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Leverage the power of crypto derivatives exchange development to Digitize your KYC paradigms with the best blockchain solutions

Why Are Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development Services Rising in Numbers?

With more investors betting high stakes on cryptocurrencies and derivative trading, such platforms' development is becoming popular. Prolitus brings extensive experience in delivering the best crypto platforms and exchange products. As a result, not only do we have a stronghold on the technical aspects, but we also enable investors to gain more benefits and eliminate complexity.

With a sharp focus on risk management and delivering top-notch customer experiences, our derivatives exchange development services are one of a kind. Here are some benefits of building your derivative exchange platform with us:

Long-short contracts and advanced order types

  • High throughput rates and minimum to zero latency
  • Multiple security layers and a robust trade engine
  • Intuitive admin panel
  • But why is crypto derivatives trading getting so popular, and what's the science behind it?

    In derivatives trading, the underlying asset can be any crypto token. When trading, two parties make a financial contract and speculate the cryptocurrency's price on a future date. In the initial phase, the parties agree to buy/sell on the decided date, irrespective of the market price. So, investors can capitalize on price fluctuations, purchase currencies at low prices and sell them at higher prices.

    Another reason that makes derivatives and their development popular is that they can be traded on centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.

    Thus, exchange owners can leverage cryptocurrency derivatives to reach more investors. The good part is that such platforms are more flexible than spot margin trading and open access to unavailable markets.

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    Features Offered By Our Platform

    Auto Deleveraging (ADL)

    Whenever the set price reaches a stage of bankruptcy, the traders' positions are automatically liquidated.

    Stop Loss/Take Profit

    Traders can easily set floor and ceiling values for orders and exit the market whenever the situation is favorable.

    Access to Insurance Funds

    Protect your funds from losses even if their positions fall below the margin amount, and get access to world-class performance.

    High Leverage

    Build your buying and selling power by leveraging the value of assets multiple times

    Multi-Layer Security

    Two-factor authentication and SSL implementation make us one of the most secure platforms for user access.

    Get Access to Advanced Order Types

    We offer multiple trading types, including copy trading, market order, and others.

    Robust Trading Engine

    Our powerful trading engine offers excellent speed and reliability and boosts the performance of our exchange.

    Multi-Currency Wallets

    We have a multi-currency wallet integrated into the exchange to secure and expedite transactions for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

    Intuitive Admin Panel

    Our one-of-a-kind admin panel helps us monitor user activities and all transactions happening on the platform.

    Types of Crypto Derivatives


    It is a legal agreement between two traders to sell/purchase an asset at a fixed price and date in the future. The contract is executed on the exchange.


    A trader with an options contract can choose but is not obligated to purchase/sell an asset at a defined date and price.

    Perpetual Contracts

    Unlike options and contracts, perpetual contracts come with no expiration or settlement date. In some cases, traders can keep their positions open indefinitely.


    A swap lets two traders exchange trades as per a predetermined formula. These derivatives are not traded on exchanges and are similar to OTC (over-the-counter) contracts.

    Why Choose Prolitus As Your Derivatives Exchange Development Platform?

    We are a derivatives exchange development company that loves to see people prosper financially. Our developers have extensive experience in building crypto-based platforms and do everything possible to turn your dream into reality. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should partner with us.

    Sound Technical Knowledge

    Our experts have decades of experience in developing blockchain solutions and protocols.

    Simple Yet Impactful Approach

    We understand that the real work starts after product delivery. Our services are something you must look forward to. So, all you need to do is focus on your business growth and let us focus on product development.

    Rapid Development

    Our team of experts is enthusiastic and super supportive and will help you refine your product offerings, set up communities and campaigns, and use the best tech approach.

    Best Customer Support

    We offer solutions and ensure you get good ROI from investments.

    Result-Oriented Products

    We deliver products that are suited to your target audience. Moreover, our roadmaps are flexible and comprehensive and help you expedite development and deployment.

    Easy Integration

    We deliver products that are suited to your target audience. Moreover, our roadmaps are flexible and comprehensive and help you expedite development and deployment.

    Cross-Platform Development

    We develop platforms across multiple blockchains and even help you tie up with various payment providers.

    We help you stand out and build a crypto derivatives platform that lets your customers build stellar investment portfolios and enable you to achieve your business objectives.


    Frequently Asked Questions
    Such platforms let two parties bet on the buying price of crypto price on a particular date in the future.
    Futures, Options, Forwards, and Swaps constitute the different types of derivatives trading.
    As per your business requirements, it can take any time from 1- 3 months to make a derivatives exchange.
    Yes, a good derivatives exchange development company can do the same for you.
    Some of the benefits of trading crypto trading derivatives include: Smooth management of risks from market volatility Enhanced exposure to crypto markets Immense potential for investments and growth in capital
    Such platforms offer some common features such as auto deleveraging, partial close orders, stop loss/take profit, and clearance of insurance funds.
    Yes, there are multiple benefits of making a crypto derivatives platform. Few of them include catering to the needs of a diverse pool of crypto investors, faster payment processing, the opportunity to establish a strong foothold in the DeFi market, and a guarantee of getting good liquidity and returns for investors
    Crypto derivatives trading started in 2015 with the development of Bitcoin indexes at the New York Stock Exchange and CME group.
    While regulators worldwide have been strictly scrutinizing crypto derivatives and other crypto assets, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (‘CFTC’) continues to give the nod to these products with the “self-certification” method.
    Derivatives allow investors to experiment with different cryptocurrencies and diversify with portfolios. Besides, they are instrumental in safeguarding your portfolio from unexpected risks and promoting price discovery, making them all the more popular.


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