Best Defi Wallet Development Solutions For Crypto Transactions

Leverage our DeFi wallet development services to give back your customers gateway to non-custodial wallet that comes with enhanced security, private keys and assures complete control of cryptos. Businesses using our wallet development services can help their customers enjoy complete freedom, transparency, security and accessibility.

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Defi Wallet Development

Decentralized finance is an interesting development from the last few years in the crypto space. A secure, non-custodial DeFi wallet is critical for businesses to carry out efficient and hassle-free operations of DeFi protocols such as borrowing, exchanging tokens, swapping and providing liquidity. DeFi is an independent system and permissionless and hence business users require a secure, impregnable and safe wallet. By developing DeFi wallet solutions with help from Prolitus, your business customers can get access to a protected crypto wallet that would guarantee protection of crypto assets and coins with provision of enhanced security features and total control of cryptos. At Prolitus, we provide top notch Defi wallet development services designed by expert blockchain developers. Learn more about how the launch of non-custodial DeFi wallets with help from our expert developers can prove to be beneficial for your business customers to gain high returns on investments in the blockchain space.

And the most prominent benefit of Decentralized Finance is, of course, obliterating the need of intermediaries. This ensures high transparency in transactions along with a sense of security, which wouldn’t have been the case alongside a mediator. With the use of respective keys, users have high control over their transactions. These transactions are then tamper-free and immutable. As a DeFi development company, Prolitus is glad to guide you through the whole process and working of Decentralized Finance. We have all the DeFi development services an average Joe would require, and then some. We have a proven record of serving the most comprehensive DeFi solutions across the industry, thanks to the years of experience our skilled team brings to the table. On that note, our team has expertise in blockchain protocols, non-fungible tokens development, wallet integration, smart contract development, et al. We’re all about accelerating your business with the help of effective DeFi development services and our proven record of working with numerous clients over the past years is a testament to the same.

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Issues With Existing Crypto Wallets In Use Now

Cryptocurrency wallets are becoming a highly popular way to store your crypto funds, but there are several risks associated with these wallets. With so much centralized power in one point, there is an increased risk for failure or downtime from attacks on the infrastructure that supports it all. Centralized wallets are associated with the following risks:

  • Increased danger of identity theft due to a single point for failure.
  • Users stand vulnerable for the centralized structure of storage if hackers get into their accounts or system breaches occur at any time.
  • Risks the downtime on infrastructure because businesses rely heavily upon it.

Why are DeFi wallets Indispensable in the DeFi ecosystem?

DeFi ecosystems would not be able to sustain without the DeFi wallets as they are the ultimate asset management tool for businesses. The centralized system compels users to depend on traditional financial institutions such as banks or custodial wallets to store their funds. However, these third-parties were not always immune to security breaches. DeFi wallets do not hand over the custody of funds in the hands of third-parties, thereby offering complete freedom, transparency and accessibility. Businesses can conveniently perform many activities like buying, selling or tokens, token exchange, trading, lending or so on. It is a revolutionary concept since so far people have relied on banks to handle an individual’s funds entirely.

Most DeFi wallets are built on the Ethereum blockchain and hence support ERC-20, ERC- 721 and ETH tokens. DeFi wallets are more attractive to businesses as they do not require too much personal and background information. Hence, personal identity of users of your business is never at stake, thus making DeFi wallets the safest options to handle crypto assets. At Prolitus, we provide DeFi protocol users with a protected wallet and much more. Our top-of-the-line DeFi wallet development services built by professionals and an experienced team of developers are sure to bring on good returns on investments for your business.

DeFi Crypto wallet Vs Traditional crypto wallets

Decentralized finance concept allows users to have full custody over their funds, which is not entitled in the traditional financing systems. Banks and central authorities provide limited custody over funds to users. Here is a comparison chart between DeFi wallet and traditional crypto wallets

DeFi Crypto wallet

  • Due to decentralized trust, a user is the custodian of their funds.
  • Users have access to the private keys
  • There is no KYC required for making optimum use of the DeFi wallets
  • Integration possible with all DeFi platforms
  • All asset based and protocol-based currencies supported by it

Traditional crypto wallets

  • Trust is centralized and hence the product owner is the custodian
  • Product owner owns the private keys
  • KYC is mandatory
  • Integration with all DeFi platforms may or may not be possible
  • Protocol- based currencies may or may not find any support

Choose From A Range Of Our DeFi wallet development services

Web wallets

These type of wallets, such as Metamask, can only be accessed with private keys and restored with seed phrases. They allow users to access DeFi apps like Compound, Aave, and Yearn, and can handle ETH and Ethereum-based tokens like ERC20 and ERC721. However, if the private keys are lost, the wallet provider cannot be trusted.

