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Metaverse vs Multiverse: Revolutionary Future Beyond Limits

Are you up for the new buzzword the “metaverse world” or would you still want to be in the “multiverse”? Confused with these terms – Metaverse and Multiverse? Both the metaverse and the multiverse are defined as two new parallel worlds but do not be confused with all these talks of the parallel worlds as they are pretty diverse in their features.  The diversity of these unique concepts comes out more clearly when we talk of the comparisons or do take stock of the Metaverse Vs Multiverse worlds. Here is a comprehensive guide on the two parallel worlds with a detailed explanation of the key features distinguishing these two and also how the concept came in and which according to the experts will reign supreme over another. 

The world around us is reinventing every day with small steps taken towards that goal and newer technologies are being built to drive innovations of the incredible kind for revolutionary changes. Even a few decades back, communication was quite primitive and people had to depend on limited communication means to connect with their loved ones. However, the advent of the internet changed it all and the increased adoption of advanced technologies made communication easier and simpler. Simplified communication has made it possible for people to interact and engage on wide platforms from anywhere across the globe at any given point in time.

However, if you think that the biggest impact of technology has only been limited to the communication space then you are wrong. In fact the implications of the advanced technologies are felt in every sphere be it finance, healthcare, telecom, infrastructure and so on. And one really needs to relook at the revolutionary ideas of the metaverse and the multiverse. Imagine living in the virtual world around you rather than simply browsing the pages on the screens. Metaverse promises to bring alive the virtual world and create a digital realm by mixing up different elements of the virtual worlds and augmented realities. Even the concept of a multiverse has become quite a remarkable talking point.

Let us delve deeper into these two interesting concepts that can reconstruct and reinvent the way we see and feel things now virtually.

Differences between Metaverse vs Multiverse

In the quest for our queries to the two parallel worlds of metaverse Vs multiverse, the key differentiating factors between the two worlds prompt us to understand in depth what exactly they are. The concepts of metaverse vs multiverse have been gaining traction in the recent past and the popularity of these two ideas is soaring to new heights. In the recent past, we have come across the different representations of the multiverse and the metaverse through comic book movies. Learning what the fundamental features define metaverse vs multiverse can make things easy for us. Let’s define them comprehensively.

What is Metaverse?

The whole idea of metaverse became quite a buzzword when the social media giant – Facebook rebranded itself to “Meta”. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, of Facebook, announced the move to rename his organization at the end of October 2021 and this rebranding exercise was a step in the direction of encouraging the growth of a new digital environment in the metaverse. This initiative by the social media giant also prompted several other enterprises to explore the term and experiment with the metaverse.   

Features of Metaverse 

  • The interjection of new worlds combining new physical and virtual realities

Imagine living in an alternate virtual reality where you can participate in a 3D avatar of yourself, experiencing a vast range of emotions, carrying seamless transactions, and engaging in diverse interactions similar to the real world. Simply put, the metaverse can be the first-of-a-kind of digital realm that amalgamates the different elements of augmented reality, virtual reality, and also the video gaming world to create a world that has never been experienced before. To speak of it in technical terms, the metaverse can be a combination of different virtual spaces where the users can enjoy a world of unprecedented experiences facilitated by newer technologies that help in mixing up the digital objects into the physical world and allowing users to walk through or enjoy an absolutely different experience of the eXtended reality (XR) in their daily lives. The notion of metaverse goes beyond simply spending time in the virtual world but it can deliver an incredible experience for users by enabling them to hang out with friends, play, shop, work, and also enjoy other unique experiences in the immersive 3D spaces.

  • Entry of new players to experiment with the metaverse

Metaverse is an immersive, shared virtual environment where users could have unprecedented experiences facilitated by advanced technologies. The metaverse offers a chance to users to participate in various events, concerts, weddings, hang out with friends, sports, and also indulge in immersive entertainment platforms. The discussion on the feasibility of the metaverse becoming the reality soon gains more steam with corporate giants entering the segment.  Some big names making a foray into the development of a metaverse space are Microsoft, Decentraland, Sandbox, and now Facebook or Meta and Epic Games has lent a touch of human-computer interaction. Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, a few decades down the line may give us more clarity and give the metaverse a better shape.  Users could engage in 3D virtual worlds and exist in their 3D avatars engaging in sensory interactions with the digital worlds.

