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Hire Prolitus, a leading white-label cryptocurrency exchange development company, to create secure, adaptable, and simple-to-use white-label cryptocurrency exchange software for your company.

Our white label crypto exchange software helps you build a platform for trading cryptocurrencies that is fast, safe, and has cutting-edge security features and technology.

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

For those who may need to be made aware, all cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, etc., require exchanges for online trading. As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange development companies, we at Prolitus have developed an intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform allowing easy online trading of tokens in various forms like peer-to-peer or over-the-counter (OTC) since, after all, standard cryptocurrency wallets only allow transferring cryptocurrencies from point A to point B. Exchanges like Binance are making more than $5 billion in weekly trade volume, proving cryptocurrency exchange development platforms to be quite impactful and, therefore, one of the most successful and profitable business models. Of course, it requires huge expertise in enterprise architecture, security, wallet management, trading engine, and more to develop their cryptocurrency exchange software successfully. And besides that, it could also be costly and time-consuming.

And a straightforward solution for that is ProlitusX, our white-label crypto exchange software built by our in-house IT Architects, Domain experts, and Blockchain experts. Our cryptocurrency exchange software is highly customizable, meaning it comes with tailor-made themes, and, on top of that, it takes as low as two weeks to be executed. The white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is highly scalable with enterprise-level architecture, and it's also unbreakable thanks to military-grade security. Further, it performs very well, as it's made by one of the industry's best cryptocurrency exchange development companies, owing to the C-based matching engine. With a dedicated team of engineers, the white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform is continuously updated and supported for you to run your business efficiently.

Robust Platform, Unmatched Value

Our White label Cryptocurrency Exchange software has the following attributes:


Our Crypto Exchange software can scale from thousands of users to millions.


Use our readymade themes or get a fully customized theme for your exchange.


Our Cryptocurrency Exchange software has military grade security.

High Performance

With a C based trade engine, the Exchange features blazing performance.

Feature Rich

Our digital currency exchange software is highly feature rich with a lot of ready to use modules.

Time to Market

We help you go live in 2 weeks or less with default themes and features

Our Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

ProlitusX is highly optimized and secure digital currency exchange software for businesses looking for customizable white labeled Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Easy Funds Management

Use our integrated wallets and payment gateways to manage cryptocurrencies or Fiat currencies.

Basic and Advanced KYC

Inbuilt KYC module and 3rd party integration options

Analytical Dashboards

Analytical Dashboards and Reports with option to integrate with Data Analytics platforms

KYC wise Limits

Withdrawal restriction and deposit/withdrawal amount restriction based on KYC status

Email, SMS and 2FA

Integrated Email and SMS gateway, 2 FA support

Support Module

Inbuilt helpdesk module with 3rd party options like Zendesk

Reporting Module

Transactions, Account Activity, User Activity, AML Alerts, MIS, Revenue, Profits, etc

Multiple Order Types

Support for multiple order types - market order, limit orders, stop loss orders, etc

Admin Panel

User Management, Currency Activation, Trade Pairs Management, Platform Commission Management

Highly Configurable

Configurable email templates, notifications, master data, token pairs, etc

Affiliate Module

Manage Affiliates, commissions, reporting, etc

Liquidity Providers

Ready to go integrated Liquidity Providers

Security Feature of Our White Label Crypto Exchange

Our cryptocurrency exchange is powered with military grade security. In addition, we offer security monitoring both for network and application.

IP and Blacklist Tracking

Tracking of user activities based on IP and other variables to check suspicious activity; Checks against Blacklists.

2 Factor Authentication

Support for 2 FA including SMS, Google Authenticator for both users and administrators.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption using AES 256 for data in transit and data at rest; Secure PII data.

HSM based Key Management

Robust management of Encryption Keys and Private Keys using HSM; Cold Wallet Management; Blockchain based Security.

Prevent DOS/DDOS Attacks

Protect the Exchange from unauthorized and malicious traffic in large chunks to prevent non-availability and financial losses.

Network Security

Comprehensive Network security including Web Application Firewall, Server Hardening, Ports Management and 30+ other security checks.

