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Help us guide you through the basics of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with the help of professional solutions and prowess in finance.

As a Decentralized Finance development company, our aim is not just to guide you through the whole financial process, but to help you be a part of the industrial financial revolution. And that can only be achieved with professional finance solutions. At Prolitus, we guarantee transparency in what we do, and getting you onboard with Decentralized Finance is what we’re aiming for!

DeFi Development

One of the biggest disruptors in today’s financial system is Decentralized finance development thanks to the improved and easy access to financial functions – that too major ones – like trading, lending, borrowing and risk management without the actual need of a central authority. The idea with Decentralized Finance is to promote finance without banks or to serve millions of unbanked people across the world. Therefore, it is also termed Open Finance. With the help of Smart Contracts, the financial processes have actually become even more efficient than before, adding to the benefits of Decentralized Finance.

And the most prominent benefit of Decentralized Finance is, of course, obliterating the need of intermediaries. This ensures high transparency in transactions along with a sense of security, which wouldn’t have been the case alongside a mediator. With the use of respective keys, users have high control over their transactions. These transactions are then tamper-free and immutable. As a DeFi development company, Prolitus is glad to guide you through the whole process and working of Decentralized Finance. We have all the DeFi development services an average Joe would require, and then some. We have a proven record of serving the most comprehensive DeFi solutions across the industry, thanks to the years of experience our skilled team brings to the table. On that note, our team has expertise in blockchain protocols, non-fungible tokens development, wallet integration, smart contract development, et al. We’re all about accelerating your business with the help of effective DeFi development services and our proven record of working with numerous clients over the past years is a testament to the same.

DeFi Development Services

To deliver a varied quality of services by developing a set of platforms involving Decentralized Finance development services that further contribute to the improved economic status along with enhanced exposure to Decentralized finance and cryptocurrency domains.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Typically, there’s the need for a central authority to monitor transactions. However, with the help of our financial phenomenon, there’s no need for a central authority to monitor any transactions when in respect to the developed DeFi platform. This is what we call Decentralized Exchange Development.

DeFi Staking Development

DeFi staking involves earning passive income thanks to a mechanism employed to work through supported wallets or exchanges wherein crypto assets will be staked. The overall rewards for the same shall be calculated on the basis of the network issuance rate, staking duration, inflation rate, and the quantity of staked assets.

DeFi Yield Farming Development

Yield Farming is a process in which one can use his/her existing holding of cryptos to earn back more cryptocurrencies. Playing a crucial role in the whole process of Yield Farming are hence the Liquidity providers. These providers stake their assets in liquidity pools in order to facilitate crypto trading forming a market.

DeFi Borrowing/ Lending Platform Development

The whole idea behind Decentralized Finance is to obliterate the need for an intermediatory. Therefore, our Borrowing/Lending Platform Development process constitutes making a platform for banking services allowing the comfort and ease of lending and borrowing of crypto without actually compromising on safety.

DeFi DApp Development

To mainly avoid the risk of a central point of failure, we implement DeFi DApp development as it plays a crucial role in this process. Thanks to the absence of a central authority, these are extremely safe and secure as opposed to centralized applications.

DeFi Wallet Development

A crucial part of the whole DeFi ecosystem, DeFi wallets allow the traders to keep a tab on their funds without the interference of a third-party in the midst. Our DeFi Wallet Development services ensure nothing less than a supreme security experience. Moreover, our system ensures private keys are supplied to every user to ensure optimum safety of the content of the wallet.

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Advantages of Decentralized Finance Development

There are some key features of Decentralized Finance systems that make them readily developable owing to these features that affect their priority and preference over other financial entities that are already in existence.

Cross-Chain Compliance

Cross-Chain Compliance is basically implemented in the DeFi development allowing the users to bridge assets and access them from several other chains, which ensures the users can easily have the potential to outperform their counterparts.

