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Leverage the power of multiple networks with products developed on Polkadot blockchain

Leverage The Power of Polkadot Blockchain

We at Prolitus believe in the prowess of blockchain and utilize a cross-chain network environment to achieve high transaction throughout without fail. With multiple developmental experts across the Polkadot blockchain network, we help you transfer information with ease and make the best of applications. Besides, you can also transfer data between private and public blockchains seamlessly.

But why are Polkadot blockchain development services on an all-time high?

As DeFi is on exponential growth, Polkadot will act as a key differentiator in the blockchain networks and make way for smooth communication. All other blockchains will soon follow the trend.

Prolitus is a leading blockchain consulting firm and has 1000+ customers across industries. Having performed 100+ blockchain implementations, Polkadot was something that had to be experimented with and focussed on.

Polkadot’s improvised transaction rates and smart contracting functionalities will soon position it among the top 3 blockchain networks in the world.

Features of Polkadot Blockchain Development Services Platform

Polkadot aims to cover the gaps prevailing in the blockchain industry as a whole. Every blockchain works on specific features and use cases in the current scenario.

Seamless Interoperability

Few blockchain solutions facilitate token transfer from one chain to another. However, the Polkadot blockchain lets you conduct cross-blockchain transfers across all data and assets.

Transactional Scalability

Polkadot lets validators establish an intuitive and secure database across multiple blockchains. This, in turn, facilitates transactions across multiple parallel blockchains and helps businesses gain transactional scalability.

Superlative Innovation

We create custom blockchains using the substrate framework. It gets very easy to connect chains, achieve interoperability, and stay 100% secure from day one.

Future-Proof Applications

From normal applications to the blockchain, everything needs upgrades and bug-fixing. This is why blockchain forking is done to add new features and fix bugs in the blockchain. Luckily, Polkadot is a future-ready protocol that needs not upgrade itself in alignment with new technologies.

Enhanced Security

Polkadot lets chains interact with each other but is also independent in their governance. However, their security is united and improves the chains’ overall security.

User-driven Network Governance

All stakeholders have a say over the Polkadot network. So, all upgrades are coordinated on the Polkadot platform and enacted automatically.

Polkadot Blockchain Development Services offered by Prolitus

Smart Contract Development

We develop cross-chain compatible smart contracts that let you operate across multi-chains.

NFT Marketplaces

We make NFT trading feasible across blockchain networks, and we even build cross-chain functionalities in NFT marketplaces.

DApps Development

We build interoperable dApps that offer seamless cross-chain compatibility. With these features, even a private application based on the blockchain can run a public blockchain.

Exchange Platform

We build cross-chain abilities across DeFi exchange platforms and support the seamless exchange of tokens and crypto-assets on all blockchains.

Parachain Development

We also develop parachains in Kusama to test different ideas before they are deployed on Polkadot. The former is also known as the cousin of Polkadot and has been created to test the network’s technology in the real world.

Wallet and Node Development

We can help you build, develop and run nodes on Polkadot. Besides, we can also build customized wallets to support transactions and blockchain applications.

We are a Polkadot blockchain development company that keeps customers at the forefront and strives to raise the bar with each product.

Main Components of the Polkadot Blockchain

Relay Chain

Relay chain forms the core of the Polkadot network and is responsible for consensus, shared security, and cross-chain interoperability.


Parachains consist of all the heterogeneous blockchains connected to Polkadot. These chains have their own tokens, separate functions, and even use cases.


While similar to parachains, these abide by the pay-as-you-go model. Besides, they don’t need to stay connected to the network continuously.


Bridges let you connect parathreads and parachains with external networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Our Blockchain Portfolio

AXIA Global

AXIA offers a blockchain-based digital ecosystem without restrictions and rewards hyper-deflationary currency users. AXIA aims to create a digital currency and a transparent, equitable, productive, and fruitful economic system for all parties involved.

Phaeton Network

Phaeton builds sustainable communities with blockchain. Phaeton's business strategy differs from rivals'. Instead of waiting for new businesses to adopt Phaeton Blockchain, the company offers a collaborative working environment to develop and guide Blockchain startups to independence.


Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, Polkadot comprises a network of blockchains called parathreads and parachains. Both, are secured by the Polkadot Relay Chain. You can also choose to connect your Polkadot application with external networks via bridges.
Polkadot mainnet has its implementations in multiple programming languages from JavaScript to Rust. The main implementation has been built in Rust using the Substrate framework.
Polkadot lets you process multiple transactions on chains in parallel. This, in turn, improves scalability to a great extent.
Polkadot supports a wide range of blockchains and makes communication seamless. So, this solves the issue of interoperability. Moreover, it also provides a framework for building blockchains.
While the Polkadot blockchain cannot support smart contracts, its parachains can support them easily.
Polkadot is a fast-paced ecosystem that facilitates cross-chain communication within its parachains. So, you can easily build DeFi apps on Polkadot. You can also build dApps on substrate-based chains and even deploy smart contracts.


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