Accept Blockchain Payments

With our built-in integrations, we help businesses accept payment in all major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ether and more for seamless, risk-free transaction that too at nominal transaction fees.


Provide Secure Storage

We design and develop crypto wallet for users looking to manage their Blockchain finances in a secure way. This easy to use and secure application helps in holding, receiving and spending cryptocurrencies.


API Plugins

We develop fully customizable API for automating the payments process. Besides payments, API plugins developed by us can be leveraged for managing non-payment functionalities.

Payment Features

GAP600 Instant Confirmations

We support solution devised by GAP600 for assessing risk in real-time while confirming transactions instantly.

Air Drops

Air drops provide a great method of earning via cryptocurrencies. At Prolitus, we help distribution of new tokens or coins to our existing holders of cryptocurrencies.


Vaults are special accounts that keep your digital assets secure. At Prolitus, we build vaults that locks down your coin securely by allowing users to set a time frame before spending them.

Mobile Apps

We develop Android and iOS based mobile apps that allow users to access their account, accept payments or even convert their digital money anywhere and at any point of time.

Fiat Settlement

We develop and help businesses with integration of payment gateways to their website for accepting payments in any cryptocurrency and also in Fiat.

Point of Sale (POS)

With a simple POS interface in place, users can accept in-person transaction.


Accept cryptocurrencies for Your Business

Payment solution offered by us helps businesses accept payment in form of cryptocurrency from their clients and customers. Also, you can receive quick settlement of your digital money (bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency) to any fiat currency that too directly in your bank account.

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