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About Earn Guild

Earn Guild platform is a one-stop solution for gamers to earn some passive income by playing the listed games on the platform. Furthermore, users can further trade their in-game rewards with different tokens through the in-game exchange platform or withdraw them as fiat currency.

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  • It was challenging to get the right partners and onboard them on the Earn Guild platform. As Blockchain in Gaming Industry is still nascent, finding potential partners was difficult.
  • Creating a specific wallet for users to keep their earned rewards and integrate it with the application's virtual wallet was an exciting problem.
  • Designing Creative graphics for NFT tokens was quite important. However, creating N number of GIFs was not an easy task.
  • Integrating the backend with the blockchain APIs and developing interactive modules like Post Login Features and traditional APIs.

Prolitus Approach

DevOps and Cloud Computing

There was a lot of data and interaction with the blockchain needed. Hence our expert team has leveraged the Cloud Computing Platforms and DevOps to handle many requests and data on the platform.


For constant developments and Integrations, we used the CI/CD(Continuous Implementation and Continuous Development) to roll out features in less time.

UX Concepts

Collaborated with the UI/UX team to enhance the APIs and integrate new APIs for improvising the user experience.

Upgradable Solution

The Blockchain Industry keeps on evolving, and new concepts keep coming up. Hence we have designed the Earn Guild Platform in such a way that it is easily upgradable according to the latest market standards.

Token Swap Pages

As the Earn Guild platform allows players to earn tokens, we have added the facility for all the players to easily exchange their tokens or withdraw them for the fiat currency. Furthermore, we ensure that all the transactions happen at a low cost.


  • Prolitus successfully created an Earn Guild platform, A Play to Earn platform, that allows users to earn money by playing games on the platform. Currently, there are more than 20 games listed on the platform.
  • We solved the complex problem and built a complete end-to-end solution in nearly six weeks with the help of Blockchain Engineers and our platform. The platform offers high scalability and compatibility with different product designs.
  • Our team is available round the clock. If any support is needed, our DevOps experts and Blockchain Engineers will help you with the ongoing network management after the initial deployment of the product architecture.
  • We were able to achieve a reduction of approximately 45 percent of the cost by using the network Instances and deploying our nodes on the blockchain network. Naturally, this increases the total gains of the players


Implementing a Play-to-earn and gaming platform was a new and good learning experience for the team, along with building the best and most efficient solution for the client.

The gaming platforms' architecture has been designed and constantly evolved in recent times to provide new unique features and functionalities. At present, our developer team and DevOps team are available round the clock to manage this product.

The Earn Guild platform has proved to be one of the best platforms for gamers to generate passive income by playing the listed games and trading earned tokens or withdrawing them.


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