Versatile Accessibility

As it suggests, the DeFi development enables greater accessibility to the digital assets confined within various entities enabling improved token utility and overall usability. It also further improves the overall scalability of the platform.


The sole proprietorship of the finances, courtesy of the DeFi development services, is handed over to the ready participants. After all, Decentralized Finances work as direct acts in order to keep a tab on the transactions associated with their monetization.

Un-Concealed Transactions

There are no chances of security risks and unintended intruders associated with the transaction or assets ending up in the process as the transactions aided through Decentralized Finance development services are as transparent as they come.

Business Beyond Borders

Decentralized Finances have the capacity to take the business beyond borders without any hindrances in the midst. This is, for those unaware, in accordance with taking the Cryptos to a Go Global mode of trading elevating the financial status.

Definite digitalization

From taking finances in the air to making them not require a central authority as an intermediatory, Decentralized Finances, in recent years, have become the representation of Digitization taking the whole process to a whole new level.

What should be the reason to pick Prolitus for DeFi Development Services & Solutions over the competition?

With an aim to serve clients all across the globe with its class-leading services, Prolitus is the one-stop destination for the best-decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. The years of experience along with a guaranteed client satisfaction showcases our passion along with integrity, quality, and the authenticity of both our work and the organization.

Years of experience in the decentralized platform development

Crypto experts always working on their toes to deliver tasks efficiently

Numerous Blockchain developers

Expertise in building up a DeFi ecosystem

Timely delivery

Exclusive collaboration with the internal team for the client

Immutable Distributed Ledger

Technical Support even after-sale

Decentralized Finance Development Services on Several Blockchains

As per the overall requirement of the participants, we, at Prolitus, have developed various Decentralized Finance platforms over the years to perfectly execute that requirement with a quality service. There are different chains in which the service is executed, and these chains are sought by several users for a multitude of reasons including transaction speed, taking a part fee, ardent quality solving and response, and sequential updates that are in relation to the requirements of the market. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and Polkadot are some of the chains that we readily design and develop on Decentralized Finance platforms.

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Our DeFi Portfolio

Social Swap

Socialswap aims to provide a comprehensive decentralized financial service – DEX (Swap), Staking and Liquidity pool using native currencies of the ecosystem – SocialSwapToken (SST), a Tron based token that governs the activities on the platform.


Milkshakeswap Finance is a hard fork of pancakeswap. It's a community-driven project where users can Swap, Trade, and participate in the Flavour pool. It is a pilot project aimed at controlling inflation and offering rewards. In addition, users can earn MILK tokens by referring their family, friends, and relatives.


Frequently Asked Questions
By combining the aspects of finance and technology together in a Blockchain network, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is offered. It is aimed at improving access by acting as an effortless alternative to conventional financial services. It is open-sourced as well. The overall automation of operations takes place in DeFi without a central authority.
There are a number of benefits of using Decentralized Finance. At a much affordable rate as compared to standard transactions, it ensures the speedy processing of transactions. There’s also the matter of Complete Automation without the need of an intermediatory ensuring high anonymity.
Not only Decentralized exchange allows for users to have better control over their data and funds, but also it ensures a higher level of security while at it.
Thanks to the combination of making use of Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, there’s transparency and also the system becomes non-hackable.
Since there is no central authority in the midst and tons of security as a benefit, the transaction fees are quite low.
Decentralized Finance applications facilitate the operation of financial services on a decentralized platform. Some of these are Compound, MakerDAO, and UniSwap.
Safety is the first priority here and is totally ensured for the users thanks to the use of distributed ledger network. Thanks to private keys, users have complete control and authority over their funds.
It is practised in order to challenge the current status quo of centralization. While they are simple and easy to access for the users – with their private keys – the decentralized systems are highly complex for hackers to break through.
The overall level of participation of a user on the platform links the generation of revenue. The growth of the company and market capitalization shoot up the distribution of already value DeFi tokens.


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