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Let us help you develop Non-Fungible tokens that will aid you in representing your creative side in the virtual world. After all, the NFT collectibles are here to stay, and thanks to their rejuvenation, they won’t settle back any assets to an antique state.

What makes NFT Development Service crucial in the Marketplace?

It seems like Non-Fungible Tokens – commonly referred to as NFTs – are in vogue these days. After all, in recent times, it has emerged as a practice of high growth courtesy of a multimillion-dollar revenue structure.

For those who are unaware, the market cap for non-fungible tokens increased by 1,795 percent in early 2021. But what makes NFTs—or NFT token development in particular—all the more interesting is the fact that an efficient and reliable buying system for NFTs is essential for NFT development services.

To make the whole concept of NFT token development easier for you, let's take a brief look at what essentially is an NFT. A certain unit of data stored on a digital ledger, Blockchain– to certify a digital asset not to be interchangeable and unique is described as a Non-Fungible Token. The very first NFT was introduced in 2012. And, as it turns out, it's easily one of the most valuable assets in the market currently, gaining a good deal of market share every year.

An NFT is commonly built using two Ethereum token standards, which would be ERC-721 and ERC-1155. All in all, Ethereum enhances the overall Non-Fungible Token development procedure by offering specific blueprints to the developers to help them deploy the tokens, which would then enable them to ensure services like active wallet creation and exchanges. In addition, Prolitus, a premier NFT token development company, is committed to offering the industry's most sophisticated and reliable NFT token development services.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards


The premier standard for representing non-fungible digital assets, ERC721, is deemed an inheritable Solidity smart contract standard. It is not only helpful in gaining access to a mapping of unique identifier addresses that represent the actual owner of the identifier. It further offers a permissive way to transfer valuables securely.


The ERC1155 helps in the long run by bringing an innovative idea of semi-fungibility to the NFT space. It represents one and several classes of assets. Furthermore, because it is easily transferable, users do not have to select the token address each time they want to buy multiple assets of the same type. To give you a better idea, take, for instance, virtual assets in video games, wherein usually a user would need to select the token quantity with every addition to the cart. However, with the correct implementation of the ERC1155 token, the user must enter the asset amount and representation identity, which helps reduce transaction time and the fuss of managing multiple contracts.

TRC 721 Token

Fully compatible with the ERC-721 token, the TRC-721 is a protocol on the TRON Blockchain network used for issuing non-fungible tokens. The talking point about the TRC-721 token is its ability to digitize a user’s collectible into NFTs, increasing its unique asset value. TRC-721, the tokens represent any assets in the real world, be they digital or tangible. Moreover, the TRON Blockchain network’s public chain infrastructure provides a fuss-free deployment of these tokens to a user’s unique collectibles. Therefore, the correct deployment of TRC 721 NFT will, in the coming times, experience a vast adoption rate thanks to its cost-effective and easy deployment features.

The functionality of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) can prove to be useful in the case of unique digital assets
  • NFTs can be used to represent and offer digital acceptance for both tangible and intangible assets
  • Since NFTs are unique, each NFT possesses a unique specification, which means they cannot be inter-exchanged
  • Thanks to their unique nature, NFTs cannot be bought in exchange markets. Therefore, NFTs can be either purchased, created, or traded in their specific marketplaces.

Characteristics of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • With proper non-fungible token tools and support, NFTs can be made on contract-enabled blockchain platforms
  • ERC-721, Ethereum’s standard protocol, is crucial and common for Non-Fungible Tokens
  • NFT smart contracts, can be very useful in finding detailed information like the owner’s identity, or more
  • NFTs can offer proof of purchase and digital ownership of an asset in the real world, just like conventional shares and other assets.

Features Accumulated by ERC-721 Token Development


An NFT from one marketplace cannot be used in another. They have a non-interchangeable and non-interoperable nature.


Courtesy of their unique protocol specifications, Non-Fungible Tokens cannot be separated into lesser denominations


Since the data of a typical NFT is stored in a blockchain network via smart contract, this makes it easily recoverable and even indestructible to some extent. After all, each transaction linked to NFTs can be traced back and forth.


Having the ability to store ownership data directly on the blockchain gives NFTs the ability to be verified now by the creators without any surplus authentication process

Design, Develop, And Market Your NFT Marketplace

Empowering the future of creativity with NFT Development

Non-fungible tokens favor artists and creators who put their signatures on their tokenized products in the marketplace. For those who don't know, art and games are popular categories in NFT marketplaces because they have a lot of extensive and unique product features that make them stand out. Also, there is a lot of market interest in digital assets like music, videos, and art in the NFT development space.

In addition, game assets are a very popular and prominent feature of NFTs. This is because video games often feature ground-breaking characteristics and realistic and special characters for the most immersive gaming experience. This makes non-fungible token development an extremely profitable space for the future of game and art developers.

NFT Token development on Leading Blockchain

Prolitus offers NFT development services on various blockchain platforms.


Use Cases and NFT Development Services

Prolitus is a professional NFT token development company with experience making high-quality digital products and offering top notch NFT development services for complicated algorithms.

NFT software development is a crucial component of our DeFi COE. We use the DNFT protocol to make decentralized tokens that can't be used to buy other tokens. These tokens can be used for different business needs.

