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Overview of DeFi Yield Farming Development

DeFi technology has emerged as the next financial revolution to create waves in the global financial world. Today, we see numerous DeFi protocols with immense potential to create major changes in the way some financial activities are carried out. Investors are resorting to effective DeFi strategies to get higher yields of their digital assets. One of the hottest trends to get acquainted with in the DeFi space is the Yield farming. Let’s understand the features that make yield farming platform a revolutionary craze in the DeFi space and how businesses can benefit from the launch of yield farming platform.

Get started with the overview of how yield farming works and what it offers. We will help you navigate through the basics of yield farming and implement development solutions by leveraging our domain expertise and technical prowess in finance. ​

What is DeFi Yield Farming?

Yield farming is a revolutionary new process to make more money. It involves lending or staking crypto assets in return for higher rewards, and it has been gaining popularity because of its efficiency as an ingenious application of DeFi – which stands for “decentralized finance.” The popularity for this yield farming market grew exponentially worldwide, going all-the-way up to $10 billion by 2020 from $500 million at the start of the same year! Hence, it proved to be one of the biggest drivers of growth of the expanding Defi space.Yield farming is also known as the liquidity mining space providing liquidity providers with incentives to add invested funds or lock up their digital assets in the liquidity pool based on the smart contract. The rewards generated will be higher if the number of funds added is also higher.

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Impact Of Defi Yield Farming In Defi Space And How It Works ?

High liquidity is the most important asset for any crypto trading platform. Liquidity is the ease with which one can convert an asset into cash or other coins without experiencing any significant delay. An effective DeFi exchange platform with high liquidity facilitates buyers and sellers with a chance to make trades quickly and effortlessly!

The concept of yield farming is significant in ensuring that exchanges have enough coins and tokens to be able to maintain high liquidity, stability and also security. With the help of a yield farming platform, your business can reap high gains or interest by lending digital assets via Defi protocols. Yield farming acts as the bank in the Defi ecosystem, thereby facilitating adequate funds to encourage the usage of tokens and coins in the market, which in turn, generates more rewards for the lenders. Yield farming requires more and more investors to invest in liquidity pools as lending is determined by the liquidity of the funds in the pools.

In the wake of traditional authorities trying to pull out all the stops to regulate crypto businesses, it’s no wonder that many exchanges are feeling pressure. But Prolitus has your back! We offer business-oriented DeFi yield farming platforms for those looking to attain and maintain high liquidity on their exchange platform by leveraging DeFi yield farming, and also accomplish greater goals with utmost ease. Connect with us soon!

Various DeFi Protocols

For businesses that come to us for yield farming platform development, we would also like them to understand the yield farming strategies that operate with their own rules and regulations on blockchain smart contracts. The yield farming protocols determine the success ratio of DeFi yield farming projects. As an investor planning to leverage DeFi yield farming, it is necessary to be aware of the yield farming protocols in practice so as to invest funds in the ones that bring on greater returns. Some yield farming protocols are operating on some DeFi platforms, making a huge impact in the ecosystem. These include:

Compound Finance
Curve Finance

Our Offerings

We provide platform owners taking our DeFi yield farming development service with the choice to decide between the option of rewarding their users with cash or coins. The most popular way is to give out tokens that represent the value and type for each user who adds their assets to our liquidity pool. There are also other options available such as cryptocurrency-based rewards systems, where people will receive Bitcoins instead of currency in return when they contribute new funds.

Exchange fee

Businesses can provide their customers with a share of the fee charged when tokens are swapped as a reward for infusing liquidity. As they provide value on both sides, you should reward them by offering them some percentage from each exchange’s revenue stream that goes towards this incentive program!

Liquidity tokens

Give users tokens as an incentive for providing liquidity to the pool. Liquidity providers can put these tokens at stake or deposit them into another smart contract in order to swap for more tokens. This move provides users the chance to improve their holdings without facing too many risks.

Governance tokens

Incentivize business users with governance tokens for adding more to the liquidity pool. Token holders can also participate in significant decisions with regard to the core rules and regulations of the DeFi ecosystem. The more governance token holders in number, the greater would their voting power be in terms of deciding how things will go down with this new system!

