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Key Modules for Manufacturing ERP

*Accurate Time Enabled Decisions*All in one App*Real Time Reporting*Data Based Automation

  • Engineering

    PLMBills of MaterialVersioning

  • Manufacturing Engineering


  • Manufacturing

    PlanningControl PanelWork Orders

  • Supply Chain

    MPSRoutesProcurement Rules

  • Quality Assurance


  • Maintenance

    Equipment management Maintenance Request

  • Organisational Control Panel

  • Optimise the inventory Levels

  • Barcodes to Speed up Operations

  • Data at your tips through easy reporting and KPIs to make smarter decisions

  • Tracking:-

    Overall Equipment Efficiency 6 Big Losses of TPM Maintenance KPIs Real Time Performance Costing ….

  • Quality Assurance


  • Maintenance

    Equipment management Maintenance Request

Industrial Engineers

Automation of Manufacturing Processes through ERP Implementation

The manufacturing domain is dependent on time-sensitive and complex technical processes that need cross-functional automation. For a success driven approach operations and management needs to be simplified through Design Thinking that targets optimisation. The best production results catalyzed by optimum quality, quick turnaround, cost-efficiency, smooth process execution, and customer satisfaction can be achieved through automation. The way automation can become a reality for business success is through systemised and thoughtful ERP implementation in your manufacturing industry. ERP for a manufacturing business gives an integrated, process-specific, and real-time, data driven view of its core manufacturing processes like production, order processing, inventory management, quality assurance and Engineering when integrated seamlessly into the ERP applications software. We can track also the Overall Equipment efficiency, Losses of Total Productivity Maintenance like equipment failure, setups and adjustments, idling and minor stops, reduced speeds, process defects, reduced yield and valuable operating time through our ERP solution for your manufacturing company.

The key features of a full-fledged manufacturing ERP software include the following:

  • By-products management
  • Single Bill of Materials for multiple product variants
  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Agile production planning
  • Backward scheduling
  • Work orders management
  • Procurement
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Materials and parts purchasing
  • Repairs & Maintenance of equipment/machinery
  • Production calendar access and management
  • Auto-approval of purchase requisitions
  • Real-time resource tracking (cash, raw materials, and production capacity)
  • Status Reporting for Customer Orders, Purchase Orders, Employee Payroll

An ERP system for the manufacturing industry facilitates cross-departmental information flow and manages connections to outside stakeholders like vendors, suppliers, and clients.

Benefits of ERP Implementation in Manufacturing Industry

The diverse capabilities of seasoned ERP modules for the manufacturing industry help streamline business processes and leverage automation for manufacturing units. With a dedicated ERP software, all data is stored and accessed in a centralized location with complete visibility, minimize errors, and greater cohesion for development, designing, inventory, procurement, production, finance, sales, and delivery irrespective of the level of complexity and the number of interdependent departments involved in the business flow.

ERP for manufacturing is focused on providing optimized solutions in response to dynamic market conditions. The ERP from Prolitus helps businesses estimate, plan, adjust and respond to market dynamics deftly. Our ERP modules for manufacturing aid decision-makers in generating insightful reports periodically and help construe the intricacies of innovation in manufacturing to capitalize on customers purchasing trends. The right Manufacturing ERP software can equip managers with 360-degree insights and reduce forecasting errors, so that, new production models can be implemented to obtain the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Accurate production planning, enhanced inventory control, on-time delivery, streamlined process scheduling, and a well-organized unit that merged all the distribution channels are enabled by a prolific Manufacturing ERP software.

Globalization and cut-throat competition are two pertinent factors that have mounted pressure on manufacturers. It is paramount to develop a variety of business models and adhere to regulations and compliance measures while in the manufacturing domain. Competitive pricing poses grave challenges on budget control and ultimately on production processes. An ERP implementation for manufacturing can be customized with the most relevant and useful tools to measure production performance.

When it comes to manufacturing processes, sound financial planning is key to determine cost savings, quality improvement, better profit generation, investment swapping, and deployment of key skilled workers who contribute to better productivity for any organization. This ensures sustained growth and guaranteed results for a manufacturing business. Decision-making processes can be expedited with high accuracy levels using visually-enhancing reporting of ERP software for manufacturing.

Quality-centric products can be brought to the table by ensuring that all stages of manufacturing adhere to strict quality control mechanisms. Customer-centric and quality-focused manufacturing ERP solution ensure that your customers reap maximum benefits from your business. Periodic quality check reminders, result markers for quality checklists and quality improvement plan recommendations programmed into an ERP implementation for the manufacturing industry can help supervisors gauge and predict performance at different levels of production.

