Scalable Resources

At Prolitus, we provide our Clients with the flexibility to manage their team size as per changing business requirements.

Fast Onboarding

We ensure faster onboarding of resources, allowing our Clients to scale up and down, to meet their constantly changing requirements. With this they no longer have to indulge in a long and taxing hiring process.

Dedicated Management

At Prolitus, we offer our Clients’ with dedicated project managers who act as a key point of contact for managing all sorts communication including consensus gathering or providing unified feedback.

Technology Stack

As one of the reputed players in the IT space, we take pride in having expertise in handling wide range of projects requiring the usage of several new and advanced technologies.

Common Work Hours

We engage experienced and qualified team members who can share common work hours as our Clients’ to ensure seamless communication and delivery.




Depending on your project requirement, we ensure quick recruitment of qualified and experienced resources who can accomplish your project within defined time and budget.


Team Integration

We strive to ensure greater collaboration between project team members for delivering outstanding project outcomes.


Ongoing Support

We provide our Clients with ongoing support services after the product development stage for a certain period of time.




A Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency & Wallet developed for Health Care Marketplace

We developed a fresh Blockchain by forking the open source Litecoin Blockchain code. It ensures that the transactions made are immutable since all the transactions are aggrouped and commemorated in blocks,then coupled to the last block in the chain. Each transaction is verified using consensus.

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