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Metaverse 101: A complete Guide to Get You Started with Metaverse

What?  You can actually get out of the house without getting out?

We have come a long way since the inception of the Internet. At first, when it was introduced, only a few people could contemplate what it could go on to become. As for the rest, they all viewed it with skeptical eyes. When this pandora’s box unlocked itself, people could not get enough of it, and they wanted to get more, explore more, and discover each and every possibility.

The Internet was always like a fortress of solitude, taking one away from the real world to a place where they felt safe from the outer world. It made our indoors special, and it made us never leave our room as the world was brought to us via a screen.

In the same spirit of making the indoors special and the non-stop curiosity of people obsessed with the Internet, Metaverse was introduced.

In the traditional sense, Metaverse can be defined as a 3D virtual world or a digital environment that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain, along with concepts from digital media, to create a real-world-like experience for the users.

As per the experts, you would need three elements to enter the Metaverse, A VR interface, digital ownership, and an avatar. Although not entirely accurate, this is the basic idea of how the conception will take place according to them.

To understand it with more ease, imagine a video game that you play, in which you have to choose an avatar and are given a made-up location where you have to perform all the missions and collect rewards. Similarly, in the Metaverse, you, with the help of your avatar, would be able to roam on a virtual map, that would be an exact replication of the real world, and instead of going for missions, you will be able to do all the things that you do in the physical world.

What is all the facade behind this Metaverse?

The term metaverse might have seen its spotlight after Facebook decided to rebrand itself and work on the future, which according to them, would be Metaverse. It should be noted that Metaverse is no new term. In reality, if looked closely, it can be understood that this is just a fancy way of calling the internet. It does precisely what the internet did years back.

The first mention of the word ‘Metaverse’ was seen in the science fiction novel ‘Snow Crash’ Written by Neal Stephenson, published in 1992 as a portmanteau of “meta” and “universe.”

Many thought that the internet was seeing its stagnant point, for then the announcement by giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and others that they would be developing the next phase of the internet hit them like a crash test dummy going into business.

This was enough to fuel the engines, and people started evaluating every possibility that could be true in the Metaverse.

Why should you give Metaverse a try

Believe it or not, in one way or the other, Metaverse is going to be the future. Whether it would be the future or just be a part of the future is still a debatable topic. Not everything could be as solid as the internet.

Either way, Metaverse can be considered as a Meta opportunity, an opportunity to do something extraordinary, something different from your mundane lifestyle. It could be used as a getaway to explore more possibilities.

Wouldn’t it be great when someone in the future is talking passionately about the Metaverse and all about its inception and history. We could brag in front of them by saying that we were the first to believe and try this technology. In a way, we were the part of the history they wished to experience.

Metaverse is still in its infant stage, and this is the perfect time to try it and see for yourself what all possibilities it might bring once it is in its adolescence.

How does Metaverse Works? Where to find Metaverse?

Metaverse is not a hidden place, and you won’t be needing a rabbit hole to get there. You don’t have to dwell in a cave searching for a lamp to make your wish come true. 

But, one must not be mocked for thinking this way, as for most of them, Metaverse is still a myth. Think of it this way; Metaverse is a place yet to be created; it has no landscape, no ecology, and yet people say it has the most hauntingly beautiful panorama ever visualized.

Although this sounds all majestic and poetic, getting on the Metaverse is easy. The basics you will need would be an internet connection and a screen, and you are good to go.

The next thing you need is to find a platform that will let you create an Avatar, and then you can go on to explore that Metaverse. 

Once you understand how to get on the train with its stations and junctions in the Metaverse, you will need to understand what you can do once you step your foot out. What are all these possibilities that people are talking about that you can unlock in the virtual world?

The following are the activities that you can do in Metaverse with the help of Prolitus.

Creating a Real Estate enterprise using Metaverse

Till now, it must be clear in your mind what Metaverse is. It is augmented reality. It replicates the real world with different rules and norms.

This does not mean that it is entirely different from our world. There are many businesses that people have taken, are trying to take, or are planning to take in the Metaverse.

Just like every business which is being lured in by the ambiance of the Metaverse, the real estate business also could not let itself be left far behind.

As stated, Metaverse is just like the real world, but the difference is that it’s empty. It’s like a blank canvas ready for people to come and show their creativity.

