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Get your Smart Contracts developed by seasoned Blockchain experts

Smart Contracts are automatically executable computer codes that defines the terms and conditions of a contract, under which the concerned parties agree to interact with each other. Since, the contract terms are stored securely in a digital format, businesses can achieve several economic goals such as minimizing losses due to fraudulence, reducing enforcement, arbitrations and other transaction costs.

Being self-executable, self-verifiable and tamper proof, smart contracts can transform legal obligations into automated processes while ensuring greater security. Since, smart contracts are implemented within a blockchain, they inherit some of the inherent properties of Blockchain such as immutability, decentralization and distributed nature.

As a leading name in the Blockchain space, Prolitus offers Several Blockchain services including Blockchain smart contract development services. Our team of seasoned developers has the expertise of building all types of smart contracts on Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric and Hyperledger sawtooth. Listed below are some of the smart contracts accomplished by us:

Ethereum Smart Contracts

We have developed the following smart contracts on Ethereum:

ERC-20 Token Contracts

At Prolitus, our experts can adeptly develop smart contract that could be used for transferring ERC20 token from your wallet to other ERC-20 compatible address.

ERC-721 Smart Contracts

Our developers also have the dexterity to create ERC-721 compliant smart contract that can be used for protecting the copyright of professional work or registration of real estate contracts.

Stable Coins

We have expertise in developing smart contracts that can do away with the uncertainty of the existing escrow contract for issuing stable coins.

Token Redemption

We develop smart contracts for each and every aspect of asset token including token creation, exchange, redemption and distribution.

Health Wallet

We have expertise in developing and deploying wallet smart contracts for seamless transaction between healthcare payers and providers

Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth

We have developed the following smart contracts on Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth:

Invoice Smart Contract

Our experts are adept at developing invoice smart contracts on Hyperledger fabric for ensuring end-to-end process transparency and authenticity related to invoice sending, receiving, payment and acknowledgement of invoice receipt.

Payment Smart Contract

Our seasoned experts have the acumen to develop Payment smart contracts using Hyperledger fabric that can automatically initiate a payment to the seller when it gets due.

Insurance Policy Tokenization

Our expertise also includes developing Blockchain smart contracts for making policies trustworthy and transparent by tokenizing them.

Automated Claim Settlement

We also have the dexterity to develop smart contracts that help in the auto-initiation and claims settlement providing a better efficient and faster settlement process.


We have expertise in developing and deploying wallet smart contracts for seamless transaction between healthcare payers and providers.

Asset Traceability

Our experts can proficiently develop smart contracts that allow tracking of assets from their point of origin to the end-users.

Digital Certificates

We have developed smart contracts that could provide easy access and verification of digital records thereby providing the transparency required to eliminate fraudulence, cut down costs while reduce third party dependencies.

Health Wallets

We have expertise in developing and deploying wallet smart contracts for seamless transaction between healthcare payers and providers.

Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts are self-executing codes that controls the back-end functioning of DApps (decentralized applications). For ensuring sustainable decentralized ecosystem, smart contracts need to be audited to prevent issues related to theft, breaches and data loss. At Prolitus, we offer standardized smart contract audit services for checking security vulnerabilities, as well as code efficiency of your contract. Our end-to-end auditing services includes automated auditing, multiple manual reviews, and gas analysis followed by a detailed audit report to ensure that your smart contract is functioning as intended to.

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