Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

The global economy depends on Supply Chain, the management of logistics. It offers efficient, cost and time effective flow of goods and services across continents. It is Supply Chain, responsible for the storage and movement of raw materials, work in process inventory and the transfer of finished goods from manufacturer to consumer. The traditional Supply Chain Management System is plagued by a number of issues, including lack of transparency, insufficient track and trace abilities and counterfeit of products. These challenges need to be addressed to make the Supply Chain Management efficient.

Why Prolitus

Prolitus Technologies has devised a solution for addressing all the challenges faced in Supply Chain Management. This system assists in designing, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring the activities of the supply chain, enabling organizations to generate value and profits through synchronized supply as per the demand raised.

Benefits of Our Supply Chain Management Solution:

How our solution fixes the glitches of Supply Chain:

  • e-Transparency: The most important factor for Supply Chain is transparency, as in the traditional model, the stakeholders work in silos, leading to errors, miscalculations and frauds. Our solution fixes this issue by offering a complete transparency across the chain.
  • Track and Trace: Our system offers users access to track the commodities in transit and a complete trail record of the goods delivered to the end-customers. This fixes the issue of trust and fraudulency.
  • Anti-Counterfeit: With a complete track & trace functionality and transparency across the chain, our solution curbs the introduction of counterfeit products in the chain.
  • Efficiency: The Supply Chain Management Solution by Prolitus helps all the stakeholders to be on the same page, enabling faster turn-around for processing and delivering goods

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