This makes for a perfect opportunity to create a Real Estate business in the Metaverse.

This would be a first movers advantage. The earlier you are grabbing all the good opportunities, the more chances are for you to convert them to profit.

With the help of platforms like Prolitus, you can buy, sell and manage your land seamlessly in the virtual world. 

Take your E-commerce to the next level.

In the Metaverse, people are not only able to just buy property for the sake of stocking them and turning them into profitable ventures.

No, this is not it. Some businesses have created virtual stores in the Metaverse for people to visit and buy their products.

As mentioned above, you might need an Avatar to access the Metaverse. Just like you make purchases in the real world to enhance your appearance, similarly, you can purchase the same stuff in the Metaverse by visiting the store virtually.

Many giants have already deployed their virtual stores. Brands like Nike have created their own Metaverse where people can visit their store virtually, browse for shoes just like they do while visiting one in an actual life store, and buy them virtually.

It may seem like the giants are taking over, but still, there is time. The Metaverse is still in its infant stage, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to grab. With the help of Prolitus, you can Utilize the advantages of e-commerce platforms driven by the Metaverse and provide people the ability to test before they purchase. 

Create A Metaverse powered Social Media platform

This program holds the most potential than any. Metaverse, even though defined by many in a variety of ways, in the end, its core nature is similar to a social media platform. 

Just like any social media platform provides you with the facilities of meeting people, creating groups, and interacting with the world while you stay in your room.

In the same way, Metaverse also provides you with possibilities to interact with people. The only difference is that in Metaverse, you will be able to do this activity in a 3D space.

If this is the case, then only a fool will underestimate the immense potential this holds for the users.

They will be able to interact and socialize with one another with the help of different activities, and their social platform interaction will not just be limited to chats, videos, or Photo sharing. they will be experiencing something completely revolutionary

NFT Marketplace in Metaverse

Everyone now knows what potential NFTs hold in the virtual market. This seems only feasible for someone to create an NFT marketplace on metaverse

These tokens can be created using any item, making them immensely popular and, at the same time, usable in the virtual space.

As the token is virtual, it seems sensible to use it in virtual reality. Your Avatar can use these tokens for accessorizing them.

 Metaverse Games Development

Some gaming platforms like Roblox have already understood the metaverse potential and deployed their platform for users to play games.

Roblox does not wholly stand true to the definition of Metaverse, but its service carries its essence.

Roblox provides users a platform where they can create any game they like using the mods supplied on the platform. Now what makes Roblox comparable to Metaverse is that users are not only limited to creating games but are also free to play games other users create on the same platform.

The players gather together in a virtual world created by a user and share the virtual reality by playing the game.

Similarly, in the Metaverse, there are immense possibilities for users to create their games and invite other avatars to come and play.

Will the Metaverse be able to hold the population of earth?

This might sound like a silly question, but when you think of it, it will start to tickle your curious nerve.

As we all know, when all these social media platforms started, their user base was minimal, but it has increased rapidly with time. According to Facebook, almost 3 billion people are using its platform.

Hearing these numbers, the thought regarding the capacity of Metaverse does not sound so silly after all.

According to an interview by Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg on CNBC, they are focusing on developing the Metaverse by the next half of the decade. 

According to his statement in the interview, he projects over one billion people joining their Meta platform, doing hundreds of dollars of business, buying, selling, socializing, and many other things.

As per his statement, he sees a great deal in the Metaworld, and just like him, Microsoft is also on the path of developing a Metaworld.

This, for the time being, could be used to compensate as the answer to our question.

The Metaverse will indeed bring new possibilities, and as it is being developed in our time, it gives us the first-mover’s advantage, which we should be using to its fullest.

 How Prolitus can help you create your Metaverse.

When it comes to providing innovative Metaverse development services, Prolitus is at the forefront. We have a team of knowledgeable and skilled developers who can provide the best combination of services, assist you in achieving business objectives, and adhere to the best technical framework.

Our experts would not only aid in setting up the best metaverse platform but also ensure that they provided full support, with assistance being promised even after the product launch.

As discussed earlier, the Metaverse is still in its infant stage, and not everyone knows much about it. So hiring experts like Prolitus will help you enter this market while giving you a first-mover advantage by capitalizing on the opportunities and helping you scale rapidly.

Start using the Metaverse development services that are attracting the interest of techies and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Need Help? Please connect with us.


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