The most notable feature of the metaverse technology is the amalgamation of different elements of the ground-breaking technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and gaming as well as cryptocurrencies for the creation of an innovative ecosystem. This unique blend of different technologies empowers users to engage and interact in the virtual spaces with each other and the metaverse.

What is a multiverse?

The notion of a multiverse implies multiple universes which although present as a concept but its existence has not been proven yet. Theories suggest that the concept of multiple universes dates back to the first known civilization days. In fact, there are theories that suggest that our universe is just one of the universes existing along with others but where each represents a different history and has a separate set of physical laws governing it.  Some claims have been made by the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics that multiple universes do exist simultaneously. The interpretation claims that their parallel universes and the set of all these universes is the “multiverse”.

Features of multiverse 

  • Every universe distinct with separate laws

The basic principle on which the notion of the multiverse operates is that every universe is different from the other and there are several theories on how one could travel from one to the other. In simple terms, the multiverse can be referred to as the hypothetical collection of different universes. Hence, the collection of different digital worlds works as part of the multiverse ecosystem but each world has separate laws, features, and also properties.

The finest example of the multiverse where different universes exist with distinct laws and properties is the virtual gaming space.  Hence the online games which support multiplayer and social media platforms are already a part of the multiverse.

The whole notion of the multiverse or parallel universe seems attractive but it is still exists only in theory in the world of physics, cosmology, and related fields of study. There is evidence of the theory of the multiple universes in string theory explaining the smallest unit of matter. As per this theory, there are suggestions made that show on the basic levels all the matter or particles are nothing but collections of smaller strings. The theory further suggests that there exist multiple universes with distinct laws, and rules and each universe is different from the other.

Metaverse vs multiverse: key differences

Let us also consider the prime point of differences between the metaverse vs multiverse to understand these terms better: 

Existence of metaverse vs multiverse

Metaverse is being developed, while the existence of the multiverse is not known and its presence can be found only in theory.  The technology platform or the metaverse world is the one where users can create their 3D avatars in the WIP stage and the different versions of it are accessible to the users. 

As for the multiverse world, there is no confirmation if such a thing exists or doesn’t exist. Some people are working to prove its existence.

Metaverse vs multiverse

3D and 2D in metaverse vs multiverse 

The metaverse offers immersive 3D experiences and it is 3D compulsorily in contrast to that the multiverse only has 2D elements. With metaverse, the elements combine AR, VR, and MR to help users enjoy highly immersive experiences as facilitated by the amalgamation of these advanced technologies. With technologies evolving continuously, the representation of reality will also become more precise. Users can also move in and out of the metaverse with far more ease.  

However, in the case of the multiverse, there may be universes that are very distinct from the one we have. Although the concept of a multiverse exists in theory, there is a notion that there could only be a universe with different laws of physics. It involves 2D objects.      

Universal and not so universal 

The true metaverse will be universal while the same does not hold true for the multiverse. Different universes are brought together as part of the metaverse and converged together, bringing all the immersive experiences as designed by different organizations.

However, in the case of the multiverse, there is intrinsic multiplicity thereby implying that there will always be more than one world and that it may or may not be interoperable.

Interoperable and limited integration

Users in the metaverse can teleport in and out of the spaces, while also performing various activities such as carrying things and also using the same credentials, and so on. Metaverse also allows users to port their NFTs, thus showing that it is interoperable.

However, there is the problem of limited integration with the multiverse. There is no adequate proof of the level of interoperability in the case of the multiverse. It is most likely to depend on the level of variance when it comes to the level of interoperability. So far we the multiverse world exist in theory, it is safe to say that interoperability and also integration is limited.   

Number of ecosystems in metaverse vs multiverse 

There is a misconception running rife when it comes to the key distinguishing elements between the metaverse and the multiverse and it concerns the existence of multiple ecosystems. However, a careful and thorough review of both notions shows that there is a key difference between the two in terms of the multiple ecosystem existence. The multiverse may have the presence of infinite ecosystems but they may not be connected with each other. However, this is not the case with metaverse as there is a digital space allowing users to switch between the different kinds of experiences, events, and games effectively. Users can enter the metaverse with ease through their connected technologies such as computers or even devices facilitating augmented realities such as Google Glass and also enjoy unified experiences.

