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An Open Source Platform to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

It is predictable that soon most of the businesses around the globe would work on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain network. To further secure the transactions and for intra-organization exchanges, it is logical to create your own cryptocurrency from the Bitcoin open-source code. However, there is a considerable amount of coding which needs to be done, to modify Bitcoin open source code.

How Prolitus Open Source Platform Serves You?
Prolitus Open Source Solution – PROcoin is a do-it-yourself Cryptocurrency Development Platform. You can utilize our platform to create a cryptocurrency of your choice, without the need for coding.

How to create your own cryptocurrency in 3 easy steps using PROcoin:

You signup on your platform by providing details such name of the new cryptocurrency, number of coins you want etc

We will create seed node
for your currency

You can start mining your
new cryptocurrency

Salient Features:

  • It combines the base logic of Bitcoin and speed of Litecoin.
  • All the bugs of the original Bitcoin source code such as heavy scripts and other cryptos has been removed in PROcoin source code.
  • PROcoin is based on Crpytonight algorithm which requires less memory and is CPU friendly.
  • It is future-proof. Unlike Bitcoin which is hard-coded, it can be modified.

Why Choose PROcoin as Your Cryptocurrency
Creation Service?

  • You can use PROcoin itself as a currency or start new cryptocurrency of your own
  • PROcoin offers you flexibility and easy integration with other technologies such as Web Apps
  • You can choose to trade you cryptocurrency on global exchange (for which you would require miners) or use only within your organization

To learn more about Prolitus cryptocurrency creation service, contact us at

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