Digital Lending: Shorten Finance Cycles to Increase Revenue

With financial inclusion at its core, Prolitus offers high-impact digital solutions for both traditional financial institutions and digital lenders. Be it an online loan app to fully automated platforms, we deliver reliable, flexible solutions, and empower businesses to manage their compliance needs, make finance cycles shorter, and increase profit margins.

We make sure that your product stands out with the best digital lending platform development practices. For the same, we do a comprehensive analysis of your competitors, define project goals, identify opportunities, account for potential risks, design the basic solution architecture, estimate the budget, and create a solid project plan with milestones.

The healthcare industry suffers due to poor management of medical records and siloed operations. Despite agile processes, key stakeholders, including healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical vendors, cannot get real-time updates.

defi lending development

With a customer-centric approach, we are revolutionizing user experiences in digital lending to create compelling products that attract trust and credibility. Out developers give it their all to ensure that your product has a unique value proposition. We ensure that your hard-earned money is not wasted and the product delivered aligns with human sentiments. Thus, ensuring a smooth digital experience and rock-solid performance.

Platform Features

Here are some of the features you can look forward to with our digital lending platform development.


Simplified Registration

To enjoy a seamless experience, get access to accurate information, and eliminate risks associated with the financial activity. All this blended with a fast and easy registration process and compliance with KYC regulations and anti-money laundering laws.


One-of-a-Kind Loan Calculator

We increase sales at the borrower’s journey with our specialized loan calculator that lets us analyze qualitative and comparative analyses. This lets us compare loans from different lenders, adjust repayment strategies, and forecast future spending.


Easy Loan Origination

Considering that information borrowers need to analyze information, design a well-structured process, and have a hassle-free loan application process, we at Prolitus provide a single point of data entry that automates data flow throughout the solution.


Credit Score Calculation

We provide a transparent environment, ensure creditworthiness, and protect lender interests by keeping a sync with credit score bureau API.


Loan Application Matching

We increase platform efficiency and help you reduce operational costs, match borrower applications, and align lender preferences.


Loan Management

We offer loan management features for borrowers and lenders excellent customer experiences. This lets us track loan details, generate reports, and streamline payment schedules.


Organized Payments and Scheduling

We accept payment methods that can help you onboard new users and improve your conversion rate. A repayment scheduler lets borrowers make repayments with ease and stay on schedule.


Streamlined Document Management

We facilitate document processing, eliminate human errors, streamline the entire loan origination process with paperless document management.


Custom Notifications

We make it a point to keep in touch with your customers using custom notifications. So, you will stay updated about due dates, past installments, the latest activities on the platform, and the best offers and discounts.


Innovative Customer Support Chatbot

We ensure fast communication 24/7 support and offer customers a seamless experience.

Our Services

MVP Development

From concept initialization to post-production support, our expert team handles all aspects of your lending solution with enhanced ease and delivers a solution that fulfills your need and budget.

Full-Cycle Development

From concept initialization to post-production support, our expert team handles all aspects of your lending solution with enhanced ease and delivers a solution that fulfills your need and budget.

Offers Multiple Third-Party Integrations

We hold extensive experience in integrating lending platforms with third-party services. These include payment gateways, underwriting systems, business intelligence tools, online wallets, and many others. Third-party integrations give customers more control over their finances and improve their overall experience.

Smooth API Development

We create and deliver the finest loan products, improve ease of access, generate more value by allowing third parties to blend your product into their ecosystems. Some of the APIs include loan fulfilment APIs, loan collection APIs, underwriting APIs, and onboarding APIs.

Automate Processes

We help you automate core processes to extend your operational capacity, put repetitive tasks on autopilot, eliminate human errors, streamline customer experiences, and increase overall productivity.

Unparalleled Tech Support

Blockchain lets you authenticate records, prevents the case of fraud, and even augments security across the PTP(Precision Time Protocol) process.

Why Choose Prolitus As Your Blockchain Healthcare Partner?

With a wide range of services and a versatile team of developers, advisors, and marketers, Prolitus offers you a complete package of services. So, take that plunge, get access to the best digital lending platform development services, and take your business to the next level.

  • Outcomes That Last : We guarantee 5x returns on investments and deliver products that strike the right chord with audiences and provide a lifetime experience.
  • Faster Development : We first understand your requirements, build a clear workflow, and then follow a flexible and reliable approach to ensure seamless product development.
  • Superlative Customer Support : We understand that a lot needs to be done after the product launch. So, all you need to do is relax and leave the product management, campaigning, and community building part to us.
  • Team of Experts : Our team of experts helps you lay out a clear approach, deploy the best tech solutions, and build a loyal community.

We deliver digital lending solutions that promote financial inclusion and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

The final cost of such solutions will depend on factors like features needed, third-party integrations, and other parameters. So, on average, the cost of developing such a platform starts at $100,000.

Yes, we offer seamless third-party integrations and work with world-class providers to fulfil your business goals.

Digital lending can help you streamline the entire lending process by automating application approval, enhancing credit filing, and expediting fund disbursement. One thing which needs to improve in the lending ecosystem is that it needs to use more technology in all aspects.

It is the process of offering loans, managing them, and disbursing them through digital channels. Lenders use digitized data to make credit decisions and leverage customer engagement.

Yes, with business analytics, you can simplify loan processes, provide benefits to borrowers, reduce paperwork and turnaround time for processing loans. Besides, they can also be used to customize loans and credit instruments that can cater to the specific needs of multiple borrowers.

Fintech companies have created solutions where people can easily lend people money and earn good interest on that. Usually, Fintech startups charge a small fee to build a connection between the borrower and lender. Unlike traditional applications, borrowers need to submit creative applications to why they need a loan.

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