To assist you in achieving your business objectives, our NFT developers and subject matter experts collaborate to provide high quality decentralized non-fungible token development services.


One of the most popular tokens in the NFT marketplace is digitizing art, courtesy of its unique creation combined with the magic of digitalization.


One of the unique characteristics of NFTs is their ability to implement art features in virtual and augmented reality.

Trading Cards

A good proportion of NFTs reside on crypto-collectibles like Axies and sport trading cards.

Music & Videos

NFTs allow exclusive entertainment content to be tokenized. For example, video clips and player’s tokens from the NBA are hugely popular in the circulation of NFTs.


Consumers can learn about the clothing's history and confirm the authenticity of high-end branded goods thanks to NFTs in the fashion industry.


NFTs represent particular crypto domains, as they can work very well as blockchain domains.

Digital Content NFT

Digital Content NFT represents the unique characteristics of the content this way; the original author can be credited for his creation, and copywriting issues can be avoided.

Land ownership

NFTs can be used as real estate assets in the virtual world. This has helped landowners build and monetize their plots by leasing them out.


Virtual assets like game collectibles play a crucial role in NFT tokenization. For example, to create an immersive gaming experience, video games use special characters and realistic features. Crypto Kitties and Decetraland are two newly common features in games that work under NFT.

NFT smart contract development

With our custom NFT smart contract development services, you can build a structured smart contract that meets your company's needs.

NFT marketplace Development

Our expertise in both NFT and eCommerce ensures that your NFT marketplace is trustworthy, simple to use, and friendly. Connect with us today to launch your NFT marketplace

Intellectual property Tokenization

Through tokenization we protect your properties from theft and other types of vandalism by utilizing NFTs and Blockchain.

Hire our NFT Developers For your Next Venture

Benefits of NFT Development

Provides essential value to unique assets

Collectibles are managed by an Anti-Fraud mechanism in highly secure environments.

Immense transparency in the blockchain network allows NFTs a tracking ability among the community.

NFTs have their own identical specialized protocols in every token generation.

With its distributed ledger technology, blockchain can be useful in recovering a user’s tokens since each node holds the details of the user’s transactions. No changes can be made to these details.

NFTs serve a large number of industries, which results in increased market visibility.

Prolitus’ NFT Marketing Services

To help pitch a business revenue, market leaders of Prolitus follow their own marketing strategy

Here are a few suggestions we offer to develop products helping your business set market trends

Developing Idea & Implementation

To give you a reference, our services ensure that we implement the interesting ideas our users have for their business. To make it happen, we advertise our user’s products to gain popularity in all perimeters, which can include certain documents that are the basis of the project.

Social Media Marketing

Not just crypto experts but also average people make use of NFTs since we feel it’s extremely necessary for the users to understand why they’re paying anything for some sort of digital image/piece.

Building Community

Building a community is a crucial thing for almost every crypto project, and NFT is no different either. Spreading a word in a user’s private community can help them with people with support in spreading the word, or in investing and buying the user’s NFTs themselves.

Why Should you chose Prolitus for Your NFT Development Services

By partnering with Prolitus a dedicated NFT Development company you can be assured that our NFT development team will ensure to take your business to the next level.

Robust Platform

Enabling catastrophic features along with great traffic, our tokenization development platform is as robust as they come


Prolitus is good for extremely high-grade protection for a user’s development platform


We’re always one call away thanks to our development services that work 24/7 to ensure flawless services


Our service is highly customizable and can fit every user’s needs to their heart’s content


Our motto is to offer the best user experience to our customers, therefore we believe in offering API and external wallet integration facilities

Hassle-free delivery

We make sure your platform is developed and launched without any complexities or delays whatsoever


We implement the best transparency in our platforms, and each process in the development procedure is transparent and clear

Design and Planning

We analyze all your requirements and design an alluring UI for the best user experience. All the designing needs of our users are met with the topmost priority

Our NFT Portfolio


UnicoNFT is a multi-chain marketplace that lets traders buy, sell, and manage NFTs from one platform. UnicoNFT combines security and scalability to support blockchain like BSC, Ethereum,Polygon etc.This increases NFT creator’s exposure, asset holder liquidity and bridge blockchain’s transactions flow.


The UnicusOne ecosystem is a Multichain NFT ecosystem that implements revolutionary Web3 features. It offers Multi Chain WaaS (Web3 as a Service) Platform for the Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT Economy in the entire world with a goal to revolutionize tokenization for Real World & Metaverse Assets.


Frequently Asked Questions
Easily tradable for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, Non-Fungible Tokens are a unique and non-interchangeable digital representation of unique collectables.
Non-Fungible Tokens are unique valuable assets that serve as an attraction point for investors. These tokens can be accepted as collateral in exchange platforms, helping the user facilitate digital asset management in the crypto world.
Yes Prolitus is a leading company for NFT development services. We provide NFT development for various industries such as Art, Music, Real Estate, Fashion etc.
We offer mission-driven NFT software development solutions to meet your business demands, whether you want to tokenize your artwork, video file, or any other asset. We have top NFT developers, experts, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants working on various NFT projects.


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