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Why Tokenized Assets Offerings are The Key To the Future?

Token assets have taken the digital industry by storm. With the tokenization of real estate, mines, technology, minerals, and fine arts, we are making way for a secure future. We at Prolitus offer the best-tokenized assets offering development to head this wave of innovation. But why is this whole idea gaining so much hype?

Well, it lets you gain access to high-value investments and tap into a good liquidity pool. As a result, you can invest in assets all around the globe and earn good dividends and capital gains. To help you leverage the power of tokenization, our solution has been designed modularly and has a cloud-based architecture. Another benefit of investing in tokens is that investors are more confident and have a cushion against uncertainty.

Besides, there are no bank holidays when it comes to a blockchain. It is available 24/7. Also, you don’t need to wake up at certain times to access it like stock exchanges, worry about its security, and easily access it via the internet. Thus, when it comes to tokenized assets offering services, you can be sure of financial inclusion and democratic practices being followed.

At Prolitus, we give wings to your tokenization dreams and create nothing but solid perfection. We first understand your needs, connect you with our developers, and create a comprehensive and clear roadmap. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with our experts today to make the best crypto tokens!

Why Invest in A Tokenized Assets Offering Development Platform?

No Geographical Barriers

An investor can sit in South Africa and invest in a property in Australia without visiting the place. Tokenized assets offering services make investments fast, easy, and secure by managing the entire process on the blockchain.

Removing Intermediaries

Trading of traditional assets takes days and even months to settle down. Besides, it involves many external entities who need to validate the documentation and check the investor’s eligibility. This further adds to extra costs. Luckily, tokenization eliminates all barriers and sets the premise for tamper-proof transactions and transparency.

Fractional or Partial Ownership

When assets are digitized, they automatically become highly divisible. Thus, investors can choose to invest in small or big percentages of tokenized assets. For example, you can buy a 10% share of a tokenized property. This also reduces barriers for billions of investors to enter the market.

Improved Liquidity

Bringing the investment process on a blockchain makes way for a low-friction environment. Asset tokenization lets you ensure compliance and automate the transfer of ownership. With reduced complexity and costs, you can leverage the power of fiat money and even do P2P trading on exchanges to improve liquidity.

Faster Transactions

Since smart contracts handle the transaction and transfer process, the entire process is streamlined. Automation can reduce the burden of buying and selling to a great extent. Thus, expediting the whole cycle faster and not burning a hole in your pocket.

Types of Tokens Used in Blockchain Tokenization

Now that you are clear with the fundamentals of asset tokenization let us know more about token types.

Tangible tokens

Tangible tokens have a specific monetary value attached to them and are available in physical form

Fungible tokens

Fungible tokens are digital assets that have equal value. This simply means that one ETH is equivalent to one ETH and can be exchanged with the same only

Non-fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens don’t have a specific value attached to them and are also not interchangeable.

Industries Where Tokenization Is Working Wonders

Blockchain has set digital transformation at an all-time high. So, it would not be wrong to expect more assets to be tokenized in the near future. Here are some industries that have nailed the art of tokenization.

Finance Sector

The finance technology industry has been betting high stakes and capitalizing on blockchain for years. The use of blockchain in payment tokenization has transformed margin lending, product structuring, and investments to a great extent. Moreover, the very act of tokenization lets fintech companies access a vast set of opportunities and allow seamless exchange and manage the transfer of ownership. As a result, merchants can avoid using credit cards, pave the way for improved liquidity, and reduce security breaches.

Real Estate

Real estate is another sector that has used tokenization to its advantage. Blockchain for real estate tokenization focuses on streamlining investments and eliminating intermediaries. Subsequently, it makes way for smooth and easy interactions between buyers and sellers. Besides, tokenization is an excellent safeguard against fraud in real estate.

Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare sector is relatively in its nascent stages regarding asset tokenization. However, the scope is steadily rising, and some critical challenges are being faced using blockchains. For example, blockchain tokenization for healthcare solutions can boost the confidentiality of patient data and pave the way for better healthcare data management. Furthermore, patients and healthcare organizations gain an edge over access controls and sharing sensitive data from insurance companies.

Why Choose Our Tokenized Assets Offering Development Platform?

Having built a solid portfolio of asset-backed tokens across both categories- fungible and non-fungible, you can trust us completely when it comes to token creation. These include patents, gold, silver, shares, real estate, and art pieces. We have built seamless tokenized asset offerings for customers and opened new avenues for capital gains.

Goal-Driven Offerings

We first get ample clarity on your goals, document your ideas, and then design the best token-based offerings.

Best Approach

Our team is undoubtedly among your best friends. We help you refine your offering, suggest the best approach, cut costs and time, and even set up campaigns and build your community.

We Live And Breathe Technology

We love experimenting with solutions and tech that simplify crypto dealings for our customers.

Faster Delivery

We have solid processes that let us be flexible and accelerate the delivery process.

Reduced Costs

The core of tokenization lies in reducing costs and providing the best yet affordable solutions to all users.

Top-Notch Customer Support

With 24/7 customer support, we resolve all your product-related issues at lightning-fast speed and ensure zero disruptions.


Frequently Asked Questions
Well, it is the process by which an issuer creates tokens on a blockchain or distributed ledger. They either represent physical or digital assets. Besides, you can choose to buy a fraction of the total ownership of tokens.
Well, tokens are far less prone to hacking than usual encryptions, and therefore a better choice. However, interoperability continues to be a big issue when it comes to adding new tokens to the system.
Yes, the process of tokenization is done on a blockchain to convert tangible and intangible assets into tokens.
Tokenization lets you divide a physical property into shares or tokens. Also, a real estate security token can represent equity, a fractional share, rental income and many other things.
Asset-backed tokens are nothing but digitalized versions of physical assets. For instance, crude oil, real estate, gold, and equity can be tokenized. Such tokens are listed as securities by financial regulators.
The two common digital assets built on blockchain are tokens and cryptocurrencies. The difference is that tokens are built on an existing blockchain, and cryptocurrencies have their respective blockchains.
Yes, they can be considered future securities and give immense value in reporting, transparency, and efficiency.


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