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Cryptocurrency Development

The future of money is now in crypto currency! A new form that’s both more secure and efficient than ever before. Crypto coins are revolutionizing the global finance world, altering how humans carry their financial transactions. These new forms disrupting the global financial industry are also reinventing how we transact with each other digitally on a peer-to-peer basis eliminating the need for middlemen like banks while also improving the security quotient for all parties involved. Hence, these coins are ideal not just with respect to investment but also for carrying out day to day activities. They enable more secure, fast and transparent transactions with their use in everyday life. This has driven up demand across industries as people look at how coins can improve efficiency on an ongoing basis which further fuels a need for crypto currency development services!

Unlock the advantages of digital currencies with our unmatched coin token development solutions and services.

Types of Coins


One of the most disruptive technologies in recent times is Bitcoin. A currency without any central authority, it’s driven by its participants and has faced certain resistance at first but eventually became adopted worldwide. The introduction of the blockchain technology has made it possible to do away with the problem of double spending amounts while waiting for confirmations This means that once a transaction has been verified by several peers on the network, it could not be reversed.


Altcoin is a term used to describe coins that are not actually Bitcoin. These projects were born generally as forks of another project or they are developed completely from scratch and represent a better version of what exists in the crypto ecosystem only with the exception of having many new features added on top. Hence, there is both a hard fork, which changes all rules and creates an entirely different coin from before. There are also soft forks that add features onto currently existent currencies without changing anything about their core design principle.


The beauty of tokens is that they can represent any asset and be built on top or an existing blockchain. Hence, there is no need for tokens to be built upon new blockchains. The standard templates that are used to create these tokens can be found on platforms such as Ethereum or Waves. They’re distributed by both ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs (Security Token Offerings) – which function similarly to crowdfunding for new projects, but instead rely on the use of cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currency. The creation process is standardized across different blockchains.

Prolitus’s Coin Development Services

The future of business is here! Prolitus helps businesses understand and harness digital transactions through strategic coin development services. We work with each client to build smart strategies for effective use cases, so you can focus on growing your company instead of managing coins or tokens thoroughly. We can help you foster your business growth by designing efficient and effective coin token development solutions for the use case at hand. Our team has the expertise and the required experience in providing comprehensive offerings and supporting through the entire process – from ideating to strategizing, coin development, launch and also marketing. We serve clients from almost all industry verticals.

We have extensive domain knowledge of the blockchain and combining this with our technical expertise, we are able to make your Ethereum coin development process a simple task, thus delivering a seamless experience for your business.

Fork Existing Blockchain Protocol

The open-source code is the key to your crypto success. To make an entry into this world, you need to only harness its power with a new coin and create a protocol. Our objective-oriented approach enables us to develop effective strategies and take actions that fork blockchains to design a new protocol with different features, rules and also use-cases.

Bitcoin Fork

Ripple Fork

Ethereum Fork

NEO Fork

Litecoin Fork

Stellar Fork

Create a New Blockchain With Help From Prolitus

We at Prolitus want to help you create your own crypto currency and be a part of something bigger. We render complete support and guidance to our clients to help them achieve their business goals. We help our clients steer through the coin development journey by developing a completely new blockchain from the start. Our expert team of proficient blockchain developers, project managers and analysts design comprehensive coin development offerings to help clients achieve their mission through our solutions.

Right from choosing the apt platform for coin development that works in alignment with the client’s business goals to setting up the block chain’s internal architecture, we make sure to render competent administration at every juncture of crypto coin development.

Token Development

Tokenization is a great way for fundraising and it’s something our blockchain engineers are experts in! We use advanced responsive practices coupled with superior design methodologies, and also follow a technology-driven agnostic approach to deliver world-class solutions. Our services are delivered to match the client expectations and meet their needs. Whether it’s ERC20 or building on Binance Smart Chain – our services are tailored towards meeting all of your needs! Have you ever considered tokenizing your assets? If so, we would love to chat with you.

Types of Tokens

Security Tokens

Create a legal structure to provide support to your token to help get an edge over competitors and raise adequate funds in a fast and secure manner.

Utility Tokens

The utility token is the key to success in this market. Unlock your investment potential and tap the lucrative market opportunities to ride high on the growth wave in the ICO market.

Equity Tokens

Make the most of the opportunities created for raising funds using our design methodologies and thoughtful approach towards the equity token development.

