Token Sales Platform Development

Prolitus provides one of its kind, fully-compliant security and utility token issuance platform with a post - token solutions for companies.

Pro-TSP - Launch your STO with our Token Sales Platform

  • A secured platform for token sales hosted on your domain
  • Payments through BTC, ETH, and FIAT accepted
  • Complete token buyer and transactions management
  • There are various reasons to choose Prolitus for your Token Sales Platform and miscellaneous services. But we'll get to that once we know you're all aware of the subject. So, our Token Sales Platform, or as we call it, Pro-TSP, enables our clients to effortlessly launch their security token offerings (STOs) thanks to the platform's intuitiveness. So, not only is our motive to deliver the most well-sorted STO and ICO solutions but also, we want your users to be aware that Prolitus offers the most secure platforms for trading tokens or token sales on any domain.

    Being the industry experts, we are confident that launching an ICO platform through our diverse ICO development solutions can help you take your business growth to new heights. After all, selecting the very best White Label ICO platform for managing any token sales for your domain is crucial. Over the years, our experts have proven that Prolitus comes across as the most reliable token sales platform helping its users with excellent expertise to sell off their tokens, allowing them to take their business to ground-breaking heights.

    Please scroll below to look at our token platform developed in-house with industry experts. We are delighted to bring a vast platform for all token services that offer complete token buyer and transaction management. And not just that, it's also a highly configurable platform with options to choose from custom themes, further enhancing the overall user experience for our clients.

    User Area

    User Area

  • 2FA Security
  • QR Code for BTC & ETH Address
  • Token Balance
  • Total Contribution
  • Order Management
  • One Click Order Placement
  • Order History
  • Sales Banner
  • Referral Module
  • Time Ticker
  • Admin Area

    Admin Area

  • 2FA Security
  • STO Package Creation
  • Token Sale Phases with Payment
  • Options - BTC/ETH/FIAT
  • Payment Records
  • Deposit Order
  • Customer Details with KYC
  • Order Listing
  • Reports of Customer
  • User Management Section with User Access Control
  • Referral Module
  • Website Settings(Favicon, Logo, Tracking Script Management & Content Management)
  • Configurable


  • Highly configurable platform
  • Granular User Access Controls
  • Easy to change platform settings from the Admin console
  • Newsletter via Constant Contact
  • KYC via Sum & Substance
  • Support Desk/Live Chat via Zendesk
  • Install our Customizable White Label Solution on your sub-domain within 24-36 hours.

    Benefits of Our Platform

    A secured & fully automated token sale & management platform built by the experts.

    Highly scalable platform, and customized features delivered as per client’s requirement.

    Custom themes available with an excellent UX/UI.

    Seamless environment to launch your own currency and trade it against any currency.

    Dedicated development support at all times.

    Security Experts focused on high degree of security on the platform.

    Ability to connect huge external exchanges using APIs and Distributed shared Orderbooks.

    Access through robust APIs

    Completely White Labeled

    Token Issuance Platform

    Initial Coin Offerings

    Initial Coin Offerings are the best way to raise funds for projects. They can offer utility with issued tokens and don't require any regulatory compliance right now, making it such a popular choice among entrepreneurs!

    Security token offerings (STO)

    Security token offerings are a new way for investors to get in on the cryptocurrency craze without actually owning any. STOs do not require tokens or coins of their own; instead, they offer returns and compliance with existing securities regulations defined by jurisdictions like Hong Kong that have legalized them so far.

    The smooth and hassle-free investor onboarding process

    Providing the best-in-class investor experience is integral to any company's success. For this, we strive to provide our clients with an onboarding process that sets them up for long-term growth and satisfaction, starting from when they first sign on as a new investor all way through closing their investment!

    ICO marketing in one place

    We provide an all-inclusive platform for launching your own initial coin offering (ICO). This revolutionary new way to fund and grow a business has everything you need, from marketing tools like bonuses, referral systems, and even free coins!

    Robust admin system

    360-degree analytics, full customization, and smart contract management are all integrated into the dashboard designed for token sales activities. This helps you easily manage your campaign so it can go smoothly from start to finish!

    Fully compliant

    KYC-compliant with regulatory standards, the platform is equipped to support different KYC providers. With investor contracts and accreditation processes in place at all times - you can rest assured that your compliance goals will be met!

    Why from Prolitus?

    Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies has been part of our DNA. We are one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

    Round-the-clock Support

    Prolitus has a team of over 250 software engineers backing its products 24X7.

    Team of Experts

    Prolitus has the expertise of over 12 years into web, mobile & emerging technologies.

    Get Access To The Best Advice

    A dedicated team of security analysts with proactive security monitoring.

    Mission-driven Services

    Prolitus is an ISO-certified and Award winning company for its Blockchain products.

    Outcomes That Last

    Always aiming higher with Quality and Commitment.

    Technology-Driven Solutions

    Helping companies innovate with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies.

    If you are planning to launch your STO or Need a Token Sales Platform, click below to connect with us.


    Frequently Asked Questions
    The idea behind an initial coin offering or the token sale as it is referred to is to raise money for your project by selling tokens that represent something of value. The public is able to purchase tokens using Bitcoin or Ether which can be later exchanged into other mainstream currencies at any time, giving them greater value than most traditional investments.
    The token sales process involves creating a token for a product, getting a legal opinion on it writing a white paper and then selling it.
    Even if your token is not ready for sale, you would still have to promote the idea behind it to attract buyers. The best way to market is to develop a content strategy and spread the word through blog posts, articles and social media write-ups, promoting your company and also the token that your back.
    Launch your token on a well-known and trusted platform. Pick up a platform which most crypto investors have confidence on to launch your product. List your token on the renowned cryptocurrency exchange to trade it after its launch
    The cost to create tokens is determined by the features, design and testing procedure for each individual project.


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