An ERP software for manufacturing offers your business complete flexibility in accessing and operating on the centralized database that can be controlled remotely. IoT-integration can be explicitly programmed for desktop and mobile applications alike, irrespective of the number of connected devices or information load, thus offering scalability.

Manufacturing ERP Modules – Helps You to Meet Business Requirements


Purchase Management Module

With this data-entry-enabled ERP module for manufacturing, information on raw materials, equipment, tools, etc. can be monitored using a dynamic dashboard. A cost-effective source of procurement can be analyzed through multi-vendor management. The purchase module supports supplier/vendor listing, supplier & item linking, vendor quotation management, quotation receipt and saving, quotation analysis, purchase order preparation, purchase items tracking, generation of GRNs(Good Receipt Notes) & updating stocks & related report generation.Read More >


Quality Assurance Module

In-depth quality control is a mundane affair in manufacturing. The dynamic dashboard designed for this feature displays the metrics for quality control of different components in your manufacturing unit. The goal is to offer clear visibility into operations, from receiving raw materials to the production of finished goods, and the inspection of finished goods before dispatching. Easy integration with the existing in-house quality assessment software helps you save time that is spent on manual bookkeeping of pass/fail statistics and segregation of products.Read More >


Inventory Control Module

The advanced features of this module give production managers first-hand and regulated control over inventory so that it is used optimally and does not become obsolete. The quality, count, wastage ratio, usability, replenishment, returns, raw materials purchase, cost and other factors that affect inventory can be managed better with this ERP module. Inventory forecasts and meeting unique order requirements are key processes in inventory control that need the power and accuracy of ERP automation. Product tagging, logging, segregation, and segmentation, restocking, dispatch scheduling, storage facilitation, environment control, etc. can be managed better. Slotting is also a key factor that an efficient Inventory control ERP module can influence so that materials are stored in and dispatched from an optimum location.Read More >


Production Module

Prolitus offers a single-window management option to monitor and leverage production activities with the best ERP for manufacturing. Repetitive tasks like assembling, risk assessment, machine calibration, engineering, etc. can be performed error-free. This module focuses on tasks like production capacity planning, machine allocation, and scheduling, raw material utilization, bill of material preparation, daily progress tracking, production forecasting & production reporting based on estimates and actuals. Supervision of tasks, maintenance and health checks of equipment, safety standards compliance, raw materials disposal, and other core tasks and sub-tasks relating to production and post-production can be managed efficiently with this module.Read More >


Sales and Distribution Management

This module helps obtain and maintain multiple sales orders records from customers. Statistics of customer purchase orders, sales orders, repeat orders, etc. can be viewed through graphical reports. This ERP module signals operations to schedule work and purchasing to order component materials needed for order completion. Automatic order ID generation and invoicing are taken care of by this module. All transaction records are maintained for reference with an intelligent reporting feature.Read More >


Finance & Accounting Management

This module helps pull up financial reports and accounting information with a single click. Any investment leaks can be detected earlier before starting a production or procurement process. Any profitable transactions can be highlighted and lucrative purchase and production process flows can be reapplied to generate better revenues and plan operational expenses better. Cash flows, expenditures, balance sheet, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management, etc. are some of the aspects that can be tracked by this module.Read More >

Why Should You Choose Prolitus ERP for Manufacturing?

While the benefits of ERP in manufacturing are numerous, deploying any out of the box software won’t help in achieving desired outcomes. You need a partner and an experienced service provider who understands your business needs and work in accordance with your requirements.

At Prolitus, we carefully analyze your business needs and work in collaboration as an extended team. We offer most optimised, focussed and competitive ERP functional guidance and solution. We have a track record of 100% success in our ERP implementations. We are your trusted partners.

Get your existing manufacturing solution evaluated for free by our award-winning team of certified experts who can help you discover the best ERP modules to leverage your manufacturing processes to:

  • Agile approach
  • 100% success rate in our ERP implementation
  • Increase ROI
  • Achieve business growth
  • Saving costs
  • Improve accuracy & quality
  • CapEX and OpEX optimization
  • Report and track benefits
  • Provide KPIs to make smarter decisions
  • Speed up operations
  • Optimise inventory levels

Want to discover the possibilities? Call us for a Quick Demo or go through or case studies to know our work.

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