NFT Platform Development for Games

The gaming industry consistently attempts to experiment with unique technologies and novel ideas. It has always tried to evolve with the rapidly shifting trends and changing times. Over the last few decades, several trends have revolutionized the way industry works and they have also contributed towards making it a highly popular space for game developers and players. In the last few years, trends have emerged and have shown immense potential to become the “next big thing” of the gaming world. One such trend that is going to change the way we play games and also develop them is the NFTs


What are NFTs?

For beginners, Non-Fungible Tokens or commonly referred to as NFTs are virtual tokens that can be owned by someone as a digital file. It serves as a certificate of ownership over digital items.The blockchain is a system of records that are updated regularly and cannot be changed. Hence it is impossible for anyone else to access the information recorded on the digital ledger, which includes all transactions since inception. So you can be rest assured about data security knowing your data remains private! In simple terms, it is secured data added to a digital work or a game and comes with a unique signature. With the gaming industry evolving as a favorite category in NFT marketplaces, artists are also exploring the digital asset marketplace. The platform facilitates unique features such as unlimited ownership of digital assets, unlimited trading and access to exclusive content for gamers who buy them on these sites. Arts, music, and games are some digital assets with huge potential for investments as well !

Revolutionizing the gaming experience with NFT

Digital gaming can benefit immensely from NFTs. Just as in the case of arts, when you purchase a digital work of art online, you receive an NFT serving as a certification of your ownership for that art, in the same way, NFTs can be applied for digital assets in gaming. You will receive an NFT that certifies that you own a character or a commodity in a game and the record of ownership is made on the blockchain. With the introduction of NFTs, players in a game can get complete ownership of the digital items they have bought in games. NFTs allow players to sell, trade, or even transfer the digital assets to others. Since there are a number of characters and commodities in gaming, rewarding through the NFTs can raise the overall gaming experience.

How does NFT Game development work and its benefits?

Ownership accorded to the users: Before the introduction of NFTs, the gaming companies designed games wherein they had all the power. The games designed till now gave limited power to players. Those who wished to buy an object to use within the game that they were playing had to pay the money and get their asset but never actually owned the item. Furthermore, the shell life of the items bought in the game was limited. The moment the player decided to quit the game, the value of the purchase of items was also gone. There is a way to secure your in-game assets in gaming. With NFTs (non-fungible tokens), gamers can save and move their purchased digital items through blockchain technology across different gaming platforms without the fear of them getting lost forever.
Thus, all the effort of battling it out at the digital gaming platform and speeding at the race tracks ultimately turned into waste as the player called it quits and walked away. However, with the introduction of NFTs, power has shifted back into the hands of the player. Now the player can not only buy a digital asset with NFTs but they can also be traded, auctioned in selective online marketplaces. Moreover, in some games, these are transferable between games too.

NFT tokens are non-counterfeit

Regardless of whether the user or participant has a subscription to a particular game or he has quit the game, in-game purchases can be bought and sold. Furthermore, new and exciting games can be developed to plug into an existing blockchain protocol.

Players can turn into creators

Players can just not only enjoy a thrilling gaming experience but they can also become active creators of content. Hence, the NFTs will make the overall playing experience more interesting, engaging, and immersive

Earn money by playing

The NFT benefit of selling, creating the content of the game, and also trading items of the game opens up endless possibilities for players to earn a good deal of money by playing on the digital platform.

Why choose Prolitus For NFT Game Development?

Our experts in the NFT game development domain will help entertainment companies to build a superior marketplace. They will develop NFT tokens to help companies attract more participants and users to invest in the virtual gaming world and spend on all forms of assets in the gaming industry. A unique signature or a code can be developed or listed by developers to provide in the games, which thereby activates the game developers to earn passive income or revenues with NFTs. The NFT tokens are an exclusive reward given only to selected users who take part in a particular event. Winners will have an advantage over others due to these special tokens, which cannot be bought or sold on open markets but can only ever be used for that single purpose: rewarding winners of certain types of competitions with points redeemable against future prizes from sponsors (e.g., Amazon gift cards).

  • For those with a wide range of collectible or digital content, our end-to-end solutions can help make it more accessible
  • With NFT game development services, we are following the core part of our business – Asset tokenization
  • We provide comprehensive game development services – from pre-production to conceptualization and asset production and round-the-clock support.
  • Get reduced development cost for NFT game development support services
  • We promise complete transparency in designing, minting, and launching NFT tokens.
  • We create games that deliver an exciting gaming experience across multiple platforms without causing any serious security issues
  • Players and creators of the game can make money and have fun too. Hence, we offer a functional NFT gaming experience
  • We promise complete ease in assuring platform liquidity
  • Support high value through a robust foundation, thus offering mission-driven services.
  • We offer a unique identification protocol, which besides adding value to the smart contract diversification also ensures the security of your funds.
  • Provide accelerated launch in markets with a swift and secure verification protocol

NFT Game Development Services provided by us

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Action & Adventure Games

Opensea Like NFT Development

Board Games

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PvP Battle Games

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NFT Marketplace For Art

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Frequently Asked Questions

The gaming industry can gain immensely from non-fungible tokens. The biggest feature of the introduction of NFTs into the gaming space is that they will enable users to own unique and rare in-game assets. Users with ownership of rare NFTs may also make profits by selling their assets. NFTs are certainly going to be a game-changer in the way gamers interact within games.

Non-Fungible Tokens are a unique, non-interchangeable digital representation of rare collectibles. It can be traded easily for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, thus making them perfect to invest in.

With the setting foot of NFTs in the world of gaming, several items are being sold for massive amounts of cryptocurrencies. There are even several video games that feature NFTs, which take the form of characters, digital land, and other items.

The most popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, Decentraland, SuperRare, Atomic Market, and so on.

Prolitus assures extremely top-notch security for a user’s development platform.

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