving the way for a more democratic system where anyone can sign up and purchase.

Diversify Assets

With a diverse pool of assets, investors can trade multiple assets and purchase assets that they could not afford previously.

We create tokenized assets that help you get better ROIs and diversify your investment portfolio.

3 Types of Tokens Used in Asset Tokenization

Here are some of the token types used in blockchain.

Tangible tokens

Tangible tokens have a specific monetary value attached to them and are available in physical form.

Fungible tokens

Fungible tokens are digital assets that have equal value. This simply means that one ETH is equal to one ETH and can be exchanged with the same only

Non-fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens don’t have a specific value attached to them and are also not interchangeable.

Why Choose Prolitus for Your Asset Tokenization Services?

Mission-driven Services

We help you fulfill your mission and objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

Technology-Driven Solutions

We thrive on blockchain development and leverage the latest tools to build the best-tokenized assets.

Accelerated Marketing Initiatives

With a detailed roadmap and flexible approach to work, we deliver top-notch products and market them to build a solid trust among audiences.

Reduced Development Cost

We make the right use of automation and cut down on manual processes to reduce development costs.

24/7 Query Resolution

Our customer support team works round the clock to ensure that not even a minor glitch bothers you.


Frequently Asked Questions
Asset tokenization platforms help you tokenize assets. You can easily convert assets like real estate, stocks, bonds, etc., with the help of blockchain-based tokenization platform services.
Tokenization lets you create smooth payment solutions, guarantee customer satisfaction, reduce risk from data breaches, minimize red tapes, and achieve 360-degree visibility.
Tokenization converts an asset into a digital token. The finance industry implemented some forms of tokenization to safeguard client information in the 1970s.
Tokenization is done using a database known as a token vault. These vaults record the relationship between the value and the token. So, the token value can be used instead rather than giving out the complete data
Unlike encryption, tokenization cannot be reversed because it does not alter the original data.
Your billing information needs to go through detokenization and retokenization processes when you tokenize assets. This is done to protect data. However, not all payment processors support tokenization.
Tokenization doesn’t secure information via a breakable algorithm; instead, it replaces sensitive data with random codes. Since the original information is not stored in the token, it is not possible to reverse it.


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