Hence, it is clearly observed that the comparison between the two notions shows that multiple ecosystems do exist in the multiverse but they are distributed separately. However, the metaverse has a single ecosystem where users can create assets, players, games or also watch movies with their friends in the metaverse. Users can also transfer their experiences across various platforms within the same universe.


Another key point of difference between the metaverse Vs multiverse is the connection observed between the components. The study of differences in the connection between the components shows the degree of order and randomness. There is hardly any connection or any order that could be found in the case of the multiverse as the different universes stay distinct from each other. The virtual worlds have varying traits and a connection can be barely established. Hence, one can only find high levels of randomness in the multiverse.

Alternatively, the metaverse pushes for order with the presence of a single universe. A clear demarcation between the metaverse and the multiverse with context to the connection between diverse components could be observed. There is some connection in the metaverse as it depends on the connections and particular order for ensuring a smooth flow of information through the network.


Observing the key distinguishing features in a metaverse and multiverse would also bring our attention towards the ownership. There are multiple virtual worlds in the multiverse with differences in laws and other properties. The distinct worlds are generally present in the virtual gaming space as owned by the single entities.

A closer look at the possible differences in a multiverse vs metaverse comparison would obviously draw ownership into the equation. The multiverse includes multiple virtual worlds which are different from each other. These worlds are generally found in online games which are owned by single entities and the experiences, assets, in-game characters as NFTs, data are in the ownership of the game. Creation or procuring new assets in different worlds can be done in the multiverse but no value can be extracted from it. For instance, the in-game collectibles as secured in one game could not be used for buying supplies in the one.

However, in the metaverse, the users have complete ownership and also control over their assets.  Participants in the metaverse enjoy complete ownership of the NFTs or the digital assets they create and these virtual assets could also be traded on other platforms in the metaverse without much trouble.


Another striking key point of difference between the metaverse and multiverse can be found in the elements. In the case of the multiverse, it is unusual to come across individual elements building the universe. The collection of digital worlds that are highly distinct from each other in their properties, features and individual components make up the multiverse. Hence, it is challenging for one to pinpoint the components that build up the multiverse. There are only different virtual worlds as the main components of the multiverse.

In the metaverse, there are different entities with unique traits and abilities. It is the human beings, AI and the robots that are the entities in the metaverse. There are distinct roles for these entities that make the entire experience quite interesting.

A clear understanding of the interesting concepts of metaverse and multiverse, one can also try reviewing the distinguishing features between these two. After assessing the multiverse vs metaverse comparison with their unique variances in terms of different critical factors, one can conclude that the metaverse is a connected world whereas multiverse is a disconnected virtual world ecosystem. Metaverse is a completely connected virtual world and 3D spaces offering immersive experiences, where users could seamlessly transition between different spaces.

Obstacles in the metaverse vs multiverse

Coming to the key problems of the multiverse and the metaverse, one identifies issues such as immersive technology, interoperability and computing power as the challenges.

With technological advancement, especially the evolution of quantum computing, it would be possible to have different entities in the same virtual space. With this, we would be able to overcome the problem of technological obstacles and also foray into the next phase of living in the virtual world ecosystem at the same time.

Coming to interoperability, it is quite a technological as well as social test. There will be a need for developing one common system or a single blockchain with a common NFT issuer to ensure the continuity of ownership and also identity.

Metaverse vs multiverse: who would emerge as the winner?

Whether it will be the metaverse of the multiverse that would emerge at the top is something that time would tell. As for now, it is the metaverse that is grabbing more attention and gaining importance with Facebook estimates suggesting that the users will cross over 1 billion by 2031.

Alternatively, the existence of multiverse even if it is only in theory now but at some point they could run parallel with the metaverse. Hence, the foundation principle of our existence is reflected in the multiverse that will further make up the core fabric of our lives. Most of our lives could be played out in the metaverse.

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