Features of Stablecoin Digital Currency

Stable Currency

Our Blockchain-based platform converts fiat into digital currency to chain in the value of other stable assets such as gold or US dollar.

100% Backed

Every stablecoin is backed by a stable asset or stable fiat currency that is held in our reserves.


Since our reserve holdings are subject to recurrent audits, all Stablecoins that are in circulation is equivalent to those in our reserves.

Blockchain Technology

Since our platform is powered by ERC 20 compliant Ethereum based Blockchain, security and transparency come along readily

Widespread Integration

Stablecoins like Tether are the digital-to-fiat currency that enjoys widespread integration. In fact, they can easily be bought, sold and used at several exchanges such as GoCoin, Bitfinex, etc.


Since Stablecoins are developed over Blockchain-based platform, security is ensured.

Why Choose Us for Stablecoin Development?

14 years of Experience

50+ Team of Blockchain expert

50+ Projects Delivered

Utilization of StableCoin


Since Stablecoins are backed by another stable asset or stable currency like Gold or Dollar, they promise of price stability, which indeed is important for mass adoption, as well as regular utility.


Stablecoins are pegged to real-world assets such as dollar, Euro or gold, which makes them a safe mode of transaction.


Reserve backed Stablecoins are backed by one-to-one reserves of the stable assets or currencies they are pegged to. Furthermore, these reserves are subject to audits, which them more credible.

How it Works?

1. User Submit Wire to trust a company with crypto wallet information

3. Corresponding Stablecoin is sent to User’s crypto Wallet

2. The trust company sends a signal to Stablecoin smart
contract verifying the purchase

Purchase Process

We co-ordinate with several trust companies that are entrusted to manage billions of dollars. We conduct and pass the KYC check followed by sending USD to a trusted company with an Escrow agreement. When the funds are verified, the smart contracts are instructed by API to issue equivalent value USD to your public address.

Redeem Process

For redeeming a USD, a KYC/AML check needs to be conducted. Followed by this, users need to send USD tokens to the smart contract from a registered address, which will prompt the escrow bank to disburse the funds. This ensures that the funds aren’t being touched by the USD system and all the purchase and money receipt are being done by trust companies through Escrow accounts.

3. User receive Wire from the Trust Company with crypto wallet information

1. Corresponding Stablecoin is received from User’s crypto Wallet

2. The trust company sends a signal to StableCoin smart
contract verifying the purchase

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