Smart Contract Development: A Paradigm Shift

Thanks to automation, trust, and transparency offered by smart contracts, 25% of global companies are set to embrace the technology by 2022 year-end. The popularity of smart contract development services is rising exponentially.

Blockchain protects the insurer from fraudulent claims and optimizes risk assessment in the blockchain in insurance services. Thus, more than 80% of insurance companies are eager to adopt blockchain.

Another reason for this shift is that insurance companies need to store, verify, and process huge customer data volumes. Post that, only they release payments against the claims made.

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The absence of an automated solution can lead to inaccurate claim handling and increase the scope of manipulation. Besides, it can be bad for customer relations too, as some of them have no but to work out a way with traditional sector offerings.

Blockchain links together claims data and all other valuable data sets cryptographically. It is then stored in a ledger and then copied to all other ledgers with utmost transparency.

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Smart Contract Development Services offered by Prolitus

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Blockchain Smart Contracts Development

We help you integrate smart contracts into your business process to automate core functions. Our domain expertise and technical prowess have led us to work on top-notch chains like EOS, Hyperledger, and Ethereum. Besides, our solutions are super secure and in line with your business requirements.

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Smart Contract Development on Ethereum

Our experienced smart contract developers build reliable and highly secure smart contracts to help you fulfil your business needs.

Create Your Own NFT Marketplace
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Faster Transfer of ERC-20 Tokens

We help you automate and expedite the transfer of ERC-20 tokens from one wallet to another wallet that is ERC-20 compatible.

Non Fungible Token Marketplace

ERC-721 Smart Contract Development

We enable you to get copyright protection when registering a real estate contract and stay on top of compliance rules.

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Smart Contract Development to Expedite Stable Coin Issuance

We develop digital contracts for automating and accelerating the process of issuance of stable coins.

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Automated Claims Settlement

We help you automate claims settlement and help you manage the following:

  • Invoice
  • Payments
  • Healthcare wallet payment
  • Digital certificates
  • E-warranty
  • Asset traceability
  • Insurance policy tokenization
NFT Software Development

Industrial Spread of Smart Contracts


Enhance data quality, pave the way for investor protection, and boost core functionalities of financial institutions.

Real Estate

Streamline management operations and remove transactions like leasing, purchasing, and sales anomalies.


Track product flow in an easy manner, automate B2B payments and get real-time visibility across the supply chain.


Simplify medical claim verification, healthcare management, and data sharing between healthcare institutions.


Perform 3x error checks, payout calculations, and automate policies based on information stored in the smart contract.


Our white-label wallet lets you access secure infrastructures send, receive and store a host of crypto assets.

Our Smart Contract Development Process

We make a comprehensive roadmap to smoother your blockchain smart contract development journey. Our certified smart contract developers deliver solutions that bring trust, transparency, and efficiency to your business operations.



Evaluate Smart Contract Opportunities

We understand your business requirements, analyze your smart contracts, and create a solid framework for development.

Technical Designing

Technical Designing

Create a document defining the smart contract, along with a detailed data flow diagram. Besides, we design the technical architecture of the contract.


Detailed Development Solution

We then develop and propose a smart contract solution, evaluate it and then complete the development of the contract.

Why Choose Prolitus As Your Smart Contract Development Company?

  • Extensive Experience: Our team holds real-world experience in blockchain-based product development and delivers outcomes that boost business growth.
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: We lead digital transformation initiatives with forward-thinking solutions that help businesses automate core operations, develop better models and improve customer experiences.
  • Advanced Research Capabilities : We conduct in-depth research to learn, seize, and capitalize on opportunities and enable businesses to make a smooth transition to a new decentralized digital world.
  • Enthusiastic and Cross-functional Team : Our team of subject matter experts and developers are always learning and experimenting. Furthermore, they help you adopt new technologies, strengthen your business, and make way for long-term success.

We build smart contract solutions that automate core processes and provide transactional integrity with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart contracts can easily support complex agreements between parties. Since blockchains use ledgers, smart contracts can be easily audited and tracked. Each block stores a series of activities and easily lets you gain information.

Accuracy, speed, and efficiency are the benefits you will get when you start using smart contracts. The best thing is that they are digital and automated, and there is no paperwork involved. This leaves no room for errors, and you also save a fortune on paper costs.

Smart contracts work on simple if and when statements. A smart network of computers works together to carry out the operations when specific conditions are met.

A smart contract is a computer code that denotes an agreement between two parties. Since the code runs on blockchain and is stored on a public ledger, it is not possible to change it, and it doesn’t expire.

Smart contacts let you exchange money, property, and anything that has value. It performs the function of a mediator between the buyers and sellers. Since it is all written in code and verifications are smooth, it is much faster than a traditional platform.

Smart contacts let you exchange money, property, and anything that has value. It performs the function of a mediator between the buyers and sellers. Since it is all written in code and verifications are smooth, it is much faster than a traditional platform.

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