Hardware wallets

Unlike the digital wallets, this type of wallet is on a hardware device. Users can deposit huge amounts of assets in these wallets and the private keys are well protected against hackers. A distinguishing feature of this wallet is that it allows a user to set up a separate account connected to a hardware device.

Mobile wallets

Since users are the sole custodians of their funds, it is built with a new smart contract on Ethereum that is controlled by users. There is a provision of social recovery set up where trusted associates of this form of wallet user can give approval to initiate recovery.

Defi dashboards

Such wallets provide users the option to see and analyze their consolidated portfolio all at the same, single spot. The USP of these wallets is that they facilitate other wallets to be connected to it to initiate financial transactions or use it to view one’s portfolio.

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Various DeFi wallets

Coinbase Wallet
Atomic wallet
Trust Wallet
Magic Wallet
Dex Wallet

Our DeFi Crypto Wallet Feature’s Catalogue

Support For Multi-Assets

Our DeFi wallet development platform would offer native support for BTC, ETH, and ERC20 tokens. Business customers can benefit from seamless integration of coins and tokens.

Multi Language Support

Our DeFi wallet development offer In-built support for English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi and other languages suitable to your business requirement.

Automatic Scanning Of Wallet Address

The QR code scanner allows for the automatic scanning of wallet addresses, thus eliminating human error and simplifying cryptocurrency exchanges.

Automatic Prevention of Duplicate Payments

The wallet effortlessly prevents any duplicate payments or chargebacks with automatic detection feature.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Support

NFC tags are capable not only of storing money but also facilitating transactions between users by automatically fetching their wallets and processing the transaction without any input from either party. So it’s as simple and safe to send someone an amount

Unique Selling Point

Businesses often create unique features to gain a competitive edge in the market. Semi-fungible crypto tokens stand out because they are ERC-721 compliant, which sets them apart from other tokens that don't adhere to these standards.

Why Choose Prolitus For DeFi Wallet development

We at Prolitus believe that the future of finance is decentralized and we’re committed to making it happen. Our will help you get on board this new wave with ur powerful DeFi wallet development services, so start today! Traders can keep a track of their funds without the interference of a third-party thanks to our secured wallet development services. Moreover, users are facilitated with private keys to keep the contents of their wallet safe and secure.

We are a one-stop destination for the best decentralized finance wallet solutions. We have years of experience and guarantee client satisfaction, showcasing our passion along with integrity in both workmanship as well as authenticity of all we do here at blockchain enterprise and management services

Years of experience in decentralized finance

Expert developers with wide knowledge of blockchain

Guaranteed client satisfaction

Round the clock to deliver tasks efficiently

We adhere to timelines to serve all your business needs

Maintaining strong collaboration between all stakeholders and the internal team

Maintaining immutable records and distributed ledger

Providing robust technical support even after delivery of products and services

Prolitus’s Defi wallet development services are designed to meet the highest standards. The wallets we would design for your company would be robust, providing your brand an edge over others. Your DeFi wallet users can make the most of the security and decentralization features to have complete control over their assets and interact with other Defi applications.

Our DeFi Wallet Portfolio

AXIA Global

AXIA offers a blockchain-based digital ecosystem without restrictions and rewards hyper-deflationary currency users. AXIA aims to create a digital currency and a transparent, equitable, productive, and fruitful economic system for all parties involved.

Bitcoin Latinum

Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) uses an energy-efficient consensus process. This Bitcoin-based open-architecture cryptocurrency network aims to improve Bitcoin's security, dependability, transaction speed, and cost. Tokens enable high transaction volumes, cyber-security, and digital asset management.


Frequently Asked Questions
Decentralized finance combines the crucial aspects of finance and technology together in a Blockchain network to design solutions that provide users with complete ownership over assets. Aanalogs of conventional financial applications are implemented in a decentralized ecosystem.
Safety is the first priority at Prolitus and we make DeFi wallets for users safe to use thanks to the feature of distributed ledger network. Users can enjoy complete control and authority over funds due to the private keys.
Non-custodial wallets are more secure than custodial wallets. They provide users with complete freedom to store and manage their funds
Metamask, Argent, Trezor and Coinbase wallet are some of the examples of DeFi wallets.


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