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Process of Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Step 01

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Custom Theme Design

Step 02

Setup Default Exchange with out of box features

Step 03

Configurations and Customization

Step 04

Additional Tokens/Pairs Integration

Step 05

  • Security Audit
  • Server Setup

Step 06

  • Production Deployment
  • Training and Support

How We Help You to Launch Your Crypto Exchange Software

Liquidity Provider

Using our existing partnerships and ready integrations with Liquidity Providers

Security Audit

Using our internal security team as well as 3rd party security audits for system audits

KYC Integration

Using our inbuilt KYC/AML module as well as ready integrations with SumSub, Onfido etc

Cloud Hosting

Strong team of Cloud specialists for cloud deployment, secure server setup and monitoring

Fiat Payment Gateway

Using our existing partnerships and ready integrations with Fiat Gateways

Compliance & Regulations

Using our expert team for compliances and regulatory checks and support

Benefit of Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software Solutions

Our white-label crypto exchange development is the favored option for companies wishing to build their own cryptocurrency exchange due to several advantages.

Save development cost and time

Improve business agility

Improve the security of exchange

Faster time to launch in the market

Provide greater scalability

Better customer support

Why Should You Choose Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Our white-label cryptocurrency exchange software, Pro-X, offers a lot to ambitious crypto startups, blockchain entrepreneurs, and fans of digital currencies. A ready-to-launch product well equipped with pre-configured features and secured by top-notch military-grade service as per industry standards.

Pro-X will save you time and money in terms of development and deployment costs. Furthermore, the features are easy to integrate and tailor to your business requirements. Additionally, you do not need any high-end technical expertise, and our experts are available for 24-hour support if you need any help with customization.

Cost effective solution for crypto exchange

Quick and easy Deployment

Developed by Blockchain and DeFi Expert

Highly customizable to your business needs

Secured with military grade technology

A 24-hour post-project support

IEO Platform

Initial Exchange Offering or IEO has replaced ICOs to a large extent as it is a much safer and faster way to raise funds through crowdfunding. The existing Exchange infrastructure and user base is used to launch a new token offering where the existing users can invest using their wallets on the cryptocurrency exchange. One of the leading IEO platforms is Binance Launchpad on Binance Exchange. Now Coinbase is also launching IEO on its Exchange.

Issuer On-Boarding

The issuer can submit applications, manage launch of campaigns including token generation, smart contracts, reporting dashboard, wallet management, etc.

Investor Access

The existing Exchange users can sign in using existing credentials and invest in the issuer project, using the existing fund balance on exchange, and get tokens in their wallets.

KYC/AML Regulations

Manage restrictions based on geography or type of tokens using existing KYC/AML data on the Exchange. Option to get additional details for specific jurisdictions.

IEO Marketplace

A frontend Marketplace of IEOs where the investors can browse, search and analyse the issuers' projects. The investor also gets reviews, current status and social ranking.

Custom Tokens

Prolitus helps you generate custom tokens including ERC20 tokens in a user-friendly way. The generated tokens can be deployed in an automated way using our expert module.

Administrator Panel

A separate administrator panel with access controls for managing the IEOs. It includes issuer projects, investors, transactions, KYC/AML details, reporting, fund management, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions
With ProlitusX, our White Labelled Crypto Exchange Platform, you can plan a Go To Market in as early as 2 Weeks.
Prolitus has partnered with multiple Liquidity Providers and we can integrate the LP of which you choose from them for your platform. These Liquidity providers fulfil the need of matching the required orders.
Cryptocurrency Exchanges have always been a target of Hackers. To minimize this online threat, we have ensured that all the best practices are followed while building the product. Before delivery to the client, we conduct an inhouse rigorous Vulnerability assessment and also get it done by a third party after that. We also offer the service of a 24 Hour security Monitoring for our clients who wish to subscribe to the same.
Our clients can opt for a serviced model wherein we shall take care of hosting the platform on cloud server along with supporting the application and maintaining it against a monthly compensation. The client can also buy our application along with source code wherein they can deploy their in-house team to maintain the platform and host it on cloud server.
To minimize the vulnerability from threats, We have a couple of options to manage the crypto assets in Hot and Cold wallets which the client can choose after a discussion with technology team.
We have Out of the Box integration with 100+ token and coins. Our base package covers 5 Cryptos and 1 Fiat currency and the possible pairs can be managed out of these. Clients can opt for more tokens as per their requirement. We have a very efficient tool which the client can additionally opt for, wherein client can add unlimited number of crypto currencies themselves from the backend.
We have optimized the code which gives a very high performance, resulting into a throughput of 1 Million plus transactions, making ProlitusX the perfect platform for large transactions.
We have a feature of manually processing the KYC/AML of the users by Admin. Client can also opt for third party service providers who perform this function on behalf of our clients. We have partnerships with 3 such service providers. Client can opt for any one of them or any other service provider of their choice and we will integrate it with our platform.
ProlitusX is a highly customizable solution and can we can definitely add features and functions both on the user side and the admin section at additional pricing as per the requirement of client. We can provide a customized reporting module along with support of multiple languages as well.


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