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Prolitus, a pioneering blockchain development company, provides enterprise-grade blockchain solutions as the cornerstone of digital transformations. Explore the potential of blockchain development to revolutionize your business processes with our innovative techniques.

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We offer holistic and value-driven innovative solutions to scale your businesses to the next level.

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Revolutionize your business with our quality blockchain development services to achieve maximum scalability.
Harness the potential of emerging financial technology by building secure DeFi DApps.
Solve your needs by developing smart contracts for public and private blockchains.
A protocol-specific decentralized NFT marketplace to organize NFT trading.
Ensure complete transparency, efficiency, and trust for any asset you want to tokenize.
Solve all your cryptocurrency needs by consulting with our expert team.

About our blockchain development services

One of India's top blockchain development firms, Prolitus, has a wealth of experience in offering blockchain solutions. With blockchain technology, which promises to become the technology of this decade, your company can carry out regular business transactions reducing the use of any middlemen to almost nil. With our first-rate services, we assist new and established businesses in creating an effective, transparent, and automated digital platform. In addition, we offer various blockchain development services, such as developing NFT marketplaces, web 3.0 applications, dApps, smart contracts, DeFi wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.

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In order for its clients to achieve their company objectives and grow their enterprise, Prolitus's mission is to provide exceptional solutions using blockchain technology. Prolitus teams, with years of experience and competence in developing blockchain applications provide services and solutions across multiple business domains like BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply chain etc.

Protocols We Work With

We work with all popular blockchain and smart contract platforms to develop custom blockchain solutions. Some of them are:
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ethereum ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain that possesses smart contract functionality.


Stellar is a decentralized protocol for building financial products and seamless cross-border transactions.

Polygon CDK

Polygon CDK is an open source framework for launching ZK-powered L2 chains for Ethereum, on demand.


Cosmos is a decentralized network for blockchain interoperability and scalability.


Substrate is a blockchain development framework that allows the building of cross-chain bridges, parachains, and DApps.


Avalanche is the best verifiable platform for institutions, enterprises, and governments.


Polkadot is an open-source Web3 blockchain network for enabling interoperability and interconnectivity.

Near Protocol

NEAR Protocol is an Ethereum competitor and DApps platform that is developer friendly.


Solana is a groundbreaking blockchain network that aims to provide fast, secure, and scalable decentralized solutions.


Tezos is an open-source blockchain for building decentralized assets and applications.

CASE STUDIES: Our Blockchain Development Work

01 asset exchange

Asset Exchange

asset exchangeasset exchange

Virtuse Group is one of the largest carbon emissions, power and gas trader in Europe and China. Their team consists of knowledgeable professionals from leading financial institutions in Europe, to experienced blockchain experts and developers in Asia. Virtuse has a balanced team with a wide field of experience in cryptocurrencies, investment banking, commodities trading, start-ups, and consulting. With trading in different areas, the company wanted to start the trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets and wanted to connect crypto assets with commodities, bridging the old financial market with the new.

02 LedgerScore



Building LedgerScore aimed to offer crypto users to keep track of their crypto income, crypto assets, and crypto payments and not be part of the isolated, anonymous crypto world where it's difficult to track credit scores based on the activities. The lenders can further verify this information so that users can easily apply for loans against their crypto earnings along with the collateral.

03 Earn Guild Platform

Earn Guild Platform

Earn Guild PlatformEarn Guild Platform

Earn Guild platform is a one-stop solution for gamers to earn some passive income by playing the listed games on the platform. Furthermore, users can further trade their in-game rewards with different tokens through the in-game exchange platform or withdraw them as fiat currency.


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Logistics & Supply Chain
Logistics & Supply Chain
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Travel & Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Retail & Consumer Goods
Retail & Consumer Goods
Energy & Utilities
Energy & Utilities
Government & Public Sector
Government & Public Sector






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Introduction to Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) The Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) stands as a cornerstone in the architecture of the Stellar blockchain, playing a pivotal role in the network's functionality and reliability. As a decentralized and open-source system, Stellar aims to facilitate cross-border transactions and streamline the process of transferring…

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Substrate Blockchain Framework – A Comprehensive Guide

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Blockchain technology has revolutionized how businesses operate by introducing transparency, decentralization, and immutability. Yet, constructing a blockchain network from the ground up can be a demanding and time-consuming endeavor. Enter Substrate Blockchain—a framework designed to streamline the creation of tailored blockchain networks. In this article, we'll explore all aspects of…

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From Idea to Implementation: Cosmos Blockchain SDK's Role in Startup Success

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In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of startups, navigating the path from ideation to successful implementation is a journey laden with challenges and opportunities. The startup ecosystem is characterized by its relentless pursuit of innovation, where groundbreaking ideas germinate and blossom into transformative ventures. As entrepreneurs embark on this exhilarating…

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Frequently Asked Questions
Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology that has its roots in healthcare, banking, supply chain, insurance, and digital identity. Some other blockchain business applications include digital identity, real estate, waste management, insurance, and supply chain.
Yes, you can hire the development team according to your requirements. We will coordinate with your team to help them select blockchain developers. Once you choose the group that meets your needs, we will work on your project.
Prolitus is a 14 years old certified company with a 100% success rate. We have an expert team of developers with an average experience of 6-7 years.
Once the developer team is allocated for your project, we will quickly set up a meeting to initiate the work. It all happens within hours of project acquisition.
We provide a holistic and complete solution through consultancy that helps you to streamline business processes. Our team is committed to security and privacy and focuses on delivering quality services. Prolitus offers transparent access to all its clients.


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