Navigating Towards A Tokenized Era

Gold tokenization has gained solid traction over the past few years, and more enterprises and individuals are taking a keen interest in the same. The best part is that you can handle the transfer of ownership without any hassles and delays as no centralized authority is involved. But, how can this feat be achieved seamlessly and without worrying about the management part?

Well, with the pioneers of gold tokenization services standing beside you, worries should be a thing of the past! Having worked with finance moguls, enterprises, and high-potential startups, we have led the new wave of token economics. We design our roadmap with utmost alacrity and precision. Our gold tokenization development services platform has been built by experts who live and breathe tokenization.

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Besides, the core of blockchain is to create a free and democratic financial environment where all subscribers hold complete authority over their assets. Thus, we help them with our customized gold tokenization services and put them to productive use.

Not only are gold tokenization development services dominating the financial sphere, but they are also streamlining the purposes of investor verification by automating KYC and by assessing risks. If not done properly, asset tokenization can get tough and can also be at the altar of regulatory uncertainties. Besides, in the absence of advisory standards and rules of conduct, things can go haywire if enough attention is not paid.

Luckily, Prolitus addresses such issues with strategic consulting and follows an organized work approach. We have empowered several businesses to foray into gold-backed tokenization by providing them with the best services. Also, with a strong focus on eliminating cybercrime, we are working each day to raise the standards of tokenized economies.

Why Invest in Gold Tokenization?

Rise in Liquidity

Rise in Liquidity

The autonomous nature of blockchains removes the need for third party functions. With no intermediaries your lottery platform will be super transparent and gain the trust of your customers.

Faster Transactions

Faster Transactions

The automation carried out by smart contracts expedites the transaction cycles and makes it faster, secure and smarter. Besides, high throughput rates support contract locking at drastically lower fees.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

The best part is you don’t need to purchase the entire tokenized gold asset and can even purchase a percentage of the same. The act of tokenization makes it favorable for trading purposes and makes it easy for small and medium-scale investors to enter the market.

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Wider Investor Base

Gold tokenization services mean that you can invite more investors, explore more opportunities, and venture into avenues that were not affordable previously.

Popular Names in the DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform Segment

It is predicted that $544 trillion worth of assets are set to be tokenized by the year 2027. Here is why the tokenization space is going at an exponential rate.

  • More people are looking forward to investing in digital gold without signing multiple agreements and dealing with intermediaries.
  • Physical gold is subject to theft, whereas blockchain does not require many formalities.
  • Bank safes are not tha secure as claimed to be
  • Digital gold eliminates storage issues and guarantees transparency.

Why Choose Our Gold Tokenization Services?

Having built a vast portfolio of asset-backed tokens across the non-fungible and tangible categories. These include equity shares, patents, gold, silver, art pieces, and real estate. Besides offering butter-smooth experiences over blockchain, we have created intuitive experiences for investors via automated dividends, fundholding, facilitating buyback rights, and incentivizing.


  • Mission-driven Offerings: We understand your goals and mission and then leave no stone unturned to develop your own token-based offering.
  • Technology-Agnostic Solutions: We love to explore new technologies and anything that makes our customers’ life simple. We have built several asset-backed solutions that are doing well in the market sphere using the latest techniques and tricks.
  • Faster Deployment: We follow a clear and comprehensive roadmap, which lets us cut on slack and expedite the delivery process.
  • Reduced Costs: Tokenization should not be an expensive affair. We make sure to use the best yet affordable tools to convert your dream into reality.
  • Unmatched Customer Support : With 24/7 customer support, we make sure you never face any issue with your solution as we are there to solve it.
Frequently Asked Questions

Gold tokenization means that the value of gold can be converted into tokens. You can even choose to split it into fractions. You can also split it into fractions, and everyone can have a part of the asset without the need for having a huge financial capital.

In order to maintain the demand and supply, there is a limit imposed on the tokenization of assets.

Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT0m Tether Gold (XAUT), Gold Coin (GLC), and DigixGlobal (DGX) are some of the popular gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

Tokenization comes in two shapes and sizes, reversible and irreversible. While the former can be mapped to multiple pieces of data, the latter cannot be. All you need is strong cryptographic keys to secure original data and make it tamper-proof.

Well, tokenization reduces the instance of data theft to a large extent. The main difference between tokenization and encryption is that tokenized data cannot be returned to its initial form. Also, tokenization does not utilize keys to change the original data.

Since blockchains back crypto tokens, there is no need to encrypt them. There are already safe, and adding this security layer will only add to your expenses.

Well, they help you convert the value of the gold you hold into digital tokens, invest them, and make good profits in the short and long run.

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