Non-fungible Tokens

With NFT tokens, you can own and represent ownership of rare items. Convert your assets such as a piece of art, music file, games, collectibles or even property into tokens and trade them on a new exchange.

Token Issuance Platforms


What Benefits You Can get From Our Crypto Development Company – Services

Non Fungible Token Development

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have been creating ripples in the blockchain space as of late with its unique features and beneficial characteristics. If you’re looking to tap into this lucrative market and create some your own then look no further than our company! We offer top notch development services on ERC721 standard which allows customers to tokenize their things – be it art, game assets, collectibles and such items to have complete ownership over them. Our mission-oriented NFT token development services are designed to suit your business needs.

Security Token Offering

Together, let’s explore how our strategic consulting and objective-oriented security token offering services can assist at every stage of your legal fundraising journey. Whether you are an experienced developer, or looking for guidance on how best to approach this new market we will be there at every step along your journey – from ideation to development through launch marketing, into post fundraiser management – trust us to help you get the desired success. Leverage our domain expertise and experience in strategy development that are tailored specifically around each project’s unique needs.

Wallet Development

Prolitus has been a leader in the industry by providing world-class security and stability for all crypto users. We use our domain expertise and capabilities to develop multi-currency crypto wallets that come with best security features. These wallets facilitate smooth and easy transactions also providing a secure storage of multiple crypto currencies. A multi signature system is applied to make sure that each user can have their wallet with peace of mind, knowing it will be securely maintained even if one signer becomes compromised or goes offline.

Marketing and branding services

It is not enough to simply have a solid business idea in this age. You also need the right branding and marketing strategy in place before your product even launches. This is the reason why we offer white paper creation services that span every stage of production from planning through publication so you can be sure everything matches up perfectly! Our expert team of developers will focus on layout design graphics and also generate impressive content for effective communication purposes. Our content strategies are designed to convey your brand’s vision and mission to all the potential investors.

Smart Contract Development

We are experts in smart contract development, automation and optimization. We have a comprehensive suite of services that include designing effective contracts to suit your needs as well as auditing them for security purposes. Smart Contract-based leading platforms such like Ethereum, Eos and Hyperledger can be used when developing customized solutions tailored specifically towards our clients’ specific goals with ease!

ICO and STO Marketing

Staying one step ahead in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency is the key to achieve great heights. We will make sure you are always prepared for anything with our expert domain knowledge and multichannel marketing approach. Leverage marketing tools, including both traditional advertising, like TV ads or print advertisements as well as digital strategies and major social media promotions to fetch greater returns from your mission-driven approach.

Features of Tokenization

Enhanced liquidity

Secured wallet

Custom-support blockchain

No intermediaries

Fractionalization of Ownership

Completely decentralized

Faster transactions

Cost effective

Greater market efficiency


Cross-chain compatibility

Easy to list on exchanges

Ownership of assets

Tailored smart contracts

No Data Breach


What can you ensure from our Token Development Services

The innovative team at Prolitus has found a way to take their rich experience in finance and turn it into an advantage for crypto currency trading. With the assistance of blockchain technology, we are able to provide traders with Liquidation. Leverage our services that allow you to convert illiquid assets such as crypto bonds or equity shares into liquids immediately without dealing with any intermediaries along the process! Clients taking the coin token development services can also enjoy automated liquidity in the form of dividends and thus infuse cash flow back into the system. Coin token development services help you retain profit sharing rights. With Prolitus’s coin token development services, clients can take advantage of other features such as voting rights, buy back rights and retain holdings in other funds while tokenizing their assets.


Frequently Asked Questions
The tokens are created on an existing blockchain, facilitating transactions for developing decentralized apps and executing smart contracts. Crypto token distribution occurs in standard ICO processes with the help of a trusted third party.
In order to create a crypto coin or token, first one needs to have a basic understanding of the crypto and then build a blockchain. The next step is to design a custom token and create a maintenance roadmap to market the tokens.
Crypto coins are generated and stored in a secure wallet. Then they’re sent to another one, where each transaction gets appended onto the blockchain after being verified through mining activity within that ecosystem!
Crypto tokens have value because they are scarce and decentralized. They can be used to execute transactions without intermediaries which mean there’s less of an opportunity for fraud or hacking since it’s all happening on a blockchain network where everyone has access at once- even those who don’t agree with each other!
The next thing to do after creating a token is to get it on exchanges as that will make it more valuable. Get in touch with an exchange where they will accept the new currency – this way more users can access and trade your token!


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