Our Process

How our DeFi yield farming Development Company works?

Meeting and Discussion on Project requirement

We set up interactive meetings with our clients to get an in-depth glimpse of their business requirements and contextualize crypto for them. We do so while analyzing the benefits, challenges, or use cases of blockchain from an enterprise perspective. We also look at how we can co-innovate around use cases.

Platform Design and Development

Making the best use of our rich domain knowledge and breadth of expertise, we design and execute the best possible yield farming platform with a robust business model. With input from stakeholders in legal businesses as well those who specialize within compliance departments we are able to build excellent solutions ready for deployment–ensuring stability while also promoting innovation! We ensure that these solutions are in compliance with the regulations.

Testing and QA

Following the completion of each feature, we carry out a few parallel operations while testing on the testnet and staging environment, respectively. The blockchain component has been thoroughly tested using automated procedures, and there is zero tolerance for potential flaws and problems.

Project Launch and Deployment

A successful launch of DeFi yield farming platform can have incredible business and market disruption. For this reason we offer our clients essential advisory and strategic services to assess their organizational readiness for the potential business impact of such an event. We also help businesses to devise an effective plan in order to not only prepare but also thrive during the constantly evolving times.

Customer Support and Maintenance

We take immense pride in our ability to execute the DeFi yield farming solutions successfully and also support updates or necessary changes even after deployment of our products and services. We are committed to facilitating long-term success by delivering continuous support and ensure that clients derive optimum benefits from their customized solutions without any added overhead costs.

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Why Hire Us For DeFi Yield Farming Development

Technical Prowess

Our team comprises of technical experts combining supreme blockchain expertise along with rich experience in providing Defi solutions and yield farming development services

Accelerated development

Provide businesses with tailor-made yield farming solutions and products suited to meet their requirements. We study your target customer group and design our services in line with the target audience to ensure smooth and faster deployment, thus also working for the business’s greater developmental goals.

Round-the-clock support

Our team will not stop at just helping your business with the product launch requirements but will also offer comprehensive technical, financial and advisory support post delivery. Extensive support during the product launch as well as post delivery is sure to help you focus on scaling new growth levels.

Experienced & professional team

Our blockchain experts are not just good but exceptional in their offerings, always ready with best solutions and refined tech approach. We are committed to keeping your business several steps ahead of your competitors in the market with our abilities to set up effective campaigns and communities. Our developers are important players on Smart Contract development on all popular blockchain platforms that will make us deliver a comprehensive yield farming platform supporting all Ethereum, EOS and other tokens and coins.

Our DeFi Portfolio

Social Swap

Socialswap aims to provide a comprehensive decentralized financial service – DEX (Swap), Staking and Liquidity pool using native currencies of the ecosystem – SocialSwapToken (SST), a Tron based token that governs the activities on the platform.

Virtuse Asset Exchange

Virtuse is Europe's leading private Bitcoin platform and app to make bitcoin investing easy. Customers can invest as little as 5 euros per month and buy and sell bitcoin in euros. In addition, debit and credit cards can convert over 20 fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies, bridging bitcoin and conventional finance.


Frequently Asked Questions
It involves lending or staking your cryptocurrency coins or tokens to get rewards in the form of transaction fees or interest. This is similar to earning interest from a bank account; you are technically lending money to the bank.
When it comes to DeFi Yield Farming Protocols, there are a lot of different options out there. However, some of the most popular ones include MakerDAO, Balancer, Uniswap, and Basic Attention Token’s BAT. These protocols allow investors to earn rewards for holding a token or coin in reserve, which is then used to pay out dividends to holders. This can help increase the overall value of the token by creating demand from other investors.
You can put your crypto assets to good use in any of these three ways. Liquidity mining helps the DeFi protocol by providing liquidity, whereas yield farming attempts to maximize yield, and staking aims to maintain the security of a blockchain network.
The time taken to develop a DeFi yield farming platform depends entirely on the features, add-ons you would like to incorporate into your platform. Discuss your plan and business needs with our experts and they will help you find out the approximate time required to launch your DeFi yield farming software.


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